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  1. I dont know if I will be flamed for posting this from D, but is right on target

    (I deleted the part about sms text in respect for this site)


    I am posting information this week a bit differently than past weeks, in that I feel I need to address a few things directly with you to help ease concerns, and to give you a true indication of where I stand on things at present. Additionally, I feel I can help you understand what happened with the Kuwaiti and Jordanian Banks that showed the rates they did last week, and all the crazy and irresponsible claims that followed that fiasco. I hope my efforts will shed light on something that has confused many.

    1) The bank information you heard/read about last week was true. Certain Kuwaiti and Jordanian Banks were in fact offering a .36 rate (36 cents USD) on the Dinar last week.

    2) NO ONE, and I mean, NO ONE (Kuwaitis, Really Rich Americans, and/or Jordanians) cashed in at that rate last week.

    3) This was a rogue move by “certain” banks within those countries to try and take advantage of the “tight” market on Dinars to buy more up cheap, knowing the actual RV rate would be higher, and they speculated it was imminently happening.

    4) Their “sly” move was found out by the US Treasury, and the Treasury Departments for Kuwait and Jordan were immediately informed to stop the action by their independently acting banks. That was done prior to any actual appointments for cash-ins were accomplished, but not until AFTER several well-connected business men and women were contacted by the acting banks to set up an appointment to cash-in.

    5) I know this as certain businessmen I communicate with were actually invited by these Kuwaiti Banks to fly out and cash in prior to them being told that would no longer be possible. These are men/women who are extremely connected, and who do NOT attend these forums for their information, and who have no reason to read about their investment, as any information they wish to have about this investment is given to them based upon their stature, position, and/or connections.

    6) Biden was indeed sent to Iraq to act as the mediator in assisting Iraq with their security files. Those files are now under US scrutiny and control. It is anticipated Iraq will wrap up that issue within the Iraqi Government in short order, but there are no guarantees. As this is the largest point of contention within Iraq, this should be interesting. As such, we wait still, as there are “issues” within Iraq dealing with Maliki and Iran that have caused great concern within the Iraqi and US Governments about that aspect within their government. So NO… this is NOT a done deal yet, and it has NOT been authorized to roll-out to certain “friends of Iraq” countries first.

    I post these questions to you…

    - WHO, of all the countries in the world, is a greater friend to Iraq than the United States of America? NO ONE! We liberated them from an evil dictator and horrific poverty, and are now setting them up to be one of the richest countries in the world, just like we did to Kuwait!

    - WHO, of all the countries in the world, has given more and sacrificed more for their God-forsaken sandbox and land than the United States of America? NO ONE!!!

    As such, do you honestly wish to continue to believe that a country such as Jordan would get preferential treatment to the United States of America? I don’t think so! At present, Iraq is still occupied by the USA, controlled by the USA, under sanctions by the UN (controlled by the USA), and so on. Do I need to go on?

    7) NOTHING will happen, regardless of what others say on other sites, until the government is complete (Major Ministerial positions appointed, filled, and approved).

    NOTHING will happen, regardless of what others say on other sites, until the Budget is approved/ratified by Parliament.

    9) NOTHING will happen, regardless of what others say on other sites, until the HCL (Hydro-Carbon Law) is passed by Parliament (this may or may not have already been passed within the Erbil Agreement (hidden within). Until we know for sure, I choose to believe that it has NOT been passed yet. For me, it’s easier that way… less disappointment and frustration in the fact-finding process.

    10) I need to address the subject of my friend Okie. Plain and simple, I can’t continue to back his information. He is my friend, and I know he is genuine with his intentions, but I can’t support how or what he shares as his information along side “others” in the Dinar info-sharing community. Take it for what its worth, more information from a well-meaning gentleman who has great connections, but who’s connections also appear to be wrong much of the time with their information. His information, like all others, should be used by you to gain points of reference in your search for truth and knowledge.

    11) Any information sharing that this RV will come in “piece meal” is, in my opinion, completely false and made up information. With all respect to those who believe what they are sharing is true, this can not come in one country at a time. It will be made available to all at once. This information, was incorrectly surmised by those who saw the rates in Kuwait and Jordan, then assumed to mean something more than what it was… independent acts by rogue banks who were unauthorized to do so. As such, they were reprimanded, caused a lot of commotion, and weren’t able to follow through with the cash-in appointments they had made with certain high worth individuals.

