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  1. I usually enjoy Frank but sometimes I feel like he is hiding behind the riddles to make it seem like he knows something he doesn't. As far as doing my homework...I am working two jobs and having a hard time doing my work at home as it is. It would be helpful to just be able to receive insight from people who have the opportunity to get info.....that is assuming that Frank's motive is to help others.
  2. Nine months ago I was introduced to the dinar. Since that time I have faithfully watched, waited, studied and now believe this will happen. I have bought the books recommended by this site and read them. I have checked into banking situations and made my cah-in plan. I am as prepared as I can be before this happens. Daily I check and see what the lastest news is. I am very concerned that there is less and less input from the leader of this site. I understand that he is very am I...very. I am very interested in hearing from him his take on the situation as it stands now...somethin
  3. I bought without my husband knowing at first. He was not interested when I told him. I prayed that if this was real for him to get on board with it. In a few weeks he had a dream and some unusal happenings that convinced him without me saying a word. Now he has bought five times the amount that I had purchased.
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