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  1. We've had many false alarms, but we only need them to pass it ONE TIME....hopefully it will be this time!!
  2. Okay Abadi and????? These are facts which have been clearly present & influential "forever!" So now what?????
  3. Well....first off thanks for the post Yota you have always posted the pulse of what's going on. Secondly I hope the Iraqi citizens have enough resolve left after all these years of enduring corruption to make change manifest in their favor.
  4. Thanks Adam as always very insightful observations! Patience is a virtue, been in this too long now to give up! Have a blessed & Happy Thanksgiving DV family!
  5. Good morning Yota thanks for the info & you & the rest of DV have a blessed day as well..
  6. I mean I want the passage of the HCL as I've been in this investment for 13 years....that being said I want what is right & just & fair for the Iraqi people more as they have suffered greatly for far too long. Everything else will take care of itself once basic human needs & services are restored i truly believe.
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