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  1. Just don't do it with Maple Walnut. I spent hours trying to cough up the nuts stuck in my throat. Just saying.
  2. Now that was pretty cool ! Watched it twice.
  3. Lady Gaga.......gaga......Hey, Hunter B's next baby momma ! Break out the crack pipes !!!
  4. Because she couldn't be bothered and sleepy joe thought she was singing Movin On Up from the Jefferson's.
  5. So proud of you and God Bless you General Flynn. Home grown Rhode Island. Pray for President Trump !!!
  6. Get a grip buttercup ! Obviously you don't play well with others when challenged. Southern demorats are the one's who first established the KKK. I'll call off my cousin and just tone it down to a minor spanking. Then go clean room. 😘 And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that there was a ton of fraud. Wake up and smell the kitty litter.
  7. I hear ya markb. By the way, my cousin knows a guy who works at a landfill. Just give me a call !
  8. More like a FREAKHO HARRIS in the White House. Just ask Willie Brown ! I give pedophile joe four to six months before he goes T!TS up then the ho takes over.
  9. No doubt Shelley ! This character reminds me of an old saying. Cant' see the forest through the trees and they can't smell their own sh!t on their knees. Just saying.
  10. Good morning yota Russia and china will ride JB like a rented mule off into the sunset leaving us to fend for ourselves. Take care yota and have a Happy New year !!!
  11. Thanks D Davo ! That was pretty awesome !!! Just what I needed this morning.
  12. Hey Shelly, I know guy from Providence I can call. He hangs out with my cousin. Bada Bing, Bada Boom, Bada Bang ! Done !...…..Just saying !
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