    12) Breitling and I have spent considerable time visiting over the past couple of years about this event. We are of the same opinion that the RV should still take place in Q1 of this year. HOWEVER, if it doesn’t, it has to do with the information above, namely the government not being seated. So, in his opinion, and mine as well, if we don’t see this happen by March, we won’t be looking for it to happen until late June when the DFI funds for Iraq are officially no longer protected by the world’s governing bodies. it’s typical for Iraq to do things last minute, and this may yet be one of those cases. Either way, we are both still confident this will happen, but in Iraq’s time, not ours.

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  2. It tells ME a couple of things:

    1. The dinar has received enough worldwide attention for scammers to use the 'hype' and lack of information available to regular Joe

    2. The media will soon couple DINAR and SCAM together for cheap headlines which probably means:

    3. A lot of 'newbies' will come on this site stating 'I heard from xxxx that dinar is a scam' and just make me think that the Dinar should not have been made so available to such unsophisticated of individuals.

  3. As of today, Wed Jan 11 2011

    Fact 1: the Maliki GOI is not complete as 3 minister positions and the Strategic Council remain non-ratified by the Iraqi Parliament.

    This probably has another week to go.

    Fact 2: the 'new' budget has been presented to Parliament to approve.

    Fact 3: Shabibi of the CBI clearly stated that there will be no RV until GOI is firmly in place

    Rumor: Jordanian Bank showing 3.22 was just a glitch. Ali of DT made that statment that it was an error.

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  4. By Joe Mcdonald, AP Business Writer

    BEIJING — A state-owned Chinese bank says its New York City branch has begun offering accounts denominated in China's tightly controlled yuan in a move to expand the currency's global reach. Bank of China says customers of its Chinatown branch in New York will be allowed to trade yuan for dollars and can wire yuan to or from China.

    In a statement on its website, the bank said account holders can exchange up to the yuan equivalent of $4,000 a day, with a limit of $20,000 a year; the limits are half those levels for non-account customers.

    "They are trying to expand the scope of people who can hold renminbi (yuan) and that increases demand," said Daniel Hui, a foreign exchange strategist for HSBC in Hong Kong.

    Still, Hui said Chinese restrictions on money flows into and out of the mainland mean foreign customers who want to trade yuan will be limited to the Hong Kong market and currency available there.

    YUAN UNDERVALUED; Geither warns China again CURRENCY RATES: World currencies; currency converter Bank of China's announcement comes ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Washington next week. The White House says President Barack Obama will press U.S. complaints about China's currency controls that critics say keep the yuan undervalued, which boosts Chinese exports and swells the country's multibillion-dollar trade surplus.

    Beijing is trying to reduce reliance on the dollar by promoting the yuan, also known as the renminbi, for trade and finance. It is promoting Hong Kong, a Chinese territory with its own currency, as an offshore market for foreigners to conduct yuan business separate from the mainland, which is kept isolated from global capital flows.

    Hong Kong banks began handling yuan transactions with the mainland last year and the World Bank and some foreign companies have sold yuan bonds.

    Employees who answered the phone in the bank's Beijing headquarters Wednesday refused to give any other details.

    China is the world's biggest exporter and the second-largest economy behind the United States, but its exporters receive mostly U.S. dollars for their goods. Being paid in yuan would help them eliminate uncertainty about exchange rate changes. It also might help to promote China as the center of an Asian regional trading area.

    China's leaders have said they will eventually let the yuan trade freely but say relaxing controls too abruptly would damage its financial system. They say a rapid rise in the yuan would hurt exporters, wiping out jobs.

    Beijing promised more exchange rate flexibility in June and the currency has risen by about 3.5% against the dollar since then. Analysts expect another 5% gain this year but that is too low for U.S. manufacturers and others who say the yuan is undervalued by up to 40%. The U.S. Senate is considering a measure, already approved by the House of Representatives, that would allow Washington to sanction governments such as China if they are found to be manipulating exchange rates for trade advantage.

    Economists say the process of making the yuan an international currency on the level of the U.S. dollar, euro or yen will take years and depend on factors such as how many foreign companies want to use it.

    China's central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, called in 2009 for a new global currency managed by the International Monetary Fund to replace the dollar for trade and storing reserves. Economists say such a change is unlikely, but the comments reflected Beijing's unease about the dollar, which it uses for the bulk of its trade and to store an estimated one-half of its $2.5 trillion in reserves.

    "The next big step will be sanctioning and regulating renminbi trading in other markets besides Hong Kong," Hui said. "But that won't happen in the near-term."

