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  1. I have done my OWN research and found that the Rothchilds DO own most banks that sound like the "Central Bank of...." and that included Iraq So the following is from another gent in anothe forum, and he brings an interesting perspective on what I have found is partially correct from other sources: (CONSTRUCTIVE comments welcomed) ----------------------------------------- * Marcus Curtis: There Will Be a Revalue of the Iraqi Dinar… Here’s Why December 10, 2010 12:02 pm · Posted in CHATS / POSTS · Comments Off There Will Be A Revalue of The Iraqi Dinar Here’s Why by Marcus Curtis on November 24, 2010 {Disclaimer} First I want to say there are no guarantees. I want to try to tie together all the research I have been doing for the last few months. I want to explain why I believe Iraq’s currency will revalue, and what is really at stake here. The more I dug the more I found. I used Google Bing and yahoo search engines. I also used Google and Bing translators. Anyone can find out what I discovered. I am no guru. I don’t know what the rate will be. I don’t know when this will happen (although I believe it will be soon) I don’t have any people on the inside, or boots on the ground. I don’t sell dinar or represent those who do. All I believe is this. The dinar will gain great value and we will all make money on this. Links will be provided. Please take the time to click on the links. They will blow your mind!!! Now I will present my case. The first thing we need to know about the revalue is simple. We need an understanding of how a central bank works. What is a central bank? The US had 3 central banks. Each central bank was privately owned and operated. Each one had the power to print the government’s money, and charge the government interest for using that money. http://iraqcurrencyw…-money-history/ Our current central bank is the Federal Reserve. It has the power to create money, adjust interest rates, and it has the power to control a lot of the American economy. Yet the Federal Reserve is not part of the Federal Government, and it is an independently owned and operated. It is a private organization. Part 1…h?v=_dmPchuXIXQ Part 2…feature=related We also need to understand that the Iraqi central bank is also a privately owned bank. It operates and works the same way the Federal Reserve operates and works. It was the Rothschilds that owned and operated the first two central banks of the United States. They also own the Central Bank of Iraq. (CBI) They played a major role and even have part ownership in the Federal Reserve. A man by the name of Paul Wolfowitz who for a time served as head of the World Bank, (2 years) was also involved in the planning of the Iraqi invasion. He has ties with the Rothschilds. http://www.analysis-…standing-IV.htm Now let’s go back to The American Revolution. At this time there was a currency circulating called a Continental. (Colonial Script) The Rothschilds were openly condemning this currency and calling it worthless. At the same time they did this they were buying all the Continentals they could find. A man named Alexander Levine came to America. He was a Rothschild agent. He changed his name to Alexander Hamilton. He served under George Washington. He became his personal secretary. When Washington became president he made Hamilton the US Secretary of Treasury. Hamilton was able to revalue all the Continentals the Rothschilds owned. He was also successful in getting the first US Central Bank on a temporary basis. It had a 20 year charter and Washington signed it into law. http://www.analysis-…standing-VI.htm http://www.analysis-…rstanding-V.htm In recent years The US stock market has gone through some major adjustments. J.P. Morgan bought Bear Stearns and Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch. Both these companies had a major supply of Iraqi dinar and Iraqi bonds. Both J.P. Morgan and Bank of America already had a significant amount of Iraqi dinars and bonds before the purchase of these companies were made. Now they have greatly increased the supply of these assets. Companies like Lehman Brothers were allowed to go bankrupt because they had few if any Iraqi assets in their portfolio. It was J.P. Morgan himself that also assisted in the effort to establish the Federal Reserve. Goldman Sachs is another Rothschild/US company. It is flush with Iraqi bonds, and it is in the process of becoming a bank. This bank supposedly has 1.1 trillion in assets. The Oil Connection It has been stated in many threads over the forums that Iraq would not simply give it’s oil reserves away for a revalued currency. I have added to the confusion by stating that The Iraqi dinar is backed by oil. This was really a poor choice of words on my part. The Iraqi dinar is not a coupon that countries will use to get their oil. What I am trying to imply is this. The value of Iraq’s resources such as oil, Natural Gas, sulfur crops ect, will play a role in the value of the Iraqi dinar itself. The dinar itself is not backed by oil the same way the USD was once backed by gold. However oil will play a role in the revalue