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  1. Thanks all, great answers. Being a retired cop after 30 years of service I think worse case ...Like, ok put on my bullet proof vest and head over there when the RV happens and worry about some fool wanting 67 virgins in heaven running through the crowd to take a bunch of us out...So its good to always have a plan and it sounds like when RV happens somewhere in the U.S will work. If not, some of us should pony-up and head over there. Some of my sources were talking rumors of RV end of this month, but I have been (like you all) hearing that for a few years. Not giving up at all!!, here to the end.
  2. Hi all, been gone from here several months (busy). My post is a question. If we do see a RV is there any talk out there as to where it will be. If the RV happens could they only allow it to take place in their country? Or will banking rules not allow that.
  3. Prim

    CNN Report

    CNN bad!!!!!!!! FOX gooooood!!!!!!!
  4. More lies????? when someone posts the real deal (after all we have gone through) are we going to think its just another rumor?? Never say never fellow officer.
  5. I'll keep her and her loved ones in my prayers. You too, as being a grandpa and father of three grown adults I found that you are only as happy as your saddest child. When your child or your childs' child hurts you hurt. when I hurt I go to god and get peace, read a bit of Matthew, Mark or John. Here for you sister. Walt
  6. True, if they RV to say (just a number) $3.00 for 1 Dinar. We then pay 3 time more for oil. A win win for them and Dinar holders. Am I wrong??
  7. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for having the guts to post such a thing.......... Even if my good sources told me that I wouldnt post it for fear of major
  9. sheesh lol, I haven't heard that one in a while.... Very clean Keepm, just like all your posts.
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