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  1. ignorance is bliss.. The figure of 29 trillion is not exactly which is circulated outside of iraq (In US or anywhere). The 1000 dinar will become 1 dinar. But when u bring those dinars outside country hardly 1% of the world has bought them. So, what you're saying is wrong, they need not convert 29T$ to 59T$, cos it's not required. The iraqi govt has got most of them back, and they're trying to get the left over back to their country.. Laws have tightened up so that the Currency does'nt leave iraq. What does all these mean? There are hardly 1% of the world who knows abt iraqi dinar and that's what it is, a few lucky ones will make money because they vested in a country that's been war torn for several years now, almost 2 decades. And I feel that's reasonable for a country like iraq who is 3 times richer than US. now this looks more logical. Michel! :-)
  2. The reason why I see it happening in the last week of june (today) to 1st week of july (5th) is this:
  3. This should be pinned in the Iraqi Dinar news forum and not in the rumours forum. Like it!! Go RV.. Michel!
  4. If we guys keep on going to that site, it will go down cos we're literally going in 1000's and DDos'ing the site.. The iraqis do not have a bandwidth like a HSBC bank or a Citibank does.. bare with them.. It does'nt mean an RV though, but no one knows. Michel!
  5. Irrespective of what they say (iraq), do you see any logic in whatever you're posting? I don't see a logic in your post at all. So, they want the world to accept a 25K dinar to 25 dinar in a day without the exchange rate changing. I mean, the IMF also has a say in the exchange rates. if they're gonna change the 25K to 25 dinar without have any sort of hyper inflation, abundancy of oil, gas, agriculture...... How can one expect them to LOP. How will other countries accept this thing? Now, I've a thing and proof as to what can happen, remember china? They did the same thing saying, Oh No NO NO, we will neva revalue our currency, not in this life or till I'm alive ruling the country, but what happened, next day they kept it on float and their currency started improving. So, this is just a strategy of the country to demoralize the people who hold dinars and make them sell it cos it's not in their hands to sn@tch it. They've been taking the notes in as much as possible, why? Because they want this to be a minimum affair. You need to read a lot about iraq and it's wealth resources and after u do that, u will understand that if there is 1 point you have for LOP, I have 10 good reasons why it does'nt have to LOP and RV/keep it on float. Michel!
  6. my god.. if u guys work a lil bit hard at any other thing than posting those heavy long statements, can earn you big bucks. Michel! :-)
  7. Do they think we are fools? if a 10K note can buy them a loaf of bread and then now when they delete the zeroes off, it's a 10 dinar note, do u think we are fool that the purchasing power is not increased?? It's simple people, if they do 10K dinar to 10 dinar, they need to increase the exchange rate or else how can they import or export.. Common Sense.. They're hurting our common sense by coming out with these articles. Michel!
  8. Now it seems to me that there will be 100 dinar bills for 1USD.. If that's so, we are still gonna get our RV, that is if we have say 100K dinars we get 1000USD for 100K. Sounds pretty OK. Michel!
  9. Forget abt iraq for a moment please. Now answer me. Was US govt a fool to legalize Iraqi Dinar Investment? Was all the US banks(or say banks around the world) who sold the dinars were making it's customers fool saying it's a useless investment? Was Legal Exchangers like dinarbanker, dinartrade, tampadinar everyone making a mockery of US citizens and it's govt in front of the US govt?? That would be a tight slap on the face of US if this does LOP.. get this right, US/UN does not allow this to happen, and that's what I'm believing as of now. if they do anything other than an RV (even a minute RV is fine), I'm thinking the US govt (Complete Obama Administration) and it's citizens are made fool of. Michel
  10. I have always differed with your viewpoint. Chinese refused to do the RV of their Yuan and the very next week they did it. These are the tactics used by the govt to demoralize people and make them sell their dinars till the very last minute. But what I honestly believe is, the stuff which has gone down should come up in the same direction in which it went. And the conditions are favouring for that to happen. A national currency of a country, u think they're gonna devalue again by reducing their bills from 25K to 25Dinars, what will be the impression of huge Countries like US, India, China and all. Do you think that 25K dinar bill suddenly becomes 25 dinar and becomes much stronger than US without the knowledge of US citizens knowing the fact that their 25K dinar note is now 25 dinar. This is absolute cheat on the part of it's investors. Please understand the BFSI industry does not work as you said. Michel!
  11. There has to be some sort of profit that needs to be involved in this investment.. or else the motive of US attracting this investment legal in US makes no sense at all. The profit should atleast be double/triple if not an RV or a considerable profit space. Or else, this makes perfect non-sense of an investment. Let's not think what Iraq can do or not do. Let's think what US/UN can do to force iraq to give reasonable profits to it's investors. Afterall, it's we who've helped them get up on their feet. A few companies with billion dollar investment in iraq could not help them because they need investments in BULK, which is HUGE. And without the US or common man support of other countries, it is'nt simply possible. Think the logistics people. My 2 words, Michel!
  12. They want that. They want this inflation as a reason to LOP it. I hope I'm wrong, but I hope they don't take this reason for LOPPING. Go RV as usual!! Michel
  13. The article does'nt mean it will RV though. But it's certainly a good sign for the development of iraq.
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