of Iraq’s currency. When you appraise the value of a home you don’t only look at the square footage alone to figure out the value. You take everything into account. Is their any finished carpentry work? Does it have a sprinkler system? Does it have Granit counter tops or Formica? How big is the garage? Is it one car, two cars, or three cars? How many finishing details does it have? Is the house in good shape or does it need repairs? That is kind of like the same role the resources play on the value of the dinar. This is because these resources will contribute to Iraq’s GDP. This is why oil will always play a part in the value of Iraq’s currency and their economy. http://www.ikhnews.c…_view_3360.html Baghdad (newsletter).Central appearance for confirmed mscharalbnk that economic growth will improve the Iraqi dinar, that prices will double the total output of Iraq. He said in a telephone (for news agency of news)–all indications are that there are optimistically that Iraqi economy powerful shift will move over the next two years in General and will improve Iraqi dinar particularly noting that such a shift will develop oil and up productivity to (4) million barrels of oil. Predicted for oil market prices remain high between 80 to 85 dollars a barrel as this will double the total output of Iraq with 100 percent of what will have on government revenues and income of the ECB. And between valid: that which helps Iraqi Ttoiraldinar versus aldolarho economic growth rates while the value of income and greater currency, adding: when national income value improves the Iraqi dinar and the level of income, wages and per capita gross domestic product is improving. And he said that the Central Bank’s monetary policy is now stable and stability affects three elements highlighted by rate level of stability during recent years, and even stable Central Bank reserves in the limits between 43 to 45 billion dollars a barrel./… The economist said Ghazi Kanani that the reason for the stability of the dollar over the past five years due to the monetary policy the right of the Central Bank, expected to see the Iraqi dinar rise against the dollar next year. He said yesterday: Since 2004, the U.S. dollar Astaqrarolm effect the exchange rate, as this stability in the interest of consumers and traders, explained that the citizens and merchants were suffering greatly from volatility in the exchange rate, which was reflected in the prices of goods and services. He noted that the constant change at the exchange rate prior to 2004, the latest upheaval in the (economic and commercial) in the country, as well as central bank reserves , and that exchange rate stability They gave impetus to the Iraqi dinar. predicted Kanani said that improving the Iraqi dinar price during the coming year due to increased financial reserves, especially after Iraq signed the Convention on the (oil licensing round) that is, they Sneks revenues, with the budget of the oil. Kanani said his emphasis on the stability that this will affect the Iraqi Central Bank reserves and thus leads from the high value of the Iraqi dinar and stability. http://www.iraqoilre…expansion-5033/ Now hopefully everyone can see the roll oil and other resources will play and how it will cause the Iraqi dinar to gain value! Making the numbers fit People here have been struggling with large numbers and many are trying to come to any logical conclusion as to how this currency will gain value. It seems all the zeros don’t add up. Don’t worry congress gets just as confused when it sees lots of zeros too. It just boggles the mind. It has been said through numerous articles that Iraq has 25 trillion dinar in circulation. Some say even 27 trillion. This number is then compared to the world GDP and to the US money supply. It has been said that the US money supply is only 1.7 trillion some say 8.5 trillion. So it would be impossible to revalue a currency when that much dinar is in circulation. I would agree with this assumption if those numbers were correct. But these numbers are not correct. As we will see Just because Iraq has introduced 25 to 27 trillion dinars into circulation does not mean that all that money stayed in circulation. Iraq has pulled money out of circulation. Here is an article that surfaced in the spring of 2010.… Iraq : Iraq announces withdrawal of 70 percent of the excess liquidity Stressed the continuing support of residential, industrial and service Baghdad, Taha Hussein Iraq could pull a high proportion of excess liquidity for local market needs as well as continuing to support projects of industrial, service and housing. Director General of BADEA Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri at a news conference attended by “morning” that the bank has achieved an important work focuses on two aspects, namely the withdrawal of excess liquidity from circulation and put it into the market again as it allows taking 24 trillion and 800 billion dinars, representing 70 percent of the liquidity, adding to The second aspect of the directions of the Bank is to support a draft comprehensive banking and industrial sectors, service and construction