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  1. Not according to the speech Obama made last night. He said that they found out a week ago where he was hiding out, and then he said, so today ( yesterday 5/1/11 ) I gave the order to go in and get him. I watched this live last night on TV, and played it back, because Fox was saying that Osama was killed a week ago, but Obama said differently.
  2. Well Adam, you sure mention the possibility of a lop, everytime you post now, and when I bought your e-book a year ago, you didn't give any credence to a lop. I'm just glad that I'm not paying for VIP membership, and really glad that I didn't open a Warka account. You've also gone way down on your rate prediction. You've been entertaining 10 cents, and if I'm not mistaken, in your book you stated that you felt it would be around $2.00 ( I may be wrong, so I'll read the book again ). When I made this investment it was only because Iraq's currency was way under valued. I do not believe anyone knows anything about what is going to happen to the dinar except for high ranking officials from Iraq, China, Russia, and the U.S. Everything today is, this might happen, or that might happen, if a one-legged chicken crosses the street on Wednesday the RV will happen on Thursday. I've come to the realization, that I know as much as anyone in regards to this investment, and that is the dinar is inexpensive and some day, maybe, it will increase in value. There certainly is no reason to be a VIP member or invest in Iraq, especially if they are going to "screw" the world and lop their currency. If they do lop their currency, then the U.S.A. needs to turn Iraq into glass.
  3. Your thought process works for me, and I certainly will not try to punch holes in your theory. I also believe that Iraq can support any amount of increase in the dinar, but there are people who do not believe that Iraq has pulled back all the dinar that you have just mentioned ( Keep'em, Tim S.( sad cat ), etc. ). Whether they have pulled in dinar or not, I believe as you do, and I've already invested, so I'll just have to be patient and see what unfolds. Take care, and good luck!
  4. I've thought all along that Ali said what he said to discourage investors. I came to that conclusion because what he said doesn't make any sense at all. It's like Ali being a cookie salesman, and telling the prospective customers that his cookies are terrible. He wants dinars back because the RV is very near in my opinion, and he wants them back as inexpensively as possible. In the event the dinar RV is delayed, he can then sell them again for a nice profit. I think Ali got wind of a possible RV very soon, and he wants to increase his dinar portfolio. One thing is for sure, you don't tell people that the dinar will remain worthless for years if you want to sell. Even if he was telling the truth, you keep that kind of info to yourself, because you make your money on dinar sells. I feel that something big is coming to dinar investors very soon, and Ali knows this! I sure hope I'm right!
  5. Hey Goober, Okie has been as right as you, and at least he is positive. As a matter of fact, no one has been right about anything yet. As to the proof that the US has dinars ( which I'm sure they do ), show me proof that they don't, and I'll gladly admit that I am wrong. All you naysayers want proof, why not show us proof that you know what you are talking about.
  6. Yes, there is a spread, but in the case of Ali it will be CBI's buy rate plus his $150.00 per million fee. Ali doesn't use the word spread, he uses the word buy rate. If the dinar RV's at let's say @ $2.00, the CBI buy rate may be $1.92, so the spread is 8 cents. Hope this helps!
  7. What information do they bring? That the RV isn't going to happen? All they bring is their opinion, nothing more, nothing less, and I must say that their opinion is usually on the negative side.
  8. Someone born in the U.S., and someone who is not a muslim, or has a name that sounds like a muslim.
  9. No, you really don't have to work for it, and that saying was created by poor people to keep them from attaining wealth. Here's a more accurate saying, what you have may be to bad to be believed. The dinar will steady at $3.00, it may start low for all the suckers so they can cash in and be broke within a year, but it will rise near Kuwaits currency value.
  10. My sentiments exactly! I like how people say this is a long time investment, when other people have been invested for 7 plus years already. What I see happening is that Maliki keeps making timelines, such as the new 100 days to get their acts together, which gives the illusion that he is really trying to get things done, when in reality he is just delaying the inevitable RV. The dinar will RV, but we the U.S.along with the U.N. and the IMF, will have to force it. The Iraqi politicians are fat cats, and they are corrupt, and will have to be forced to comply! JMHO.
  11. Hey genius, the RV will only happen once, and that is the only time the "positive" investors can be right. Only once! You negative people can bash, and say it's not going to happen, as often as you want to, and then brag as if you know something. You don't! I've got a question, why are you still posting on this site? Get out your crystal ball, and tell us oh wise one what month, what day, and what year, and then leave this site until that time. Congratulations on your fame!
  12. You've never been very positive, and I will think of you when I'm cashing in. It may not be tomorrow or even this year or next, but the dinar is going to go up substantially. This investment is for the winners, and by the way I don't believe you will get rid of your dinars!
  13. Thanks for all your posts Pourit, I've enjoyed your positive spin not only on this investment, but life in general. I do hope you are right, because there are many projects that I want to get started. Good luck to you and your family!
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