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  1. Tramp ?? Luigi ??? Didn't Disney make a movie about him a while back ??? Kinda rings a bell.....
  2. Looks more fun then riding shot gun.............just saying See whatcha started DT !
  3. YES ! A bottle of anything and a glazed doughnut !!!
  4. Dam, started to get the warm and fuzzies............until the end. Been Bamboozled !
  5. Yea, sick disgusting Muddyfudders ! Put them all on an Island and use it for target practice.
  6. Man_Kind


    Lol ! Yea, and last name Flatt ! Sounds like a Looney Tune hero ! Badee badee , That's all folks !
  7. Imagine all of that extra dough on hand. Maybe I'll move to Uranus !!!
  8. So the rumor is true ! Homie don't play dat !!!
  9. Ya know what they say about having big feet don't ya,.......................That's right, big socks !!! Just saying.
  10. Prayers for PattyAngel and family.
  11. 36 to life !!! Your doing it right my friend !!! Have a great Anniversary nstoolman1 !
  12. Just think if Albadi RVs their currency he could make the top five most influential. Good Morning yota
  13. Dum guy with big ears, elephant ears ???.........oh yea that would be Dumbro !
  14. Or banging a chubby chick in the Oval office while the first lady was in the next room making a sweet uranium deals with Vladimir.
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