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  1. I’m trying to learn a little more on the HCl. Was it passed in 2007? If so what are we waiting for? If I’m reading correctly, it’s set up to help foreign companies get more money from oil contracts? That doesn’t seem to be an incentive for Iraqis, right? Would the agreement be between Iraqis and Kurds or the whole country and the rest of the world? If there’s a thread answering all this I apologize, I just can’t find these answers. Just want to know what the incentives for them here and if an RV is worth that to them for this deal! Thank you!
  2. Do other countries have HCLs? Basically, is there anything to compare this process to or is the entire revaluation process unique to Iraq? If it happened would their citizens receive monthly stipends like those in other Arab countries? Thanks, Hmmm
  3. If they start out with a float do you believe they would start very low to try and work to the ten cent mark or start at ten and move up?
  4. Alright trinity... I read that report you posted after Adams chat and I appreciate that info boost, much needed! So where does this put us? We need security? More private sector investments? What are some key points we should be looking for besides the obvious HCL? Compared to the other countries that have move to a more flexible exchange rate, is there a pattern to these processes? Your my go to now so I'm counting on you here;)
  5. It's not the bs you should watch out for, it's the hateful little trolls you should be weary of these days;)
  6. Super interesting read and thank you for the response! Very helpful in understanding more about thus investment. The only thing is who determines when that stability becomes a reality? CBI, IMF, GOI? So we understand the why, but the how and when could change at any minute. I realize this is the entire guessing game here, but who really determines when these ducks are in a straight enough row to accomplish what it says in the link you provided?
  7. Why does it have to be now or a year from now? Q1,Q2 does that really matter for this country? There is really no historical precedent for this event and despite Ramadan whose to say when it can or can't happen. I have never understood the idea of a window in this investment. No disrespect to anyone and I appreciate a gut feeling as much as the next guy, but I just don't see the logic in that assumption. Feel free to explain if I'm missing some obvious issue here!
  8. You've come to the right place for thoughts a prayers!For those who don't like the ads, I just log on with my smartphone and it gives you a very simplified version of the site. This means no ads in threads and I can't see the pluses or negs( cause i mean who really cares about opinions of opinions!). Very easy to use and no nonsense!
  9. hmmm

    Full chat room?

    I just tried to get in the chat room and it said it was full! That's a first. Is Adam on?
  10. Historically Adam waits until he had solid info to make a statement. Otherwise he would be involved in the hype. Mr. Montana is not about hype! That's why this site had such good info and such intelligent members! He'll talk when he has something to say, not just regurgitated rhetoric!
  11. In reading this article I am wondering if they didn't call all the 50's in because maybe it was the one most looted in the attacks by IS. I think I read it was the most counterfeited too. Anyways, this could be part of the plan to make an RV nonprofitable by IS. The last paragraph made contemplate this idea.
  12. CBI sure is busy. Seems like a lot of work for such an undervalued currency!
  13. Man, I just threw out my old smoking jacket! Also, be careful thug! There are some people on this sure that are taking these posts personal:( luig1 is taking a hell of a beating in the rumors section! Maybe being delivered by a clown will soften the hurt that these other sites cause our more tender members;)
  14. Kurds? To be or not to be a problem? Thoughts on if this is just politics as usual or a sign of some real progress? Thank you Adam!
  15. I would be interested to hear why you think that? I don't really get a time table vibe off this article. I just seems like a statement as to where they are at this time and how they plan to move it forward. Appreciate your input and interpretation.
  16. Do you have a link to an article on that easy? Just curious as to why they would all be coins. Thanks in adavance!
  17. Thanks rules! Yeah I was just think what could 50 dinars buy?! Anyways thank you and I will def check that out. So we will be looking at 10, 5, 1., 1/2 and 1/4. Plus fils maybe?!
  18. I was on CBI website, been on it maybe three times. Anyways , I was just hunting around and saw the page with the pics of the notes in circulation. I noticed that only the 50 and 100 dinar coins were not in circulation. The 50 dinar note was though. Why is this? Do they have use for a 50 dinar note? Is this old? What would constitute a lower denomination? Thanks!
  19. Pawns of a much larger game. I'm not a conspiracy guy , but it just all seems a little too intertwined and just so very manipulated. Your question and points are very valid but I'm not sure we can see the inner workings of such a large network. IMO if it crumbled we would just see those guys move to another organization that would be formed right afterwords. They would never just give up that power. Just a simple guys thoughts!
  20. What else do they want to make their economy based on? Oil isn't enough? Strangely enough that's kind of encouraging!
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