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  1. Thanks, Bamagirl! You, too, are a friend to many and I always appreciate how positive you are every time I read your posts! You repesent all us "bamagirls" with dignity and grace!
  2. After reading all of the above posts it is so heartwarming to see how many lives he touched in varieties of ways! I know his loved ones must really be hurting and I am praying for them at such a shocking loss! I hope he wasn't suffering or in pain from whatever took him, he seemed so full of life! I always felt he shared his knowledge generously and opinions respectfully! I always read his posts, though sometimes his knowledge was way over my head! He will truly be missed! I appreciate seeing many "old friends" come back on here to pay their respects, and appreciate even more the "dinar family" we have here, especially they way they "come together" at a time like this! RIP SWFloridaGuy!
  3. I guess I am (reluctantly) in the older generation you mentioned, although in my heart I feel like a young patriot... Being born in 1965 has given me the advantage of seeing an unbelieveable amount if change in the world and the way we live in it, especially with regards to technology, the Internet, cell phones, etc. and I have come to believe that as with all things there is a healthy balance... (For example cell phones have offered me the peace of mind of feeling "connected" to my 12 year old and 14 year old when we are not together...we can reach out to each other any time we need to... On the other hand, I grow tired of seeing their faces "aglow" constantly as they "stay connected" with all their friends through all the social media..).(yes they have "private settings" and I'm diligent enough to "follow" friend and monitor all uses of their phone, as well as limit phone use when we have family time...) As a veteran teacher of 20+ years, currently teaching a classroom of 5th graders, not only do I have the opportunity to "balance" the present with history lessons from the past, but I also have the opportunity to "weigh in" pros and cons from each time period we visit... My most uncomfortable reconcliations with our nation's history are when students ask for me to explain why we treated Native Americans so horribly and why did we enslave African Americans and continue to deny them equal rights once they were freed... In these and other difficult situations I try to offer that although our country was founded with all the best intentions, it is still young and has definitely made mistakes... The most important thing we can do is to learn from these mistakes so as not to repeat them ever... And we each should do our part by being productive and informed citizens and vote responsibly as we continue to choose those who serve in our government... I know this sounds a little nieive, but as disheartened as I can feel about the things that I have read and some if what I believe is wrong about our government, I still believe in my country. I believe our Constitution can and will prevail and that these are just more trying times that will go down in history as when our country and Constitution have been put to some very real tests in the past. Ultimately, each of us does have to be responsible Americans and held accountable for our actions. I don't think those in power are any different... I for one will continue to balance all the negativity I hear (and sometimes believe) about what is wrong with our government, with as much love of country and prayers for God to truly Bless America in whatever way is His will for us as a nation. I know this sounds like a rambling post... I just wanted to offer my two cents from the generation you were speaking about... I don't think any one of us should take our freedoms for granted, and there is a reason our forefathers added the inalienable rights to our Constitution. I for one, even at my age would fight to preserve them, and am so very grateful to all who came before me who gave their lives not only so I could KNOW that I have rights GIVEN TO ME BY MY CREATOR, but also that I could persue life, liberty and happiness BECAUSE I have them...
  4. I am so sorry for your loss! I was scrolling down to email this post to myself so I could pass it on when I read your post. It made me so sad and I just felt a need to tell you I am praying for you and wish you the very best peaceful days ahead..
  5. Praying for your friend to have strength and to find peaceful times amidst his overwhelming sense of loss. Thank you for posting as it lifts me up to a renewed sense of gratitude for my loved ones and reminds me to never let them forget how much I love them eveyday.
  6. Thank you so much for sharing! Beautiful testimony and music!!
  7. Praying for your father's salvation and that God will give you strength and peace during this difficult time!
  8. Thanks for the update patty angel ! Bamagirl hang in there! Glad you mad it through and are on the mend! Still praying for you!
  9. Bamagirl, my prayers are with you for a speedy recovery! I just now came across this thread, so by now you've had your surgery, and my prayer is that all went well... Hope you are living pain free by now!!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!
  10. Prayers being sent to you and your sons!
  11. KCT

    Alabama Fans

    Beautiful!!! Roll Tide!
  12. Sending up prayers for your son and your family. Also for other teens who suffer from "cutting." I am grateful you have been given a second chance. It is unfortunate that it happened but at least you know about it now and can feel better about the fact that his recovery has begun.
  13. ROLL TIDE!!! 14-0 in the first quarter!!!!! THAT'S ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!!!
  14. I hear ya bamagirl! It was hard being a teacher today as well! Some students had been shielded from the news but curiosity was piqued when they saw the presence of a sheriff at the front door. Our school system will have extra "presence" of law enforcement at each and every school to reassure parents , students and teachers. But I can tell you in my fifth grade class all my students had seen the news over the weekend and my instinct was to gently approach the subject by avoiding the reliving of the violence and sensationalism of what they had seen or heard in the news, but to reassure them that they were indeed going to be safe at school and in my classroom. (We had practiced "lockdown" procedures earlier in the year and they knew we had routines in place should we ever be alerted by our principal of a security situation.) Without dwelling on the details we were able to go about our normal day as much as humanly possible in spite if the anxieties we all faced. I am proud to say that for my faculty, we have a principal who was not afraid to lead us in prayer at our faculty meeting. Each and every school met after school to review all security policies including not leaving doors propped open etc. and to give any suggestions to help address any issues, such as making sure keys are readily available for substitutes, should they be there on a day when a "lock down" drill is in place. It is a shame we have to be prepared for these kind of events, but I can assure you that we all take the safety of our children extremely seriously, and as I told my students today, when they are with me I will love and protect them as if they were my own children, just like I expect my son and daughter's teachers to keep them safe at all times. On a happier note, I did receive a hug from an unexpected parent today, thanking me for all I do for his son, and that was an awesome way to begun a difficult day !
