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  1. Richardk

    Email From Safe Dinar

    Yes, it's interesting to have gotten a email from them... just hope they weren't hacked.. personally, I'm holding out for $2.675 which was a calculated rate back.. oh geez, maybe two and a half years ago..... hey it's the rumor section :-)) Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all.. yes even you Thugs and the Pink Piggy where ever you are GO RV/RI
  2. First Haynon, someone gave you a neg for what reason I have no clue.. I don't understand why anyone would neg someone for writing a opinion.. so I made you even. So here's my opinion on the article, all of Iraq needs to get a currency value to be able to pay with instead of US dollars. I wait for the articles to use Dinar as the currency of payment. Oh, I will be doing this while having having one of those drinks with a umbrella in it.. Be happy, it's the season for forgiving, family, love and giving.. Happy Holidays to all and Merry Christmas GO RI/RI
  3. Richardk


    It would be nice... My b-day (60) will be the next day, 1st of May... I could spend a couple of hours at the bank
  4. Seems like there are a lot of new banks opening up and quickly. Starting to get a feeling another duck getting in the row and we may be close. Why would so many banks open knowing that most people don't have the money to open a bank account. JMO GO RV/RI
  5. After reading this, I now see this as a Monty Python a possibility.
  6. IMO, I see this as positive. They have the Kurds in the mix. The Kurds have been controlling their own state, security, market, government and banking system. Maliki can't even get his parliament to come to work. Yes, I see this as positive. Stay Calm, Grounded and Be Happy Go RI/RV
  7. Richardk

    Global Financial Shutdown This Weekend

    It's been thought over the years that the CBI must close for three days in preparation for the RV/RI. Rumors have stated the they will be closed Friday (normal), Saturday (they have been open recently), Sunday (normal business day). I guess we will see in the morning, but if they are closed Saurday and Sunday, I'm thinking Adam will be sending the "TEXT" around 2:15 to 2:30PM PST Sunday. Thinking (major hope) $1,2 or 3 RV, it will be so much easier to understand the value of the IQD in Iraq with even dollar amounts. I really wanted to put $4 as a rate but that is just silly
  8. Richardk

    Hourly rumor update........

    Umbertino,Your showing you age. Great band, stole the show opening for Rare Earth at a concert in 1974. They performed "In The Court Of The Crimson King" album. Great show and somewhat surprised I still remember it
  9. Richardk

    RV June 30th

    Most of us who have been here for awhile have seen many predictions come and go. Chapter VII was believed to be removed by some of the "Guru's" and the RV will happen just before or a very short time after. Of course not to mention the RV has happened and Tier 1 is already cashed in. So here we are at such a great step forward and for the first time it seems they won't be taking two steps back. Some believe that the CBI needs to close for X amount of days before they RV or RI. With the understanding that Iraq isn't Kawait. When Kawait RI'd their Dinar, it just popped in the middle of the week with the banks open for normal business hours and without any special closed days prior. Ive read a few clues that make me raise a eyebrow or two. Parliament has been meeting and per the articles, postponing for a day here and there, looks like normal for them. Here's what made me think they are up to something, in some small articles its been stated that meetings are being held in "Secret" (they sure love that word) and just last week we see that they have had not one but three National or Simi-National meetings, two were stated to have been secret. Very little information on what they agreed upon and looked like just a bunch of fluff as for the explanation for the two meetings. Reported that when we thought parliament was retired for a couple of days because of a lack of participation, we see they were in meetings, just not reading or voting laws. So we see they have been doing a bunch of something and it is so easy to speculate what they are really up to. Things are moving very fast for something and with Maliki possibly or maybe finally going to enact his agreements with the Kurds that have been on the table since he was made PM. Article 140 (Erbil) and the HCL are what we really need to be completed and they may have or going to in the next few days. Be awhile since I've been excited that this ride is coming to a end. Thursday UNSC meeting isn't hope, it's going to happen and from all reports Iraq will be a sovereign nation free to become a player in the international economy. They want this and this is why I'm thinking just a short time to go. I still think they will RI back to the $2.86 international rate (3.22 was Sadam's in country rate) and will rise the 20% Shab'a was wanting. So $2.86 before July 3rd is my guess. Stay grounded, calm and be happy. Go RV/RI
  10. Are we sure this isn't a very, very old article? It states removal of the Dinar with Sadam's likeness. They did this many years ago. They have been using the same Dinar we own. Just a thought. Go RV/RI Never mind, just read the date and realized why this article was posted again.
  11. At last, finally they get to use their secret decoder rings Thanks for the post Woody.
  12. I really hope Maliki will work with Salih on getting issues resolved. But and yes there's always a but when we think Maliki is involved in anything. I just wonder how long before Maliki goes back on what's said in this article and claims anything Salih says unconstitutional. We can only hope they move forward as this article is promising. Stay Grounded, Calm and be Happy Go RV/RI
  13. I read this three times and sounds like they believe that all items have been complete except finding Kawaits missing dead. This is the same statements made many times in various articles. IMO, I don't see the UNSC releasing them until they get their house in order. The political issues need to be worked out, HCL and Erbil are very important. Also IMO, I don't see the UNSC letting them to begin receiving offensive weapons while Maliki is still holding to many GOI positions. Think about it for a second, he holds the three main defense positions and what will stop him if he gets weapons. He could just declare himself dictator and nobody would be able to stop him. As much as I want and need the RV, there are ducks missing from the row. Stay Grounded, Calm and be Happy Go RV/RI

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