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  1. That Scooter post was from June 2011....does that matter or am I missing something, did something change?...please help me understand.
  2. I have no flipping idea....will be curious to read Adam's thesis. We all want YOUR opinion, not eachother's.
  3. Do you guys think that all of these "smirks with a smile" that are given when asked about the dinar are because they think we are all idiots?
  4. Hi All, I have searched all over for a great chart I saw on this sight and cannot find it! Grrrr. It shows the USD value of the Dinar for the past 60+ years (line graph format I think)...can anyone point me in the right direction? TIA!
  5. Do you have nothing more constructive to do?......
  6. Thanks for all of the responses! Any in the Southwest??
  7. In case I lose total faith in this crazy "investment" , what banks still exchange dinars? I know there has got to be one or two..... TIA! ~Less Hopeful Leo
  8. People can be so rude.....doubt we'll hear from him again.
  9. I hate it when people say it's "done"'s not done until it's on FOREX!!!!!!! (Not directed towads you Bballs)
  10. I sooooo want to believe this but have a really hard time with that $5 rate.
  11. I love analyzing my dreams!...though few and far between. Thanks for the post! And WELCOME!
  12. That didn't sound like the usual way Scooter talks. I'm not saying you made it up but it just doesn't sound right.....
  13. I've often wondered about this...the teller saying the same rumors that they read on these taking it as "confirmation". Probably happens most of the time. Tellers know nothing, Intel-wise. IMO
  14. I would love it to be, but won't count on it.
  15. Wow, everyone is so irritable. I think we need an RV to cheer us up.
  16. I agree that BanG is a credible person, but is his friend that sent the text?.......Hope so!
  17. So it has changed to June 1 - 10? Wonder if it will change on the 9th.....? Hope not!
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