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  1. hey keepmwlknfny if u think it will loop and wont rv within 30 days, how come u dont sell all your dinars and invest somethings else?
  2. so randalln u think more chance rv in dec 2011 or jan 2012?
  3. randalln do u think it will rv within 30 days?
  4. whats happening? u have more faith in gold and silver?!!!???
  5. what do u mean carrello do u think it will rv on jan 2012
  6. hi i have sent u msg. i want one million,
  7. hi Dalite i stay positive to all facts....and i like to consult expert do u hav a timeline for RV?
  8. Dalite if as u said there are many possibilities..... if iraq increase the rate of 10% as an RV i wonder what will people (who hold the iraq dinar) do? people will continue to hold them or sell them....interesting.....
  9. hi all experts the worse senario of outcome is just delete zeros, right? do u think the worse case, we can still get our money back (i mean no profit)?
  10. 200,000 dinar in 500 note for sales total 400 pcs USD 670 plus shipping USD55 ship from australia pay by paypal
  11. hey can anyone tell me if it really lop, does it mean that i should buy more 50 dinars?
  12. selling one million dinar in 25k registered post raise invoice in paypal $1050[/b]
  13. very poor recently, want to sell one million dinar either in 25k AUD1150 in 5k AUD1250 will rasie invoice through paypal only registered post within Australia
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