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  1. Hi Adam and thanks for all you do! My question is more of a two cents thing.... If they do come out at a low rate ,let's say 10 cents , and give a 90 day "cash-in" period, what's the likelihood that the rate would rise in that 90 period? I know they would want to keep it low as they set the price ,but wouldn't all the currency exchange activity surrounding the dinar, at that time, affect the exchange rate internationally? Thanks in advance, as I'm just trying to understand a few things myself.
  2. The problem I have with this article( and thank you for finding it) is that they refer to their decision they came up with in their meeting held on April 10th .... this is an old article that the news agency has rehashed/ re-released... Thanks again for finding it thiough and stay positive and keep on hunting. Uncle Barkie
  3. Hi Adam! Thanks for everything you've done for all of us through the years. Regardless of how this investment turns out , you have worked tirelessly to bring us your unbiased opinion and the targeted information that we need to stay focused on this long journey.Again, thank you! Uncle Barkie
  4. This sounds great but I personally would like to see a link for the article myself instead of it being paraphrased. but keep on hunting
  5. I agree Nonstop... bur it's like a bad crash on the highway... you can't help but slow down and look
  6. This is more than a little confusing. The opening paragraph states that they will release the new lower denoms in September 2012 ,and they will be used in "parallel" with the current notes for 1 year. If they are, in fact, used in "parallel" then they are at 1:1( by my understanding of the word parallel) not 1:1000 as stated at the end of the article. Maybe I'm just missing something here I guess. Uncle Barkie
  7. The sad part about this " Tax Document" is that it states " they will bring in there old currency and be given the equivalent amount in the new currency". .... Could that statement be anymore vague ! (25000 old IQD = 25000 new, 2500 new or possibly 25 new) ... Notice that "Tax Document "is in quotes as, I myself, don't buy into his being privy to what is, technically, classified CBI information. But I hope that this all turns out to be true and we can finally say ' Goodnite Gracie!" to this investment. Peace to you all! Uncle Barkie
  8. I did the same thing a long time ago Joker ... you can never be to careful.
  9. Thank you for the article trooper... I always love it when they say ,"they must continue to have meetings to discuss the possible ways to find solutions," when they really are saying , " we are gonna hold more discussions on when we are going to discuss how we are going to hold discussions about the problem." OMG .... I'm starting to think like the Iraqi government ... somebody please shoot me now! Uncle Barkie
  10. i must honestly say that after all these years of watching the Iraqi Government in action , their only obvious motivation isn't their country or their people. ...... It's their own greed and lust for power that motivates them and as much as I hate to say this, it works in our favor that way , because they will want as much wealth as possible as quickly as possible. So, whenever ,if ever they "RV" , I will gladly cash in , pay my taxes and thank only myself for having the foresight to see this investment for what it is. And I will never, EVER, look at what is going on in that forsaken region ag
  11. There is truly only one way to look at this investment and that is if we make a profit then it was a great investment. If not, then nothing ventured nothing gained and life goes on. I don't have a great deal of of money now , but i'm still a happy person, so either way I will still be a happy person. Uncle Barkie
  12. It is implying that in two years they want the value to be near or at the old rate of 1 IQD = $3.22 US . This also means that they will rv soon to allow a gradual increase to reach that level , thus minimizing the affects of revaluing on the economy. That's what I gather from the article.
  13. I have to laugh because from a great deal of peoples posts it's apparent that many have not fully understood this "speculative" investment before investing. Whether we make several thousand or several million, I myself really don't care ... there is a profit to be made period. That is the only thing that is important in this investment (will we make money , not how much will we make). If you are at ease with that,then all of the random B.S. that some are most passionate about suddenly don't matter . So be at peace and be happy that you've had the chance to be part of this grand adventure in yo
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