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  1. Hello ... From: Florence <XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX> ... Add to Contacts To: Hello my new friend, May all your dreams come true in this new year and may your day gets brighter and sunny today as you read and reply this lovely message from me. I find your email on my search today for a reliable friend at and i feel that i have found the right one. I hope you will accept me as your good friend. My name is Florence. I will tell you more about me and my picture as soon as i receive your mail. I wish you all the best. Happy new year. Your new friend....... Florence. ( XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX )
  2. why would they ask you where to buy when they work at a bank, dont banks exchange currencies? i thought you could get dinar from wells fargo, maybe im wrong. just saying. sounds like another stupid pumper to me. yall are whats turning sites like this one into garbage. not saying dv is garbage but allowing people to post the most dumbest of rumors that are no where near legit or feasible for that matter is ruining sites such as this one. this site use to be very educational but now its like its cluttered with spam like posts. i know bumper has been trying to clean this site up but he cant do it alone. ok iim done ranting.
  3. thanks for the post. this is the kind of information i look to find when i come to this site whether it be positive or negative, regardless its the truth. i really wish the pumpers would be banned and that this site would go back to an informative site like it use to be. thanks again for the post. plus 1 for you. and thank you and your friend for serving our country. god bless.
  4. for all those defending dcupp just a few months ago he was bragging about how his cia friend said this wasnt happening, and was selling some enormous amount of iqd that he supposively has so he can go to school. i dont buy anything he says.
  5. Good observation. I think someone else posted recently that his last order of iqd is a different size than the rest of his. I hope mine are legit. I got mine from DT, and 5/3 (the ones from 5/3 look circulated) i hope that doesnt make a difference.
  6. "IT'S MY MONEY, AND I WANT IT NOW" call JG Wentworth.... lol :lol:
  7. My pick are my two favorite teams. Falcons and Colts. And hopefully falcons all the way. As long as either one of them make it im happy. and will be even happier when the saints lose to the seahawks today. lol
  8. very true. i misread your post but labdog's is in my line of thinking.
  9. I like how yall are thinking realistically. When i bought into this i was buying on the assumption that it would be around .10/usd. i only spent what i could afford to lose and now ive just been waiting to see if its gonna happen.
  10. Why waste a forum post with this?
  11. Quick question regarding appreciation of the dinar. BTW keep great post. So many members here have been invested from the beginning, my father included. When the new iqd was released i believe my father said the price per million was around 600-800 (i cant remember exact price). Anyways since then its already appreciated so those that have purchased several years back have already made profit. My question is why has the dinar stopped appreciating?
  12. i really dislike that mod. hes been abusing his powers for a while now.
  13. correction on my part however, this post isnt in the rumors section. not trying to bash but yeah i think you all know what im talking about. i still like to make occasional visits here for education purposes, but like i stated above so of the posts are just absurbed. but we all continue to wait. i hope just like everyone else that it happens soon, but we sit and wait.
  14. i agree with coleman. i think too many people look into things and will try to tie anything they can to this rv. it will happen when it happens. the rumors posts are getting out of hand, i remember now why i stopped coming here as often as i use to.
  15. what does this have to do with a rumor? i think dv should ad a new thread for peoples ideas/personal input. just my two cents. not trying to be negative but the rumors section has seemed to be derailed lately rather than actual rumors. anyways your thought is a pleasant one. go rv
  16. so oil4life, since you cant seem to understand what keep is explaining, then why dont you tell us all what a redenomination is to you? What Does Redenomination Mean? 1. The process whereby a country's currency is recalibrated due to significant inflation and currency devaluation. Certain currencies have been redenominated a number of times over the last century for various reasons. 2. The process of changing the currency value on a financial security. Click here for Investopedia FXtrader So there you have it folks. Keep is correct.
  17. i buy from the buckhead location.
  18. debunked. what is weird though is i just called my 53 bank in atlanta and asked to get a currency exchange rate. i was placed on hold before i even gave them the curreny, and when they came back on the phone they gave me the rate for iqd. thought that was weird but they said most of their customers are calling/buying iqd. i asked them if they knew anything about the 15th rv date and they said the do not receive info ahead of time. but anyways i guess itll happen when it happens.
  19. Hey doc. Thanks for your posts amd information that you provide. I have a question. Could you clarify for me what you mean by no cash auctions? Its probably a dumb question but just wanted to ask. Thanks again.
  20. Why is this in the rumors section? Welcome to dv.
  21. this site is becoming a joke. literally. i understand my many get so frustrated when people like this make our investment out to be some kind comical skit. lately it seems everytime something is posted in the rumors forum its just another joke... i mean seriously mods you have to got to either put a stop to this or start a humor thread. jmo. god bless
  22. The local bbts here dont deal with iqd, only the main office (the big corp location) does. So i dont think this anything to lose sleep over.
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