projects, construction and allocation of part of loans to farmers and the financing of housing projects, especially that the country needs to build more than three million housing units, noting that the bank was allocated 6 trillion dinars for the purposes of housing, commerce and industry to by granting loans to the public sector such as the Ministry of Electricity, which granted a loan for the development of electricity and the purchase of bonds and remittances in the form of two waves exceeded Akiemha four trillion and 800 billion dinars, as well as giving companies and the Ministry of Industry more than a trillion and 115 billion dinars, a contribution to the implementation of rehabilitation projects and the development of these companies , in addition to the different loans granted by Bank staff and employees in government departments, different. Speaking of housing loans granted by Iraq for the citizens and that the bank used Balakari as his experience in granting housing loans to citizens Vakarz final amount exceeded 300 billion dinars, in addition to the prepared study in how to grant housing loans by him directly, because the bank wanted to avoid the mistakes that many international banks through the equation between the deposits and the type and between loans and advances, indicating the presence of short-term deposits and long-term and there are loans and lines of short, medium and long-term bank, which has the right vision for the future must be prepared to lend this budget and on this basis, as he put it. Director-General warned that the bank is still going to give the citizens of housing loans of $ 30 million, indicating that the bank is required possession of the citizen who wants to get this loan for a piece of land as fit for building residential unit more than others, as well as its continuation in the granting of commercial loans and industrial. Said that Iraq had set a ceiling for advances not to exceed one trillion dinars and is currently studying the possibility of developing a new roof or the lifting of the ceiling reached by the bank in the previous round. Here we see Iraq withdrawing money, but at the same time it is stressing that it will still have enough money to support projects for industrial, service, and housing. So what is excess liquidity? http://www.livemint….ity-create.html Becker provides a precise definition of “excess liquidity”, which is simply that if money supply expands faster than nominal gross domestic product (GDP), excess liquidity will be created. In other words, excess liquidity is the percentage year-on-year (y-o-y) money supply growth minus the percentage y-o-y growth in nominal GDP. It is evident that the Central bank of Iraq has been pulling money from the supply look at the CBI…p?pid=Banknotes The coins are already pulled from the money supply. http://en.wikipedia….iki/Iraqi_dinar “The notes were similar in design to notes issued by the Central Bank of Iraq in the 1970s and 1980s. A 500 dinars note was issued a year later, in October 2004. In the Kurdish regions of Iraq, the 50 dinar note is not in circulation. In 2004, new 25, 50, and 100 dinars coins were introduced. However, these coins proved to be unpopular & were withdrawn from circulation.” I don’t know exactly how much Iraqi dinar is in circulation and how much has been pulled at this point. I am still trying to determine this, but what about the US money supply? The US has 1.7 trillion dollars in printed currency this is called the M1 money supply. The US also has digital currency. The digital currency and the physical currency added together is called the M2 money supply. The M2 money supply is 8.5 trillion. The money supply is greatly expanded by the use of something called Fractional Reserve Banking. This is outlined in a book produced by the Federal Reserve called Modern Money Mechanics. This short video will explain how it works.…h?v=pC8I3J-1GSM Now you know exactly how the money supply is expanded through the fractional reserve banking system. So take the base money supply and times it by 10 (the reserve limit) now you have 85 trillion as an expansion possibility. However the reserve requirement has been removed. So ask yourself, If the federal reserve and the bankers can expand the money supply this much, How come the reserve requirements were removed? The money supply has been expanded even further through Quantitative Easing 1 and 2. The total US money supply is M3. Good luck finding an accurate number. So money = debt and debt = money. Every dollar in circulation represents someone else in debt. Now check out the US debt Clock Maybe we can kind of guess what the real M3 money supply is from calculating all this debt. Iraq is a world currency. It is spread throughout the world. So to determine if there is enough currency to revalue you need to look at the global picture, not just the United States currency. Keep in mind that there are about 150 central banks and don’t forget to take into account Fractional Reserve Banking for each bank! What about Redenomination? In the last redenomination article I read two things stood out. First the new government