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  1. Lord No we are buying heavily on the down turn
  2. The decisions must be made by the person purchasing or not....If there is no RV in next 3-5 days prices will go down some.From selling it I know but the overall Dinar value with no RV to date has had major gains.Use sense when buying and prepare for a possible loss in any investment you may make.The RV will most likely occur...when? how much?? Not known many guesses but I will keep selling and move on to the next RV date time frame if nothing happens. After 5 years now I just dont get to excited about it anymore as It will happen sooner or later.I quit my job 3 years ago and all I do is sell Currency and the Dinar has made a great life for my family RV or no RV yet...DISCLAIMER...I am not here to sell or buy Dinar just comments and reading posts... Dinar supply is very tight at this time.Iraq borders seize many Dinar and just last week they seized $400,000,000 from ONE carrier.The prices you see reflect supply demand and I see most in line with prices as far as the big sale sites go. I have been selling over 5 years and the supply has never been this tight.
  3. Actually I have been selling on ebay Dinar for 5 years and the listings that are available now are very limited compared to normal.I am not listing now as I await shipments and have sold nearly 3 billion on ebay.The prices you are seeing are much higher than the past and keep moving up and very quickly as I monitor this pretty much daily.Only buy from reputable sources that can give you a receipt of sale and are legal to sell currency.Disclaimer...I am not here to sell or buy Dinar just provide insight and seek news. Ride this out as the end is near and it is not some pipe dream that was put together to pull people in to invest.
  4. I have sold Dinar for 5 years and have said the same to many ,I will wait for my call from my dealer of 5 years in Jordan ...He will tell me when.They cant respect that here as it has become a Propaganda website.Read my Blog 5 years experience..
  5. Prepare for a somewhat longer journey.This journey will now take us until at least the end of June 2011
  6. I dont sell and will never attempt to sell on any Dinar site for chat and forum.Thanks anyway but i like it this way.
  7. Small note on Off Shore accounts.....This is truly a masked devil.This avenue of moving money is highly,highly risky and if you had any idea what has happened to some folks that have taken this avenue you would run for the hills ,certainly not the shore.I knew of some folks from the Kuwait RV that went this avenue and wished they had NEVER taken that road.I am certainly glad I didn't and there are many avenues to defer taxes to later dates and times.That is DEFER not AVOID.My only mission in chat and blogs is to help people see the other side of the table from first hand experience .I am not saying DO NOT DO OFFSHORE ACCOUNT all I am saying is be very careful,ask those that are setting up offshore account how their experience has been with an off shore account and the most likely answer may be...We don't know we have never done one.The tax issue in USA is complex but there are plenty of good tax attorneys that will help people do the best with their investment.I will take that route for sure.I used that avenue in the Kuwait RV and was very happy.
  8. I am used to being bashed and slammed by the chat folks but have a vast amount of experience in the Dinar world.I just want folks to hear what the sites will not tell you that is all.I profit greatly with no RV or RV.I had a record week thanks to these chat sites and the hype but this is what I do for a living, but I am a realist and wont fool folks and will post what I know to be of all, I ...under no circumstances will look for a sale or invite a sale on this or any Dinar site.That speaks for itself.Three billion Dinar sold I know a few inside things in the Dinarian world. I also would never bash any site for making money.I know some inside on what is made and would never reveal that as I would not want that done to my business. Business is that just business....The money talks and you know what walks we all know that.I have fun with my business i have great customers and great new customers and i always look out for them.....but I do and will always make money when and where I can.Good HONEST money..
  9. The chat and information sites are excellent tools to research and gain a perspective.The problem that arises is that the human factor causes disruptions at times.Many folks post information or views that are not accepted by the majority and they are chastised for this and the information works its way to the top of the chain and then they are booted from the site.I can tell you one thing for sure the folks that run the sites are making money and a lot of money.I have sold Dinar for 5 years now and the links and invitations I get would astound people.Rest assured everytime someone googles a web site and enters that site the site is going BINGO!! When a site has a link to a supply such as example only.. Dinar Trade to name one......You have guessed it they will receive very lucrative compensation for every hit and every purchase made through their link.This information will not be given to the members of the site I assure you.How do I know this.. I have benefited from what I have just told you and the money is unbelievable to say the least.I could name a few sites that have invited me to advertise ,that I sell Dinar on their site and the money they wanted was truly remarkable. I have built up a prosperous business over 5 years on ebay.The first three years was 99% ebay sales now it is 30% ebay and 70% repeat and word of mouth sales.I am not here to sell and will offer no sales or links to my sales on this site or any other site.But as new Dinarian followers you need to remain focused and remember you are in control of your destiny.
  10. Very true I sell currency and I have a major stake in The afghani $
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