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  1. I was hoping by the end of January (Feb.4th) I'd have a happy birthday and could partake...LOL
  2. Because I work for the FAA they are mandating this vaccine and with the exception of a religious form. I thank you ALL for your thoughts. Makes me feel better about my judgement, strength, and beliefs. Regards,
  3. I would think they'd like to be just a little bit above Kuwait too... for a little spite.
  4. But I believe we're ALL gonna be tap dancing to the bank soon... yes I just said that word. 😉
  5. Hasn't this dumba$$ been trying to pass the Capital Gain's??? I sure hope not for our sake.
  6. @cjdavid I'll be waiting for Adam's list. 😉 Even though we're close in proximity. (Vevay/Friendship) I work in Cincinnati but I plan to wait for Adam. But I might be with @yendor I've waited so long...
  7. I said that in another thread a bit ago. We must be pretty close... ?
  8. With these guys...could it be a little smoke screen? After all I am thinking right with you @dinarbeliever and believe they'll diversify just fine.
  9. @jeepguy I'm too far from Louisville so get some stations occasionally. Was just interested. Thanks!
  10. Yes... Come on Iraq... I sound like I'm gambling...LOL
  11. Thanks Ron!!! Maybe...just maybe Frank will be right one time.
  12. I have a broken TV that maybe he could gaze at with Obiden...🤡
  13. Yeah I sent through a transmission. But I love the My better half tells me I'm it a race car driver but if you've been on 275 around Cincinnati.... you need a little car😇 He tells me to slow down...NOT🤣
  14. Me too... you fix stupid and there's A -LOT of that lately but I'm trying to not say anything. But inquiring minds wonder if ALL those tissue boxes are made of gold??? I might have smoked 😇 so... that's what my mind if wondering... GM DV!!! 🤡
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