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  1. Always check for yourself: 1. Horse head watermark: This is one of the easiest security features to check for. Hold the Iraqi dinar up to a bright light source and the image of a horse head should clearly appear. This pattern is embedded, not printed, into the paper. 2. Color changing symbol: In the bottom left hand corner, the eight sided symbol should change color from purple to green when viewed at different angles. 3. Ultraviolet writing: To check for the ultraviolet writing on the Iraqi Dinar, you will need a UV lamp (as commonly found in hardware stores). In a dimly lit area, hold the UVA lamp over the Iraqi dinar. You should clearly see a UV box with writing inside on the back side of the dinar. 4. Metallic ink (25,000 dinar note only): The image of a dove is printed in metallic ink on the top left hand corner of the back of the dinar. 5. Security thread: There should be a metallic security thread embedded into the stock of the Iraqi dinar paper. Note: the security thread is metallic only on the 25,000 dinar note. 6. Unique serial number: Every dinar is uniquely numbered in East-Arabic script. See the conversion below to western numerals. Notice the similarities between the 2 and 3 numerals. This is a guide from:
  2. I've always had good experiences with Dinar Profits. Here's their website:
  3. Interesting article I found about security in Iraq and economic development: With the looming pullout of American troops, there are endless questions of how Iraq will be able to secure its country and maintain order. Will the Iraqi military be capable of maintaining peace? Are insurgents planning to test the Iraqi military and government? These are very important questions for Iraq's future and the future of the dinar. But how can Iraq maintain security? The most common answer is a strong military. While that is necessary, there is another component that gets overlook regarding this issue: grassroots economic development. Security in Iraq will not happen if it is a top down approach. It has to start from the bottom up. This means providing opportunities for every day citizens to contribute to their local communities. When this idea is presented, most people think that governments need to provide jobs. This is true, but a better way is for Iraqi citizens to create more jobs. It means supporting local businesses. If Iraq can provide a way for every day Iraqi citizens to start small shops that provide goods and services, it will provide incentives for Iraqis to keep order in their own neighborhood. The citizens become stakeholders in their own community. They have something to lose - a small business that provides food for their families. In addition, successful small businesses will motivate others to start their own. This is the chain reaction that will allow for Iraqis to create safe and flourishing communities of their own. Iraq as a government cannot artificially create thriving communities. It should provide the resources to do so, but it must be started from the individual citizens who will take advantage of the opportunities that the government provides. This is grassroots economic development. Source:
  4. You could also try - I've bought from them a handful of times, always a good experience.
  5. glad they stopped, this is why sometimes the dinar has a negative connotation
  6. Cheapest just in price might be a private transaction like ebay - but I'd be a little wary. I'd go with the established sites - DT, DB and I've used Dinar Profits as well. Even if they're a little bit more expensive, if you believe in the dinar, what's 20 bucks? Also, you get peace of mind too
  7. Iraq is looking for more dinars to invest in agriculture so that it can be self sustaining in grains in three years. Currently, Iraq imports half of its grains it needs. The United States and Australia are Iraq's largest importers of grain. It recently signed 12 contracts to import 850,000 tons of wheat from those two countries. Iraq has made good progress since after the fall of Saddam, but becoming self-sufficient grains would be a huge step. In addition, investing dinars in agriculture will produce a great number of jobs. Iraq is starving for employment opportunities. Agriculture, a labor and capital intensive industry, will be a great source of jobs for Iraqi citizens. It is an important industry as Iraq cannot solely rely on its oil industry to drive its economy. Investing in its domestic agriculture industry will allow Iraq to keep food costs down for its citizens and is the next step for Iraq becoming independent. Furthermore, having stock piles of grains is also a great measure as agricultural output is variable from season to season. Iraq will be less dependent on other countries to provide food for its citizens. Domestically grown grains save shipping costs and contributes to the local economy. These agriculture investments are essential for morale. As more jobs are created, Iraqi citizens will be able to produce, contribute and provide for their families. Citizens will become more confident and establish themselves, lessening the appeal of joining insurgent groups that stand to threaten the stability of Iraq. The dinar has a lot to gain with the growth of the agriculture industry. This industry provides the most basic need of its citizens: food. If Iraq can become self-sustaining in grains in three years, not only will it reduce massive amounts of costs in importing food, but it will also increase the number of gainfully employed Iraqis. This is one of the most important priorities for Iraq - providing jobs. The recent protests centered around the lack of jobs and if the Iraqi government can see these investments through to create more jobs, Iraqi citizens will see that the government is working for its people. Iraq needs to have a cooperative relationship between its government and its citizens for the future of its country and the dinar. Copy and pasted from:
  8. So sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope they get resolved soon. I've been using Dinar Profits for a couple of years now. I highly recommend them.
