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  1. Your Conservative House started the bill in the first place. Good thing we have people that are aware of what is going on and mad their voices heard.
  2. If the Math is done correctly, 11,500 Billion IQD divided by 10 billion USD equals an exchange rate of 1150 IQD to 1 USD plain and simple
  3. Why don't the rest of you idiots post all of us a copy of your birth certificate on this forum. Better yet, why don't you ask your Republican politicians running for president to prove that they are U.S. citizens or does this only have to be done by someone non-white..
  4. Paul Ryan and the Republican party wants to change Medicare into a voucher system. They already voted and passed this more than a week ago. Obama is totally against this type of reform.
  5. I voted for Obama and I will vote for for him again in 2012. Obama didn't bailout the banks your buddy George Bush did in October of 2007. He bailed them out with a vote from congress that was 750 billion dollars. I guess you don't remember bush saying that the American people are going have to help bailout the banks. The gas was also over $4.00 a gallon in June of 2008 look for yourself. gas prices. I think you and the rest of these clowns need to stay off of Fox or Fake News and start watching what the Republican Party is doing to the Country. Maybe if you quit watching the left hand so hard you can see how the right hand is screwing you over.
  6. I had to give you both a +1. You are both going to need it, keep informing people of all the misinformation.
  7. The Patriot Act was done under George W. Bush, since you have been sleeping for the past 10 years.
  8. I agree! I wish that these boneheads would give it a break already.
  9. I agree Mr. Rich! I am sick of all this political bs too. Every time you try to learn about your investment, someone is always trying to divide us with political crap. Who cares is it is in the off topic pots, it still can be seen in "Whats New". Lets go RV!
  10. This guy was a nut and listen to too much of that Rush Limbaugh crap. Sarah Palin
  11. If I had a dollar every time I heard this, there wouldn't be a need to wait for the RV because I would have millions. The same old song and dance but wait I will hurry out and by more dinars. I don't think so!
  12. I think what he is saying is, we are a consumer nation and we do not manufacturer anything in this country.
  13. Be careful Action or they will be trying to throw you out of this country for having Native American Blood. Remember they want their country back even though the Native American had this country taken from them back in the day.
  14. That 9 trillion dollars have been missing since 2007-08 and they are just now having an investigation. Dang Washington is slow!
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