would need to approve the dinar. Second they will conduct a study to see if this is a good option. So if this is correct no decision has been made at this point. They would also need to determine the cost and build it into the budget. There has been an on again off again approach when discussing this topic. There are many articles that say they will not redenominate. I am going to quote from the Wikipedia link provided earlier. “According to a Reuters report on 11 Feb 2010, Iraq expects to redenominate its dinar currency by knocking three zeros off the nominal value of bank notes to facilitate currency transactions.” The Rothschild family owns Reuters. This is the same Rothschild family that owns the CBI. History is about to repeat itself once again. Remember earlier that the Rothschild’s ancestors purchased all the colonial currency they could find and at the same time they had their network of people declaring how worthless the currency was. Soon afterwards Alexander Hamilton restored value to the Colonial currency. The same thing is happening today. The Rothschilds are setting up their network of agents and friends with as much Iraqi dinar and bonds as possible via the stock market and acquisitions, and at the same time they say the currency will redenominate and is worthless through their media complex. Places like Reuters and AP provide the Rothschilds with their own personal forums. Then when the time is right Shabibi will revalue the dinar. http://www.scoreboar…les-reuters.htm http://everythingwar…nd-buffett.html http://www.theflucas...emid=64〈=en http://tobefree.word…-gold%E2%80%A6/ So if you clicked on the links and watched the video in the last link above you know that the Rothschilds also own the oil company Royal Dutch Shell. Look at the oil contracts in Iraq that have been given to shell. Look at the 17 billion gas contract signed by shell. In Conclusion When we consider an Iraqi dinar RV we need to look at the really big picture. There is more at stake here than a war-torn country that suffered under a brutal dictatorship and is merely trying to emerge from economic ruin. We are dealing with global interests that want to establish a foothold in this region. The global elite wants to dominate this region and establish their control over it’s recourses. The dinar is a tool to do just that. There is one more piece to this puzzle. All of this is setting the world stage for a one world government. A ruler (antichrist) will arise from this world government and all this can be found in biblical prophecy. http://iraqcurrencyw…say-about-iraq/
  2. thank you for the post could mean a few different things she could possibly not sell you any AT THAT TIME because she couldnt get a fixed quote on it. she maybe was told it couldnt be sold until some fluxuation stabilized she couldnt sell you any because their source isnt supplying dinars as quickly as in the past and just told you what she was told to say maybe there is an internal/banking RV we are not privy to yet
  3. 2010-11 T-8 Annual List of the World's Best Tax Havens and Offshore Banking Centers—Just Released Tax havens and offshore banking authority and author, Hoyt Barber, releases his 4th annual "List of the World's Best Tax Havens and Offshore Banking Centers," also known as "The Green List." In 2010, Barber expanded his annual tax haven rating, known as the "T-7 List" from seven tax haven countries to eight, eliminating Uruguay which is soon likely to compromise their once strong bank secrecy laws, and has added two additional jurisdictions—St. Vincent and Anguilla—for their attractiveness and ease for conducting financial business. The 2010-2011 T-8 List reflects the best of no-tax or low-tax jurisdictions, money and asset havens and/or offshore banking centers. The carefully selected venues are based on Barber's twelve criteria for evaluating the overall worthiness of an offshore financial center, including the requirement to have strong bank secrecy laws and no Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) with the United States, or Canada, with exception of St. Vincent and Nevis, neither of which has signed with the U.S., while both have signed with Canada. The twelve criteria include: 1) tax structures; 2) political and economic stability; 3) exchange controls; 4) treaties; 5) government attitude; 6) corporation and trust laws; 7) communication and transportation; 8) banking and professional support services; 9) legal system; 10) secrecy and confidentiality; 11) investment incentives; 12) location. As a result of recent financial and political developments over the past couple of years, the T-7 list had a number of significant changes in 2009-10 from previous years. European banking centers, in particular, find themselves today under extreme pressure from outside forces like the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, the G-20, the OECD, Germany and France and other international organizations. European banking centers such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Andorra, Monaco and Belgium have already either agreed in principle to compromise their bank secrecy laws or in the