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  1. their biggest problem is with the securities and exchange commission. it is incredibly regulated, even for legitimate say.. oil ventures and offerings, you have to have all your dots and t´s crossed, but NON EXISTENT hedge funds and NON EXISTENT placements, well you are really asking for trouble im not sure how people lost 23 million on dinar sales... that could be stipulation by the reporter thinking dinar is not internationally recognized so you cannot recoup your money ... and doing ANYTHING across state lines brings you into the big boy pen
  2. this is disturbing if correct. got it from A.C. can someone verify / dispell Central Bank of Iraq and the Government Central Bank of Iraq The Iraqi courts have already ruled that the Central Bank of Iraq is under the jurisdiction of the Iraq government specifically the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. Prime Minister Maliki is attempting to reshape the Central Bank of Iraq starting with upper management. The hard currency in Iraq which is the U.S. dollar is appreciating against the local currency as merchants are continuing to buy and sell in U.S. dollars. Governor Shabibi is negotiating his
  3. from AC: Central Bank of Iraq and the Government Central Bank of Iraq The Iraqi courts have already ruled that the Central Bank of Iraq is under the jurisdiction of the Iraq government specifically the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. Prime Minister Maliki is attempting to reshape the Central Bank of Iraq starting with upper management. The hard currency in Iraq which is the U.S. dollar is appreciating against the local currency as merchants are continuing to buy and sell in U.S. dollars. Governor Shabibi is negotiating his departure from the Central Bank of Iraq along with other senior member
  4. To make matters more complicated, there is a 10 to 1 ration of digital dollars to real ones. All part of taking cash out of our hands and controlling world money flows. There isnt 15+ trillions of dollars worth of gold in fort knox.. you should use logic on that one. If we ever go to a Gold standard we are just as bad off, since there is not enough physical gold to back that many dollars. Silver is a much more viable option. At least Dinars do have a good backing of oil (reserves=theoritical value) to them since Dinars are artificially low at this time and are not market adjusted.
  5. China is not going to do very well if the EURO and US zone take a hit. China sells to the world, and if the world cant buy they are in just as deep crap as everyone else. Youre best to look at emerging areas such as Burma or Mongolia or Brazil than you are with China, and its all a roll of the dice. take a look at what Jim Rogers has to say: Iran officially has shut down Dollar traders. But that only means the black market for Dollars just took on a whole new profitability. Their (IRAN) currency has devalued 40-59% since the threat of sanctions and everyon
  6. That is a good question. I do know that the fees from western union are high as it is...
  7. well, I doubt there are too many illegal alliens swimming across the border with extra Dinars in their jeans considering it takes 3-4 years savings to pay the coyote just to pass them across... funny that now the question at the border isnt if youre carrying over 10,000 in cash, but 'any financial instrument'.... guess that was to cover the 50 dol face value of a gold eagle coin ... hehehe - cause if you didnt declare 10,000 or less in face value , thats a LOT of gold... like about 360,000 dollars worth at 1800 an ounce
  8. I think wiring limitations will apply across the board as long as the wire is initiated from the US. Not sure what other countries are imposing as capital controls, but wouldnt doubt broke countries would follow suit. Greece has an occurence of about 25% that dont pay tax, followed by 22% by Italy and Spain and Portugal hover around 19%... Guess it would make you think to only cash in the country you plan to plant a flag on... but limiting any movement thereafter Guess it will be your decision to declare when you come back, as you know the new customs reporting rules have changed dra
  9. November 10th, 2011 Starting January 1, 2012, Form 1099s will become a means of reporting to the IRS the purchases of all goods and services including precious metals such as gold coins and bullion. Furthermore, the HIRE Act passed in April 2010, effective January 1, 2012, requires banks to withhold 30% of any dollars being transferred/wired offshore to another country and remit it to the IRS. You can get it back when you file your tax return "IF" you tell the IRS where it went and that you are paying taxes on it. And banks cannot be held liable for making a mistake. Want to place a
  10. Lets put it in simple terms: $500 for a chance at say 200,000 dol (same risk as investing in the non-honest accounting of Wall Street BS) or keep 500 to spend on cigs, beer, movies, or other If you cant afford to put 500 dol aside, then you're in deep doodoo either way
  11. I will diversify into Life Settlements (been paying around 12% for 10 years average and are NOT subject to market, oil or war swings) then some split annuities with the option of being able to annuitize, so money can be turned into a guaranteed income when I want it, and the capital is totally judgement proof once you annuitize. Start a small business for which I already have a proprietary invention for, etc. Safety is not having a home address listed on ANYTHING. I use only a local PO box.