  15. Your attitude and strength are a testament to your faith and you are an inspiration! I've been putting off some routine screening for no real reason but your post reminds me how precious our health is and our need to be proactive. Thank you for sharing an inspiration of hope for many who may not be as strong as you to face things head on. You are in my prayers and I look forward to reading your future updates. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Christmas n Vermont!
  16. Bamagirl, this one's for you! Roll Tide Roll!!
  17. What an awesome story! Thank you for making my day!
  18. Wow, what a question! Would get me too! Prayers being sent her way for health and healing. Prayers being sent your way as well for comfort and peace. keep us posted when you get a chance...
  19. I agree with your last statement and about everyone's right to pursue happiness. As a teacher, I take offense at your statement about teachers treating children differently due to their parents lifestyle. I have never known anyone in my profession to do this and I have known many children in various schools in which I've taught to have openly *** parents! As professionals, it would be unethical and it would be repremandible to do so! Furthermore as for your statement about classmates teasing doing "the damage" so to speak, while I agree it could and does happen, at least in my case my classmates never knew about my mom (that I knew of) and I was never teased. My mom wasn't openly *** for her own reasons and I was sworn to "secrecy" when I discovered the truth at the age of 15. Ten years later when I was considering marrying my college sweetheart, she suggested that I discuss her lifestyle with him before we got married. It took a whole year of therapy to utter the words, "my mom is ***" not because I was afraid, but because I felt ashamed and "different" because of living in someone's secret and being closeted myself. When I finally told my then boyfriend/future husband his response was surprising and wonderful all at the same time! Before he'd ever asked me out he went to his big brother in his fraternity to ask him if he knew me since we had gone to the same high school. His fraternity brother told him that he (my boyfriend) wouldn't want to date me because my mother was ***! So not only did he know about my mother before we ever went out, but apparently people in my high school knew, and regardless of their personal opinions had never once been mean to me or teased me about it! (thankfully) As I stated in a previous response, my life was similarly affected as with those adult children in the research study and no matter where the study was done or what "bias" was brought to the study, at least someone cared enough about the subject to research, bring the topic to the surface and further research could bring even more understanding. I'm a loving daughter who was forced to live with the issues of how society has mistreated gays and how it affected my mother and my family, but only one other time have seen the topic of the effect this lifestyle had on children brought to light. The last time was twenty years ago when Barbara Walters had a special about it. Her special brought to light the need for children to have positive role models representing the gender not in the home ( in my case a male). (I agreed with her whole heartedly, since their was a lot if "man-bashing" in my home due to their biased views against men.) It was refreshing to see this study important enough to do and more research could only help make our society a more understanding and perhaps empathetic one where the negative issues surrounding anyone's lifestyle, whatever they may be, be resolved for all to be allowed to grow up happily.
  20. Bamagirl, didn't see this in time to pray before the surgery but will be praying for you for both of your sons for their continued recovery and healing! May God bless you and your entire family!
  21. Delta, I for one have been enjoying reading your posts (especially the ones with humor, they make my day:) and I thoroughly appreciate your ability to copy and paste, if that is a major contributor to your ability to share! I, for one, am confident in my own abilities to further research anything without a link, if I desire more info. But mostly I am responding to this to say that as an adult child of a mother who is *** I really appreciated seeing the information you posted. Being in a "***" family actually gave me even more conviction to not be ***, made me extremely more curious and appreciative of men, who around our house were nonexistent and mysterious creatures. It took years of therapy to overcome depression serious enough to have been on disability and through the success of therapy I was thankfully able to return to work and am grateful that I am not in the category of the unemployed in the above research. I'll plead the 5th on the smoking issue but will admit that my over curiosity about men led to an extramarital affair which I felt so guilty about I left my first husband and love of my life without telling him why, because i couldnt bear to hurt him with the truth. So for me, this research rings true that we not just "assume" the kids are all right. Those of us who are adults grew up in a less accepting world and were "closeted" ourselves by not wanting anyone to find out about our parents lifestyle. I realize it is much more "accepted" now. The flip side for me is that I was moved to Alabama for my mom to be with her partner and it is here that I found and married the father of my children. I can't imagine my life without my two beautiful children, and I would go through it all again just to be with them. So my situation had a silver lining, but I would be curious to know if many children of divorce, not just of those whose parents lived and alternative lifestyle, had similar issues as found in this study. It is my personal belief that the disintegration of the family as a stable home has resulted in many of today's children having to navigate through instability in their home life. I see this first hand every day as a teacher. I began teaching in 1986 and I can tell you the percentage of children from a stable original mom and dad home has declined steadily every year. Its a very small percent of the class I have this year. I pray for my own children and the children that I teach that they will be successful and happy adults, capable of handling whatever comes there way. For my children, going to church, reading and discussing the Bible with them, helping them to know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him, has been our way of knowing we are loved and learning how to love others. Even though I am a single mother (not by my choice this time, their dad left when my youngest was 3 months old) I feel that with God as the Father of my household, my family is a happy one, full of love. So thank you for your post Delta, it hit close to home for me, literally. And made me reflect how far I've come from hating my family situation as a little girl to growing up to accept the things I cannot change, having the strength to change the things that I can, and growing in wisdom to know the difference so I can be the loving, happy mother I am today...
  22. Wow! That was cool! Thanks for sharing!!!
  23. If you are using AT&T they have a call block feature, but it's 4.99 ( I think) I have had to use it, and very much appreciated the peace of mind from being free of an unpleasant caller/texter. The only message they get is that you are unavailable to take their call, does not allow them to leave any voicemail or texts. You can cancel anytime... Good luck!
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