process of compromising them. In the meantime, many banks in these "target" countries are refusing to do business with new and existing clients, asking them to take their business elsewhere, particularly zeroing in on taxpayers from the United States and Canada. Two years ago, in 2008, the T-7 list was comprised of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Andorra, Panama, Belize and Nevis. According to Barber, "Fortunately, there are still excellent alternatives to European banking centers that offer the strongest bank secrecy in the world, have no taxes, or low taxes that would impact foreign investors, and that simultaneously provide maximum asset protection." Then, this past year, in 2009-10 the T-7 list was changed to include Belize, Panama, Cook Islands, Nevis, Switzerland/Liechtenstein, Hong Kong and Uruguay. Barber points out that the order of the list does not necessarily reflect preference, as much depends upon the specific scenario and goals of the individual who is choosing a venue. Barber's new 2010-2011 expanded T-8 Annual List of the World's Best Tax Havens and Offshore Banking Centers are as follows, together with the specific merits and advantages of each jurisdiction: Belize—Asset Protection Trusts (APT's); International Business Corporations (IBC's); offshore banking; investment management; e-commerce and offshore business; and the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP); strong bank secrecy; no TIEA with the U.S. or Canada. Cook Islands—APT's; IBC's; offshore banking; investment management; offshore annuities; strong bank secrecy; no TIEA with the U.S. or Canada. Nevis—APT's; IBC's; Limited Liability Companies (LLC's); offshore banking; excellent economic citizenship program; strong bank secrecy; no TIEA with the U.S. St. Vincent & the Grenadines—IBCs; offshore banking; private offshore bank licensing: flag-of-convenience; strong bank secrecy; no TIEA with the U.S. Anguilla—Offshore companies; strong bank secrecy; no TIEA with the U.S. or Canada. Switzerland/Liechtenstein—Offshore annuities; portfolio bonds; life insurance; and private banking, if bank secrecy is not required, with a minimum US $1,000,000 under management; low tax jurisdictions. TIEA's are being negotiated with the U.S., Canada and others. Hong Kong—Offshore corporations, offshore banking; strong bank secrecy; no TIEA with the U.S. or Canada.
  4. Doesnt look like the GOI is going to set on the 15th but on the 20th. Wonder if Biden will postpone his meeting also with them.
  5. I watch the CBI website everyday -- mostly due to my unhealthy addiction, trying to WILL the RV to happen. However, this morning, the exchange rates on the website now have 3 decimal places. Normally they did not have any decimal places. Previously the IQD rate for 1 USD was 1170 on the sell side. Today it is 1170.000. My Take: this is a change in the format of the numbers. Why change the format? Well you need to have the additional decimal places if they become needed. Remember, most of us are hoping for an exchange rate of 0.322 or thereabouts.!! Just an FYI
  6. 5/3 s are not nationwide. Not one in texas for example. Also people like the idea of buying from someone who said he can lock in a cash in rate...
  7. YOu can answer your own question (with all respect to all the people here who have ridden this for 7 years) How much could you afford to buy and let it sit untouched/forgotten for a year?
  8. Well, like belly buttons, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The only thing I think you left our was Illuminati or David Ike or the like
  9. quoted from another site i cannot mention "...My post is in reference to the banks that continually are discussed as either “sources” for information, or as potential “cash-in” options post-RV. Let me explain… First off, it does no one any good to call banks at this point. Iraq is a country that is under sanctions (Chapter 7) with the United Nations and the world. As such, their currency is NOT internationally recognized. Because of this, MOST (almost all at this point) banks do NOT deal in the Iraqi Dinar (buying or selling). Some still do, but those that do are diminishing in number. You will not get any information out of them by calling and trying to see for yourself if they are now, or will in the future, deal in the Iraqi Dinar. With that said, you should know that ANY major financial institution that deals internationally will absolutely one day carry the Iraqi currency. Why? Because when Iraq has its sanctions lifted, and is once again included and welcomed onto the world’s stage as a legitimate country, their currency will be accepted once again. Until that happens, don’t count on it. It’s that easy. Most international banks WILL work with the major currencies of the world. That’s a given. You do NOT need to call one and verify that. It’s a common known fact. As such, when your investment, even the Iraqi Dinar, matures and the government that backs that currency is in tact, you will see things change. Until then, you are simply wasting your time and the time of those who answer the phones at the banks to inquire otherwise...."
