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  1. Way back in the day I got in trouble at school for writing a sentence that said, "Fart in a jar and save natural gas!" The teacher made me take it home and had to get a parent signature. Lol, You brought back some funny memories.
  2. Probably nothing but it could be something! Lol, I sure hope it is something! I have been expecting the unexpected for a very long time. Maybe it just showed up.
  3. I have to clean the soda pop off of my screen after reading this! Lol
  4. This puts the gurus back to looking for more things to spin since they started up again. It seems like a ton of things are moving in the direction we want it to go. Honestly, I think we will just wake up and bang it will be done. I don't think there will be much tipping of the hat by new cbi websites showing currency calculators or other things like that. I still believe it will happen like the day I got in on this ride, but just not on the timetable that most of us want or could really use. this
  5. Always fun to read the rumors section.
  6. I don't remember what movie it was from but they made fun of a guy that OGed! Over Gold, like over dose. Saw the picture and that was what popped into my head. Lol
  7. So is Delta/Frank saying drop dead date of Dec 2, 2012 or Dec 2, 2013 or did Delta really change his tune or make his statement a little less confusing about what date it will happen by in his opinion?
  8. Before any taxes are hiked, we need to stop all the spending on stuff that make no sense. Fix that first, then I am for everyone paying their share to start moving this ball in the direction our country needs. If we don't stop the bleeding first, there is no incentive for everyone to be on board for starting to pay to fix this crap.
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