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  1. Hello all, I'm sure by now if your anything like me you realize sharing this investment is a definite catch 22. If you tell the family and close friends and it happens (as I believe it will) we are praised (not to mention rich), while on the other hand if we don't share this speculative investment, and it happens we will likely being viewed in a negative light to say the least. I'm kinda experiencing this already as the time dwindles til RV! GO RVVVVVVV! Just told some family and friends very recently (this past week after the midnight call) and their response was AND YOU'VE KNOWN ABOUT THIS HOW LONG ? WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL ME EARLIER? Most that decided to do it in last few days only did 25-50.00 bucks or so! Just curious: Serious, but for fun, if you have many 25,000 dollar notes, what in your opinion would be considered a nice gesture for a close family NAY- SAYER??? I am typically the type of person that would give alot away, even though I used our money to purchase the dinar to begin with. However the wife is not !! After all, they have been given the same info as I have, Right? Semper Fi OOOOH RAAAA! "Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do", Hang in there, I can smell victory !
  2. Anyone have any info on how the Paris Club is going to view their timeline (1/1/11) on their debts owed by Iraq. Did Iraq receive an extension??
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