  10. It seems like no one on this site can take advice. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR THE BANKERS ABOUT DINARS (not even considered an EXOTIC currency at this time) What part dont you people understand? Its not a traded currency on the banking world, so its like talking about Ameros or Monopoly money to them. or are you just stuck in the COULDA WOULDA SHOULDA syndrome??
  11. Even though 3 x1 would be great. Im betting on greed, pride an similar historical scenario of Kuwait. with only a 20% downside.. its a no brainer period. Why get feathers ruffled by a lopster or crab.
  12. Kinda depends how well traveled you are, and how long you've been on this earth. It could be the 'hook em horns' sign from Texas University, or the ward off and spit that Sanford (from Sanford & Son) from the 80s TV series used to get from the evil eye from his inlaws ... or .... the opposite of the Boy Scout signal
  13. Guys, read between the lines. Her boyfriend who is in Irak(?) with lots of Dinars, is telling her he wont be comming home rich because of this "switch"... reminds me of the guy who won the lottery and told HIS wife, "honey, get your self a plane ticket to wherever you want"... she said WOW... until he told her to make it JUST for her and JUST one way... :-)
  14. Try They have been around just as long or longer...
  15. Well, considering at the rate the fed is printing more dollars I can understand your concern. It is mine as well. Inflation is just another word for taking money out of your pocket without touching it, in my opinion. There IS a race to devalue currencies by many big countries so as to make their goods cheaper in the world market .. ie: china, US, europe... From what i have studied, it may be best to have a basket of currencies, not all cashed into dollars. Say for example, the Australian and Canadian Dollars have good backing, as well as the Swiss Franc. My tidbit to you is this... IF you exchange dinars for some other currency, I DONT think you will owe taxes until you cash the other currency into dollars. Maybe not a bad idea to cash into lower demons, some foreign currency on some percentage....
  16. I bought dinar from Capital One Bank. They would have no problem cashing SOME of what they sold me. They said IF and WHEN. Ali is a nice guy, but if you divide 450,000 admited clients by his 12 locations or so, you figure out how he's going to handle THAT number, EVEN if eveyone divides out equally amongst his future locations and everyone slips in and out perfectly in 15 minutes... hummmm Im thinking a little bit here and a little bit there.. and do some real thinking in between
  17. I know I needed this reminder, since Sears isn't always my first choice. It's amazing when you think of how long the war has lasted and Sears hasn't withdrawn from their commitment. Could we each buy at least one thing at Sears this year? How does Sears treat its employees who are called up for military duty? By law, they are required to hold their jobs open and available, but nothing more. Usually, people take a big pay cut and lose benefits as a result of being called up for active duty. Sears is voluntarily paying the difference in salaries and maintaining all benefits, including medical insurance and bonus programs, for all called up reservist employees for up to two years. I submit that Sears is an exemplary corporate citizen and should be recognized for its contribution. I suggest we all shop at Sears at least once, and be sure to find a manager to tell them why we are there so the company gets the positive reinforcement & feedback it well deserves. Pass it on. I decided to check this before I sent it forward. So I sent the following e-mail to the Sears Customer Service Department: I received this e-mail and I would like to know if it is true. If it is, the internet may have just become one very good source of advertisement for your company. I know I would go out of my way to buy products from Sears instead of another store for a like item, even if it's cheaper at that store. This is their answer to my e-mail Dear Customer: Thank you for contacting Sears.The information is factual. We appreciate your positive feedback. Sears regards service to our country as one of greatest sacrifices our young men and women can make. We are happy to do our part to lessen the burden they bear at this time. Bill Thorn Sears Customer Care webcenter@sears.com1-800-349-4358 Please pass this on to all your friends. Sears needs to be recognized for this outstanding contribution and we need to show them as Americans, we do appreciate what they are doing for our military
  18. ExecConsult, your email address on your profile isnt accessible Please include me in your list for meeting up post-RV I work offshore but can meet anywhere