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  5. Thought Id throw my own ramblings in, but based on some opinions of people on another site which do have a background in currencies.<br /><br />Looks like Canada did an analysis not long ago on what the Iraq dinar could be worth, based on all the parameters that I assume an accountant makes, and they came up with a roundabout <br />value of 1.14 , and nowhere and nobody can say it has to be near Kuwait value, a country that is STABLE<br />This is not a value picked up out of the air, so in my opinion, it has some merit. Even at that it is an incredible rate of return. <br /><br />Contrary to what has been posted, the budget has not been officially read three times yet. Something to do with the Kurds not liking some things and the change in price of oil has supposedly something to do with that as well.<br /><br />A ex currency manager said there is no such think as secondary 'bank screen' values. Its all hogwash. The RV will hit everywhere at one time. No such thing as different values for different level of institutional investors.<br /><br />There arent 1880 ships in Iraq harbor waiting to be unloaded since 2010<br /><br />The IMF cannot force any country to do anything against their wishes about RVing their currency.<br /><br />All self proclaimed guru's have missed the mark by 100% of the time.

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  6. Please be careful and look down the road in probably the not to distant future. Greece, France, Ireland are already confiscating retierment funds to purchase their government debt. Members of the house have been FLOATING the same idea for no less than two years. They can and will change any rules they make to benefit themselves. It is impossible to enter a mudwrestling match with out getting muddy. Or to paraphrse Pual Harvey, " WHEN ONE GETS INTO BED WITH THE GOVERNMENT SOMEONE'S GOING TO GET RAPED. Procede with caution and have lots of lube handy.

    You dont even have to look down the road. For example, the texas teachers reitirement fund was used by the state to finance their road and bridge building and replaced with a wonderful state IOU. No need to tell you what a state IOU is worth these days, as most state governments are deep in the red. Arizona has sold all their state gov buildings and are leasing them back to stay afloat for example.

    When I was marketing employer retirement funds, I found out the controller of the funds is ultimately the business owner, and part of the sale point is that he had access to those funds anytime he needed them.

    You are totally correct. I wouldnt put one dime into something that looks to be sure to be 'used' out of your control

  7. Thank You , Don Paul ,

    Thought I Was CRAZY ... Saw The Same Thing .. This LOOKS To Me Like An RV ....

    Your Right .. If You Crunch The US sales Price Numbers For The Same Comparable

    Car On E-Bay .. Then Check The Price Listed In IQD .. It Would Say They DID INDEED

    Take 3 Zero's Off .. and This ad Is Dated Jan 6 , 2011

    Example : I Printed Out One Of The Sales Posting ... It's A Mitsubishi 2008 SUV ..

    Asking Price ... IN IRAQI DINAR ! .... 23,500 IQD[/font] .... :blink:

    Which With The Current Prices That We Have Here With Our Dinar .. at The 1170 Rate ....

    This Car Is $18.00 US .. DON"T THINK SO !!

    UNLESS .. This Is Not A REAL Website ... Scratching My Head .... HUH ?

    Adam .. IF YOUR HERE ... What Is Your Learned Opinion Of This ? .. PLEASE

    Bless Your New Day !

    Gary ..aka Invest4later :D

    Exactly my point. IF you want to know the real deal in any country, just gander thru the classifieds.

    Im thinking they just dont list stuff in millions of dinars to save space probably(??), but some of our contacts THERE should clarify this fairly quickly.

    Otherwise... im getting in the arab used car business real quick :-)

  8. … -iraq.html this is the the 20% balance of 7.8 million When fully implemented, the Paris Club’s treatment of Iraq’s debt will reduce the total debt owed to Paris Club countries from $38.9 billion to $7.8 billion. This remainder (20% of the original total), will be rescheduled over a period of 23 years with an initial six-year grace period of repayments.

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  9. Let's take this apart:

    MOF only took office Thursday - That's what we hear, but in my opinion it means he needs some time to do his job and an RV immediately would be tough.

    The borders are sealed - Heard this one before, should be easy to verify if it is true, but I don't believe it.

    Currency is not being let in or out of Iraq - This has been the case for a long time (for larger amounts), again no links, just a rumor.

    Our Soldiers being paid with dinar - Uhhhhh, NO.

    Paris Club Debt expiring 12/31/10 - Listen, they will just renegotiate with them, it's what they ALWAYS do. They will cut some deal in my opinion.

    So, I "feel" it's about a lot of pumpers, and some good intentioned, but misled, people thinking this is TODAY! I pray it's soon, but don't honestly believe in the eoy philosophy any longer. It will happen someday,.......... I think.

    thats my point, AGAIN

    what are you doing in the rumor section looking for facts? its all RUMORS

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  10. Ok....easily this is one of the most ridiculous posts of all!!

