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  1. I dont know if I will be flamed for posting this from D, but is right on target (I deleted the part about sms text in respect for this site) (deleted) I am posting information this week a bit differently than past weeks, in that I feel I need to address a few things directly with you to help ease concerns, and to give you a true indication of where I stand on things at present. Additionally, I feel I can help you understand what happened with the Kuwaiti and Jordanian Banks that showed the rates they did last week, and all the crazy and irresponsible claims that followed that fiasco. I hope
  2. It tells ME a couple of things: 1. The dinar has received enough worldwide attention for scammers to use the 'hype' and lack of information available to regular Joe 2. The media will soon couple DINAR and SCAM together for cheap headlines which probably means: 3. A lot of 'newbies' will come on this site stating 'I heard from xxxx that dinar is a scam' and just make me think that the Dinar should not have been made so available to such unsophisticated of individuals.
  3. As of today, Wed Jan 11 2011 Fact 1: the Maliki GOI is not complete as 3 minister positions and the Strategic Council remain non-ratified by the Iraqi Parliament. This probably has another week to go. Fact 2: the 'new' budget has been presented to Parliament to approve. Fact 3: Shabibi of the CBI clearly stated that there will be no RV until GOI is firmly in place Rumor: Jordanian Bank showing 3.22 was just a glitch. Ali of DT made that statment that it was an error.
  4. By Joe Mcdonald, AP Business Writer BEIJING — A state-owned Chinese bank says its New York City branch has begun offering accounts denominated in China's tightly controlled yuan in a move to expand the currency's global reach. Bank of China says customers of its Chinatown branch in New York will be allowed to trade yuan for dollars and can wire yuan to or from China. In a statement on its website, the bank said account holders can exchange up to the yuan equivalent of $4,000 a day, with a limit of $20,000 a year; the limits are half those levels for non-account customers. "They are tryin
  5. Ill take half and spend it on hookers and liquor.... the rest I'll blow (actual quote of 1994 lottery winner)
  6. Thought Id throw my own ramblings in, but based on some opinions of people on another site which do have a background in currencies.<br /><br />Looks like Canada did an analysis not long ago on what the Iraq dinar could be worth, based on all the parameters that I assume an accountant makes, and they came up with a roundabout <br />value of 1.14 , and nowhere and nobody can say it has to be near Kuwait value, a country that is STABLE<br />This is not a value picked up out of the air, so in my opinion, it has some merit. Even at that it is an incredible rate of return. &
  7. You dont even have to look down the road. For example, the texas teachers reitirement fund was used by the state to finance their road and bridge building and replaced with a wonderful state IOU. No need to tell you what a state IOU is worth these days, as most state governments are deep in the red. Arizona has sold all their state gov buildings and are leasing them back to stay afloat for example. When I was marketing employer retirement funds, I found out the controller of the funds is ultimately the business owner, and part of the sale point is that he had access to those funds anytime he
  8. my question is this. if a roth is basically a tax free in but pay taxes on the withdrawals, wouldnt you be better buying dinar with after tax dollars inside a normal IRA and when the RV occurs the withdrawals are tax free on a much much larger amount??
  9. Exactly my point. IF you want to know the real deal in any country, just gander thru the classifieds. Im thinking they just dont list stuff in millions of dinars to save space probably(??), but some of our contacts THERE should clarify this fairly quickly. Otherwise... im getting in the arab used car business real quick :-)
  10. I used a translation program for that page and it doesnt say that prices are listed in thousands of dinars anywhere on the page. Guess what Im asking if there is someone there who knows what the deal is on these prices? (Im trying to do my OWN research on RV values and not regurgitated GURU "intel")
  11. Looks like all these cars are listed in IQD with an aproximate 1:1 dollar ratio. Can someone tell me if they just loped off 3 zeros for the listings or are these the true IQD prices?
  12. … -iraq.html this is the the 20% balance of 7.8 million When fully implemented, the Paris Club’s treatment of Iraq’s debt will reduce the total debt owed to Paris Club countries from $38.9 billion to $7.8 billion. This remainder (20% of the original total), will be rescheduled over a period of 23 years with an initial six-year grace period of repayments.
  13. definiton of rumor= A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth. 2. Unverified information received from another; hearsay. ... (and though the piece about iraqui dinar payents to US units did at one time come from: )
  14. thats my point, AGAIN what are you doing in the rumor section looking for facts? its all RUMORS
  15. okie and TK get paid to give dates and rates? wow and Thanks for proving a point. I listed some "probable" points in the rumor section, yet still easy chair "Experts" that come to the rumor section to look for facts or dont have anything else to do and dead set to disprove rumors. Its like wanting to have your gum chewed by someone else before you get to it. Some people would look a gift horse in the mouth no matter what.
  16. Im not here defending Okie or TK, but many of the people here have almost demanded to be told dates and rates, and some of these guys have done the best possible to give the 'masses' what they clamor for. Even though they post it in the rumor section, they get nailed when the 'date' doesnt arrive, but yet people keep feeding back at the rumor 'troff" Why dont you see for YOURSELF what we have in hand and make your own INFORMED decision? like some of the apparent facts below: THE MINISTER OF FINANCE ONLY TOOK OFFICE THURSDAY-- THE BORDERS ARE SEALED-- THE BANKS STOPPED MAKING LOANS-- CURR
  17. FALSE ALARM registered somewhere around 2004 and was spotted by crawlers at least back to 2007
  18. (I thought the most interesting part of this article was the dollar equivalent stated for the 'cleansing') Dec 21, 2010 Ghosts of Abu Ghraib haunt local Sunnis Middle East Online Zobaie said that charlatans claiming to work magic were charging as much as 200000 Iraqi dinar (170000 US dollars) to “cleanse” homes of evil spirits. ... Ghosts of Abu Ghraib haunt local Sunnis Iraqis living in vicinity of infamous jail say its dark legacy has cursed their lives. Middle East Online By Uthman al-Mukhtar - Iraq A curse The name has now been changed along with the mana
  19. Dont buy anymore. Pay off your credit card first
  20. Marcus, found another place (Secret of Oz) couldnt find a link for the complete movie.. about an hour long... here is a written entry... interesting what the REAL story is behind the wizard of oz http://www.moneyrefo...hp#wizard_of_oz great links Mathew. thanks
  21. Sure buddy, and the #3 building in 9-11 decided to fall down by itself because it felt lonely without the other two "Fool and his money are soon parted" In our case its little by little so no one really feels it... its not a "theory", its history, and those who dont learn by it are destined to repeat it The best, well-researched film on the history of money. A must see Description: What's going on with the world's economy? Foreclosures are everywhere, unemployment is skyrocketing - and this may only be the beginning. Could it be that solutions
  22. really profound & intelligent retort
  23. I was hoping that we could start an intellectual discussion of ANOTHER GOOD reason for an RV This stems from a better rumor than most in that this behooves the PTB (real Powers that be) ie: the powers that supply fiat money in the world, to incriment their financial power to an incredible new level. At least it has more 'beef' than the rumor that Obama wants to delay it so he can collect more taxes.... please Central Bank of XXX whatever ARE Rothchild controlled banks. Do some homework. See who really controls money supplies in the world. Sorry about the links. Looks like Adam may have some
  24. Sure Robinsnest, just like the Federal Reserve is owned by the US gov... ...guess you dont understand the word 'constructive comment' either
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