  19. CBI adviser: Dinar will rise against the dollar in the coming period Posted: December 5, 2010 by Justhopin in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Tags: Central Bank of Iraq, Currency, Dinar, exchange rate, Finance, Iraq, Iraqi dinar, Mali, middle east, Revaluation 2 Said: “The budget deficit usually begins and ends with a surplus An official source in the Iraqi Central Bank to witness a remarkable rise of the dinar against other currencies especially the dollar .. Be denied that the budget deficit next fiscal something negative, saying at the same time that most of the public budgets deficit begins and ends with a surplus of Mali is Mdaorth .. The Chancellor and the economic expert for the appearance of Mohammed’s (morning): The budget deficit is similar to the deficit in the economic structure in general, what calls for attention to processes such as how things can reflect negatively on the economic process in Iraq completely, The Cabinet has recently approved the general budget for Iraq for next year 2011, amounting to $ 83 billion, depending on the value of export of oil amounting to 2.25 million barrels per day and at a price of $ 73 per barrel, but the experts and specialists in the economic forecast to suffer the next budget a deficit of $ 18 billion, which commented upon in favor by saying: not a question of negative to suffer the budget financial deficit, but to see the budget at the end of each year a financial surplus due to non-completion of many plans and projects, and also said: Every time you start the budget deficit , and ending with a surplus … In return, expect the benefit to see the Iraqi dinar remarkable rise against other currencies especially the dollar, explaining that the size of financial returns to the oil, which rose dramatically during the past period compared to past years, as well as the situation called for Palmtdeda [compared] to the dollar in world markets, which can be to contribute according to the Chancellor to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar .. The central bank’s long been the deletion of three zeros from Iraqi dinar, in a move designed, according to those concerned to reduce the value of inflation in Iraq, to equality dinar to the dollar, as well as reducing the cluster enormous cash from the Iraqi currency to its lowest limit, however, observers have criticized the move by Galo it is not effective at this time, indicating that the deletion of three zeros from Iraqi dinar will not work to reduce prices or improve quality of life, but it is a switch of the currency only, can not see prices drop because of it as far as saying .. Saleh said the CBI has a lot of policies drawn through auctions currency held by the continuously at the moment, adding that the auction and a means of indirect monetary policy and seeks to achieve three important objectives is to control the levels of liquidity to the Iraqi dinar and also is a means to control the dinar exchange rate against the dollar, as well as being an incubator is important for the financing of private traders who rely on the support of their projects financially through these auctions .. and Abizaid valid reference to that post the most prominent of the currency auction is to achieve economic stability, particularly the reduction of inflation rates, indicating that in addition to for exchange rate stability achieved by the exchange auctions, it is an important means able to achieve substantial financial reserves of Iraq amounted to $ 50 billion.
  20. Related article Dec. 2nd link ~ Shahristani out of oil, in for Maliki deputy December 3, 2010 Iraqi Oil Minister Slated For New Job BAGHDAD, IRAQ Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani could leave his post for a new position under the prime minister, a top government official said. Shahristani is likely to become deputy for energy, a new position under the pending government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, The Wall Street Journal reports. Sources told the newspaper the minister would take the post provided he could play an active role in the Iraqi energy sector. That holds even if Maliki hands the Oil Ministry over to his rivals. Abdul Hadi al-Hassani, a leader in Maliki's Dawa Party, said the move had the backing of many of the Shiite members of the new Iraqi government, the Journal adds. Shahristani told Emirati newspaper The National in March that he didn't want to have another term in office, however. "I wouldn't try to stay unless I was forced to stay," he said from Vienna. "It wouldn't be my wish." Shahristani faced challenges to his authority by Kurdish leaders who continue to strike oil deals in defiance of his ministry. Lawmakers called the minister in for questioning most recently in 2009, when he was asked about alleged corruption and declines in oil revenue
  21. That is a ridiculous idea. I think the RV will be at 3 dol, which means even cashing in ONE 5000 dinar note will bump you over that limit...