    Okie, TK, & many others do indeed give dates & rates......only because they get paid to do so!!

    THE BORDERS ARE SEALED-- I doubt this!!

    THE BANKS STOPPED MAKING LOANS--May not mean anything significant!!

    CURRENCY IS NOT BEING LET IN OR OUT OF IRAQ--Debatable...probably not true!! After all, can still get from dealers!!


    PARIS CLUB DEBT REDUCTION EXPIRES 12-31---Still no hard evidence for this!! Most likely will receive an extension!!

    okie and TK get paid to give dates and rates? wow


    Thanks for proving a point.

    I listed some "probable" points in the rumor section, yet still easy chair "Experts" that come to the rumor section to look for facts or dont have anything else to do and dead set to disprove rumors.

    Its like wanting to have your gum chewed by someone else before you get to it.

    Some people would look a gift horse in the mouth no matter what.

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  11. (I thought the most interesting part of this article was the dollar equivalent stated for the 'cleansing')

    Dec 21, 2010

    Ghosts of Abu Ghraib haunt local Sunnis

    Middle East Online

    Zobaie said that charlatans claiming to work magic were charging as much as 200000 Iraqi dinar (170000 US dollars) to “cleanse” homes of evil spirits. ...

    Ghosts of Abu Ghraib haunt local Sunnis

    Iraqis living in vicinity of infamous jail say its dark legacy has cursed their lives.

    Middle East Online

    By Uthman al-Mukhtar - Iraq

    caption.gif_43160_abu-ghraib.jpg A curse

    captionb.gifThe name has now been changed along with the management, but the spectre of Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison continues to haunt locals, many of whom still call it the "House of Satan".

    Abu Ghraib, now called Baghdad central prison, became infamous in 2004 when pictures and reports emerged of horrific prisoner abuse carried out there by United States military police and other American agencies charged with running the facility.

    Evidence of physical, psychological and sexual abuses led to the prosecution of 11 US soldiers and the shocking images came to symbolise the worst of the US occupation of Iraq.

    In the years after the scandal, local residents – most of them Sunni Arabs – have blamed the prison's dark legacy for a raft of social, economic and emotional problems.

    According to locals, primary school enrolment is dwindling, some 600 acres of farmland has been left untended, and as many as 70 per cent of the 450 homes adjacent to the prison have been abandoned. The more superstitious talk about ghosts.

    “I used to laugh at the housewives in my neighbourhood when they complained of their children having nightmares or they talked about ghosts who knocked on doors and tried to enter their homes or left messes in the kitchens and closets,” Gurfan Ala, a housewife in Abu Ghraib district, said.

    “But then my eight-year-old son Rafid started to tell me strange things that were happening to him. I told my husband that I wanted to leave the house and go to my sister’s in Baghdad but he hasn’t done anything about it yet. I usually recite from the Quran and pray, and that helps us.”

    Many parents who spoke to IWPR expressed concern about their children's mental health, a fact not lost on local schoolteacher Sana Ala, whose classroom overlooks the prison.

    Ala said most of the better students had been transferred to other schools and that her primary school classroom was perpetually abuzz with the latest gossip about supernatural events.

    “We pasted newspapers over the windows and we replaced other windows with tinted glass,” Ala said. “We don't allow the students to go in the backyard of the school because it overlooks the prison.”

    The proximity of the prison and its reputation has also led to more tangible problems for local people. Ibrahim Abbas, a real estate agent in Abu Ghraib district, explained that only 30 per cent of the homes in al-Shohada neighbourhood are inhabited and the only ones living there are internally displaced people or others who have nowhere else to go.

    “If you wanted to buy a house you would find that many homeowners would be willing to sell their houses at a 75 per cent discount,” he said. “Some people rent one of these houses but they end up moving after a while because of what they believe is the curse that affects this area around the prison. People talk of ghosts inhabiting these houses and some say they heard screams of torture. They believe that these voices were of detainees who were tortured and then killed in Abu Ghraib prison.

    “The land of Abu Ghraib is cursed. This is what the insurgents circulated in their propaganda against the Americans, and people bought it.”

    The real estate issue even found its way into the provincial court last month when a newcomer named Waled Hamid filed a lawsuit against the man who sold him an allegedly haunted house in Abu Ghraib district.

    “I didn't know anything about the history of this area. Now we are frightened in the house. At night, everything gets creepy and the dogs and cats act strange,” Hamid said.

    The court dismissed the case on the grounds that there is no law recognising superstition, but Hamid is still trying to leave the area.

    “People here are grim and miserable. They don't exchange greetings, as if they are zombies. I really want my money back so I can leave this house and neighbourhood for good,” he said.

