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  1. Well if its gonna happen it shouldn't be too much longer because my Bagdad clock tells me its 6:06 am and they all should be in the process of waking up and going to work so they can make it Happen!!!!!! GO RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  2. If he did change anything in the big scheme of things, it sure doesn't smell any better..........
  3. Are we talking about Obama ?????
  4. Ain't that a fact! I'll be sure and unload all my dinars too just cause someone said that someone said......
  5. I can 1 up you Adam.....Buy dinar with a Roth I R A. The benefits get even better as best I can tell! Also, you can open businesses up inside of your I R A s. There are only 3 things you can't do with your I R A s......Pretty open field I'd say!!!!
  6. Deduction is always a good way to approach such a highly rumour and speculated subject !!! Thanks to you both for sharing with us. I know I feel better knowing that indeed there are so many things that indeed already been done. RV O Meter is on target, more so then it realized!
  7. I'd have to say it is silly that the hotel manger did not escort the man upstairs to show him the rooms, just took the money and left the guy there with free reign on the hotel.... to go anywhere he pleased inside of the place.
  8. Ha ha ha ... Who the hell is the G.E.T.Team ??????? ........ and what do the letters even stand for ????????? There is obviously a lot crap going on here I didn't even know existed. I hate the emotional games of Gossip and Rumours...... I know when it happens I will be one of the first to know because of the text going out to us, and the rest my friends is merely speculation and wishful hoping. I'd have better luck with wishful drinking under the neon lights..... I kinda like Adams way of thinking of movin onto what plans do I have for after the RV while we wait. So tired of even hearing anything to do with RV right now...kwim?
  9. I wouldn't argue with zzzzzzzzz for even a minute. I have heard from another in an entirely different community that they are of the opinion that Nov 15th is a deadline of sorts for RV. Somewhere I picked up that Nov 7th and 8th are to be two very pivotable days moving us in the right direction. The news about the gold is news to me, but guess witht the way everything has been headed the past 45 years it has been a straight and gold happy path. With the US govt getting so heavily invested in IQD, it would be a god send for the American people if we could do a quick adjustment to the amount of debt we are currently looking at. Did not realize it would be that significant....Good news to be sure, but will it be short lived in the greater scheme of things? With what I have seen in my lifetime, the only thing our goverment is good at is spending, not saving and not budgeting............... An injection of hope would be greatly received by many needless to say.......
  10. AMEN Cowboy! .......... though he may not have much of an audience next time he kills a fly...........
  11. Is it best to leave the money in USD or move it over into IQD..... And If I want to move some of it into the stock market does it need to be USD or IQD???????
  12. When I open an account with Warka do I include the money or just open the account first then fund it after it is opened/
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