  22. FIRST OF ALL 1. I have good information that this TURN IN, will not be days, it will be allowed months (why not- Iraq isnt going anywhere) and possibly up to a year. MEANING, you have TIME to shop around for fees, advisors, etc. This is what you should find out FIRST if youre a total financial dummy. Thats what I plan to ask... how much to I have at the END, period.. and do a spread sheet. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the NET cost of fees or spreads. Just ASK what you will have left after such per dinar. ($150 dollars per million is a ridiculously low amount compared to the INTEREST a million dollars earns per HOUR, in my opinion, though I found another established trader who charges that no matter how many millions you cash in) BOTTOM LINE. It wont be the 150 to consider.. you need to calculate the NET TOTAL AFTER EVERYTHING 2. S of CBI has implied this will be a MANAGED FLOAT. Meaning, unlike the KU RV, where it wildly went from 3-9-3 within months, this will be more controlled by the CBI. WHY? because S is smart and learned from KU, and because this is also about establishing CREDIBILITY with the IRAQ people, to where a loaf of bread doesnt go from 2 dinars to 7 in one week. IF this is the csse, no reason to RUSH to cash in.. again IF you bought from Ali, you can lock in some/all your cash in if you want a safety net. But again, you may be waiting days for an appt. 3. Fees/costs of trading dinars for dollars. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the NET cost of fees or spreads. Just ASK what you will have left after such per dinar. PLEASE CONSIDER THE TIME VALUE OF MONEY. Having an IMMEDIATE deposit in an interest-bearing account versus taking a week to 'confirm' the deposit can make a difference of THOUSANDS of dollars in interest alone in that time. 4. Where/who? Im curious how Ali will handle his admitted 300,000 clients at one time if there is a stampede. Divide that number by locations and there is the possibility of it taking MONTHS before you're up to the plate. No bashing, Ali seems a GREAT guy and a christian, im just doing some basic math. I think if you become a millionaire, you might want to take a harder look at the Weiss(?) report on banks. You might be surprised at which banks arent all that stable. You might want to take a hard look at BOA. No bashing... just the facts, mam... MY own opinion is to SPREAD the risk/load. The local Capital One bank I bought SOME of my dinars already has records that I bought from them, so how difficult would it be to cash in some there without having to jump any silly hoops? I'll just see if they arent too greedy on the exchange, though it would have to be really ridiculous to not do at least a little for immediate cash flow. 5. SAFETY/DANGER I have seen people on various boards talk about a post-RV party. Also about travelling with all your dinars. Heres MY opinion. Having dealt with violent hold ups and other situations while travelling and in my present consulting 'world', I would not advise to attend a PUBLICLY announced & open get together. If it were a few of my own personal friends is maybe one thing. But the fact you let anyone reading these forums know where a few dozen nuveau-rich are getting together could spell trouble if the wrong element gets that information. Particularly if it is done outside US. Again, if there is NO RUSH - (cash in timeline) I wouldnt travel with ALL your money, just enough to 'prime the pump'. Personally. I think if you get stopped by the notably confiscate-first-then-make-them-prove-origin new 'guard' you could be put in an awkward situation. So MY recomendation is to first find out HOW MUCH TIME YOU HAVE, (since it shouldnt swing wildly due to managed float) THEN figure out who/where in that order. which kinda reminds me of an old texas tale... two bulls, one young and one old were sitting atop a hill looking down on all the cows on the plain, and the young bull says "why dont we run down there and lets jump on one of them there cows right now!?" ... the old bull answers "why dont we just slowly walk down there and take care of them ALL"...
  23. RUMORS = 100% wrong so far Nothing to prove, they are just for people to read who need a BOOST - nothing more If rumors not comming true make you upset.. READ SOMETHING ELSE
  24. I also think there is a BIG whole in the motivating factor These gov types are making 22 thousand dollars a month regardless wether they show up or not to get this done. HELLO.. can you say UN MOTIVATED?? or COULD CARE LESS??
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