  12. Its been rumored two people committed suicide last october over this guru hype, and one person is waiting to do some sort of brain operation based on all this. I dont think its very responsible for someone like Okie considering his following, who many are probably just a hairline away from the same above or worse to childlessly and unverified a claim of an RV. Just irresponsible, highly unprofessional, and just reckless.... and for what? You cant call it 'entertainment' for those on the edge...
  13. Gold scramble starting? The comments below are not mine, but I completely agree with them. THIS IS POTENTIALLY BIG NEWS. (but I bet you wont hear much about it in the news...) I would only add that the action taken by Venezuela is the equivalent of a howitzer shell going off in the New York/London money changers camp. Nationalization of the Venezuela gold mining industry is "small news." There is only one small gold mining company operating in Venezuela. The real news is that this is an extreme vote of no confidence in the international monetary system. It is also an act of economic war
  14. I agree, Just because Dinar Banker is gouging the price of notes, it has nothing to do with RV or pre_Rv Has ANYONE SEEN or have proof of lower denoms circulating in the Iraq general public??
  15. From what I have researched, the Iraq situation already had a plan for restructuring LONG before we went there or declared "war" See the government unclassified report about the step by step plan they already had in place.... and which is the most accurate step-timeline you can review right now - forget the intel BS you're being fed - go to there is credible sources that state that ONE of the r
  16. think the only "predictor" that will be 10% accurate will be when we get confirmation that the lower denom's are in general public hands... as it stands now, a 1 dinar coin is worth less than one tenth of a penny (the making of the coin cost 10 times that) so it stands to reason that these coins are only there for one reason only. RV has to be at or close to that event... you cant have an RV without being able to get change for even a 50 dinar note... and you you have to have the lower denoms in the hands of the convenience store clerks at least the day BEFORE dinar RV's so, if you want
  17. Bernie's Bombshell (Snowflake, AZ) Oh oh, Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont's lucky) has issued a major statement on how the Fed engineered $16 trillion to bail our not only US but also foreign banks. His website reports in part: "The first top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve uncovered eye-popping new details about how the U.S. provided a whopping $16 trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and businesses during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. An amendment by Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Wall Street reform law passed one year ago this week
  18. Ali opened his office in London? - that is more interesting than a glitch... and that CANT be cheap to do for nothing...
  19. Yes, I do count myself amongst them. I am european born, and luckily was able to secure a second passport, something I recomend anyone with at least a foreign born granparent could probably acces. I would like to quote Simon Black latest posting: In March 2010, President Obama signed into law one of the most arrogant, unfeasible bills ever to hit the books. Known as FATCA [Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act], it was enacted as part of the inappropriately titled HIRE Act; the law requires that foreign banks must disclose personal account details for their US clients, essentially agreeing to
  20. .. he threatens seniors, military, etc. with withholding payments and then does THIS!!!! President Donates $100 Billion to the United Nations
  21. Just curious if we have a window between RV and Dong RV, what is the argument for/against loading up on Dong with cash in monies? I have heard you cant buy Dong ourside vietnam.... Any educated thoughts on this?
  22. Adam, I do somewhat agree that those little added "details" are subject to a narcisistic review. However, knowing how negative this guys has been in the past, I find his latest opinion, especially where "Shabibi has the redenomination paper ready to go" a 180 degree turn for even AC
  23. (Though Ive quoted this not-so-popular gentleman who is actually IN Iraq, unlike most other 'gurus' out there, I personally hold a more positive view of this speculation, the primary being that Iraq is NO WAY worth 3500 times LESS than Kuwaitt, period.)
  24. It appears that my last post may have caused some confusion amongst a few readers and I would just like to begin by clarifying something. Dr. Sinan Shabibi is NOT under house arrest. That is not the case and it appears that I was once again, misquoted. Dr. Shabibi can not leave the country for the time being. That is all. This is not the same as house arrest. How long this order will be kept active is anyone's guess. I have no other information on this only that I have witnessed him being served with the order. The Arabic Translation from the written order in English stated "Forced R
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