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  1. I just posted a link in the original post for donations But here is a link if anyone would like to donate towards the costs. Thank you from the family. Posted with their permission
  2. Tripphood - longtime member here at DV went to heaven on Oct. 18 from medical complications resulting from a common medical procedure. He was a close personal friend of me and my wife and was a great human being and Christian. He will be laid to rest Oct 23. Many of you remember Tripphood and his great discussions here and have good memories. May his family and loved ones feel comfort during this difficult time. I have got permission from his family for anyone who would like to donate towards his funeral costs. Here is the link. The family appreciates any help.
  3. According to the super secret intel and inside decoder..... this is guaranteed to be over on July 1st.... ha another Prophet bites the dust
  4. I believe they are in a 30 minute recess at this time to get their $%^& together and re-vote with a required 165 votes for a passing majority on one of the nominees. They are supposed to get it done today, Now, Pronto.... legally.
  5. So who will be the next PM? hmmmm... I can't wait to see - Adel Abdul-Mahdi - Iyad Allawi - Ahmad Chalabi - Bayan Jabr - Bahaa al-Araji - Firemarshall Bill - Churchlady
  6. I remember when I posted this post three years ago and thought that there was no possible way Iraq could wait until 2013 to reform their currency. I WAS WRONG, cause here we are still sitting and waiting and June 2013 has come and gone. Seems so funny to look back at these posts from years ago at times. But still waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and .................................
  7. Does it really take the Supreme Court of the United States to figure out the guy was not born here. A two year old could figure that out, and not use a dime of our tax dollars. Geeeeez.........
  8. She still has a tiny little sliver of a chance in hell to be right..... just a sliver..... Parliament postpones vote on the budget to the evening session 12:37:07 / 02/2013 Khandan - decided the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of Iraq, to postpone the vote on the budget bill for federal financial year 2013 and put it in the evening session of the Council today, after a meeting of the leaders of the parliamentary political blocs to agree on the inclusion of the demands of the masses. The reporter said "Khandan" in the Iraqi parliament, that the agenda of the meeting of the Council of Representatives to Thursday included vote on the budget of the federal financial for 2013, but parliament did not vote on it because of differences on the demands of the blocks, indicating that the Presidency Council decided to postpone the vote on the budget in the morning session, and put to the vote after the meeting of the heads of parliamentary blocs with the parliamentary Finance Committee, which will be held today in the second hour at noon, with the agreement on differences over the budget. She is either a "Wife IN the KNOW" or a "Wife IN the NO KNOW" ha ha
  9. All of us husbands out there know, ---- YOU BETTER LISTEN TO WIVES. Somehow they always know. Go RV still...........................
  10. YOU must be listening to Delta....... ?????
  11. Use a portion of the 950,000 bonus to get a haircut and eliminate that helmet hair DUDE! What a piece of dog crap........ Just my opinion...
  12. If someone took Talabani's vitals right now...... I wonder what his body temperature really is???? He died the night of his stroke, then he came back to life, then he died before he went to Germany, then he came back alive, then he died last Friday, then he came back to life the same day. His poor fingers and toes must be all frostbit to he!!
  13. After all these years, FAKE26 has finally admitted !.......I Know Nothing !! .......I KNOW NOTHING !!! Thanks for FINALLY telling the truth for once. We won't hold it against you.
  14. Good to hear this perspective from BL. Consistently good energy from her. One thing though ---- Turki, you better watch out ----- Thanksgiving is coming !!!!
  15. Throw all the GURUs in a bag and shake em up and what do you get. The same ole BS, Just a different day, place, and topic. They know NO MORE than anyone else. It is called a speculative investment and I am wasting my time typing this so.............
  16. A specifically defined L O P article again? From a Finance Committee member.... IRAQ --------- YOU SO STUPID........
  17. I heard that if you hold onto the box fan and touch the sprinkler hose and stand in a puddle.... You may be quite "shocked" at just how cold you will get (permanently)....
  18. I have a prediction....... That this thread will go absolutely no where because the turn over is so high on this site of active participating members that most of the items mentioned occured before the present active members even joined. This is a high turnover site of members from my observation over the years..... people come for a while and then drop off into the abyss. (there are a few still here that I recognize from a couple years ago....)
  19. I remember almost every one of these "Imminent Moments" in time... Excitement running high, almost electric amongst sooooooo many people.... Some waiting up all night long to see if they were gonna be able to pay that late mortgage payment with the new improved valued IQD. After seeing all these "Imminent Moments" come and go, and now many of the common folks change their tune and loose hope over the years and even a few selling all their IQD when all hope was lost. I think the words of the "Al-Pink Floydiki" may say it best............... ---------To all the past and present GURUs--------- You are only coming through in waves. Your lips move but I cant hear what youre sayin. ..... ..... ..... I have become comfortably numb. Nuff Said.... hey no one mentioned Code words ---- Scissortail, Gembox, or Life on Mars in this post..... hmmmmmmm
  20. WHAT????? You didn't hear? It is right around the next corner and over the next hill..... ha
  21. I find a slight amount of amusement from these posts and the peoples response to them over the years. People used to BEG people not to give up and sell. They used to try to encourage the person to death and attempt to convince them that their personal decision to sell was wrong. Now-days, people don't really try to talk people down off that bridge.... They just hollar.... JUMP, and stop holding up traffic. ha ha Its like fashion, it goes through phases and wide ties did come back around like everyone said they would. I still find amusement in this investment even though it is the most frustrating and discouraging emotional investment in history. Removing emotion is easy to talk about but good luck doing it when hard earned money is involved. I have seen sooooooo many people threaten to sell and actually sell via this forum over the years. Just water under the bridge... IMO.
  22. I have counted 6 math and fact inconsistencies in this article that just are NOT true. Someone needs to go to college before they write articles about the finances of a country. Garbage Article in MY OPINION.
  23. Which code word was it this time? Life-on-Mars, or GemBox, or Scissortail, or etc......................................... (fill in the blank)
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