    Local cleric Sheikh Abdullah al-Zobaie said the area was once a decent place to live but now superstitions and fears had changed the outlook of locals. Zobaie said that charlatans claiming to work magic were charging as much as 200,000 Iraqi dinar (170,000 US dollars) to “cleanse” homes of evil spirits.

    “The answer to the problem of this place is for everyone to come back and live in their homes,” he said. “As Muslims, we believe in spirits but we don't believe in roaming, lost spirits that wander aimlessly. Evil spirits can be exorcised by reciting the Quran and praying to God in the house.”

    Abu Ghraib prison was handed over to the Iraqi authorities in 2006 and officially reopened in 2009 as Baghdad central prison. Today it houses roughly 4,200 prisoners and 900 security guards and support staff.

    A high-ranking prison official, who declined to be named, told IWPR that prison staff were well aware of the locals’ mistrust of the facility - and had their own misgivings about the place. The official admitted that he didn't have the heart to tell his daughters where he works.

    “I don't blame the [local people],” he said. “We can’t bear staying in the prison because of the prisoners and the history of the place. We’ve painted the place many times and changed furniture and built a recreation yard and a garden, but it will always be Abu Ghraib prison."

    Farhan al-Sayad, a long-time social worker in Abu Ghraib district, believes the prison should open its doors to local people for tours and information sessions aimed at combating misconceptions. Sayad pointed out that shutting down the institution would be hugely expensive to the central government and cost many jobs.

    “We are not looking at [something supernatural]; I believe this is a psychological issue,” he said. “People talk about evil spirits and a curse that haunts the nearby houses.

    “But it's really just that people here can't get over the pictures [of the atrocities] and their memories of that time. Something needs to be done because most people here think living in a cemetery would be better than living in the shadow of Abu Ghraib.”

    Uthman al-Muktar is an IWPR-trained reporter.

    © IWPR

  12. Hi Don,

    The link does not work because the video was removed. If you give me the name of the movie, I will find another source. or just provide a new link. I really would like to see it.


    Marcus, found another place (Secret of Oz) couldnt find a link for the complete movie.. about an hour long...

    here is a written entry... interesting what the REAL story is behind the wizard of oz


    Here is some info for the skeptics!!!! Enough to keep you busy for a while , will open your eyes!!!



    great links Mathew. thanks

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  13. These kind of stupid conspracy theories have floated about for nearly ever. They come from unsophisticated losers that think

    the whole world is stacked against them and is the reason why they cannot achieve any success. Instead of seeing a simple

    explaination there is this convulted theory that has more holes then swisss cheese in it.

    I also suppose JFK was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald and Princess Di was really murdered by a secret branch of the royal family

    that did not like her exposing the secrets of the monarchy? I beleive in the National Treasre film more where a huge cache

    of treasure is waiting for anyone to find that has a proper map. Where is Nicholas Cage when you need him?

    Maybe he can find out when the RV is coming and we can stop this nonsense.

    Sure buddy, and the #3 building in 9-11 decided to fall down by itself because it felt lonely without the other two

    "Fool and his money are soon parted"

    In our case its little by little so no one really feels it... its not a "theory", its history, and those who dont learn by it are destined to repeat it

    The best, well-researched film on the history of money. A must see


    What's going on with the world's economy? Foreclosures are everywhere, unemployment is skyrocketing - and this may only be the beginning. Could it be that solutions to the world's economic problems could have been embedded in the most beloved children's story of all time, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"? The yellow brick, the emerald city of Oz, even Dorothy's silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the movie version) were powerful symbols of author L. Frank Baum's belief that the people - not the big banks -- should control the quantity of a nation's money. The bottom line: No More National Debt. All our money is created out of debt. But nations don't have to borrow money from banks. Sovereign nations can create their own money -- debt free -- just as Abraham Lincoln did.

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  14. I was hoping that we could start an intellectual discussion of ANOTHER GOOD reason for an RV

    This stems from a better rumor than most in that this behooves the PTB (real Powers that be) ie: the powers that supply fiat money in the world, to incriment their financial power to an incredible new level. At least it has more 'beef' than the rumor that Obama wants to delay it so he can collect more taxes.... please

    Central Bank of XXX whatever ARE Rothchild controlled banks. Do some homework. See who really controls money supplies in the world.

    Sorry about the links. Looks like Adam may have some sort of filter for link postings.. the ones with lots of dots were corrupted, but not all. If you send me your contact info via my profile ill send you all the links (if that is ok with DV of course )

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