  9. The UN is pledging over 600 million dollars or over 700 trillion dinars to help Iraq rebuild and provide public services and employment opportunities. The UN is looking into improving Iraq's public sector and focusing on education, water and sanitation and health services. It is also supporting programs that provide equal employment opportunities for both women and men. These are much welcomed initiatives in Iraq. Lack of quality public services and employment opportunities have been at the foundation of the Iraqi protests. The UN's support is a great start in improving the quality of life for Iraqis. It will take a great effort to execute and achieve these goals. The Iraqi government must be willing to work together with the UN to realize these efforts. The UN's involvement with Iraq is a testament to how far Iraq has come. Shortly after Iraq formed a government, UN sanctions were lifted and now the UN is pledging big money to help Iraq back on its feet. Iraq must not take this opportunity for granted and show that it can be a cooperative partner to the international community. More importantly, Iraq must show that it is doing its best to promote the interests of their citizens. This has been the Iraqi government's biggest criticism. Maliki has taken steps to show that he is listening, but his attempts to quell the protests are short term solutions. Reducing salaries, subsidizing electricity and conducting a government review do not solve Iraq's problems. This collaborative initiative with the UN has the potential to resolve Iraq's issues and push Iraq forward. Long term solutions are essential for the dinar. No quick fix is going to strengthen the value of the dinar. Iraq must rebuild and resolve its issues, this is at the heart of the value of the dinar. Iraq must demonstrate that it is stabilizing and solidifying its country by taking actions that promote the long term well being of the country. This is real progress and the dinar needs progress. Source:
  10. I'd recommend calling dinar dealers so that you feel comfortable dealing with them. Saving 30 bucks really isn't much for having peace of mind that you're going to get what you want. Also, in the long run, if it RVs, 30 bucks is nothing. I've tried all the sites, my last purchase was with Dinar Profits, went smoothly. But it's up to you.
  11. yeah I've used Dinar Profits four times, haven't had a problem
  12. Prime Minister Maliki is encouraging South Korean companies to invest in Iraq. The South Korean Minister of Economy, Choi Joong Kyung met with Maliki in Iraq to discuss possible investments. Korea is looking to contribute to reconstruction efforts. South Korea would be a key trade partner for Iraq. Iraq is diversifying its investment relationships in Asia. China is a huge economic partner and while Korea would not invest as much as China, it will still be a major trade relationship. This relationship could motivate more Asian countries like Japan and India to invest more in Iraq. As announcements of more countries that are investing in Iraq come about, it is adding more credibility to the security and stability of Iraq in the eyes of foreign investors. These trade relationships are also critical for political relationships. As Korea and Iraq begin to trade, they will learn more about each other and gain understanding. This is crucial for Iraq as it is working on establishing better foreign relations. The more trade partners Iraq can get, the better it is for them politically. There needs to be more communication between Baghdad and the rest of the world. Iraq is seen as a war torn, unstable country. This is not the perception Iraq wants or needs, nor is it what the dinar needs. The more back and forth there is between other countries, the more Iraq will be able to showcase itself. Part of the negative perception of Iraq is due to the lack of information. As Iraq forms more connections and nurtures these relationships, the world view on Iraq will change - and it's most likely for the better. Iraq has done a great job with setting up their oil trade and attracting foreign investment. It is working through political matters and Iraq is moving forward by listening and responding to its people. The dinar will also benefit from more trade partners. With Korea, the Korean firms who want to buy Iraqi products must now use the Korean Won to buy dinars. The more widely traded the dinar gets, the better, as it will potentially allow the dinar to be on the public market. Trading with Korea is a step in the right direction. Iraq really has done a great job of getting investors into Iraq, it is up to them now to keep investors in Iraq. This will be the true test and if Iraq can maintain great economic relationships with other countries, more countries will buy dinar, creating more demand for the dinar, which will help boost the strength of the dinar. Source:
  13. Along the same lines: Prime Minister Maliki is planning to name key security ministers and his plans for economic reform tomorrow in response to the protests by the Iraqi people. Maliki will name candidates for the defense, interior and national security posts in his cabinets. These are extremely important posts as security is a major concern in Iraq as it affects political and economic relationships, domestic stability and the dinar. Maliki's candidates must have the experience and broad appeal to gain favor from parliament, who will endorse or reject his appointments. These posts have been vacant or occupied by Maliki himself since forming a government in December. It is unclear what the delay was, but these announcements will be met with eagerness as these positions yield a lot of power and will work intimately with Maliki. In addition, the recent protests also adds emphasis to these decisions. For the dinar these security ministers are a very important piece. These ministers will need to restore confidence in the global community that Iraq is stable and has a handle over its domestic matters. The value of the dinar is affected by this confidence and these next ministers must make it a priority. Furthermore, these ministers must gain the trust of the Iraqi people as these protests have shown how wary Iraqi citizens are of their own government. The announcement of Maliki's plan to move Iraq forwardly economically is also met with anticipation. Maliki must address what is at the root of the protests - the lack of reliable government services. There is still no reliable electricity, Iraq's unemployment rate is around 15% and the citizens do not trust that the government has their best interests at hand. This is Maliki's opportunity to address these concerns. How will the citizens respond? Will they be appeased? Will they believe Maliki? These announcements will be critical in resolving the current situation. Iraqi citizens must also be willing to listen, both parties must work together to resolve these issues and move Iraq forward. from:
  14. Iraqi citizens have taken the streets and are protesting the lack of public services, lack of jobs and general mistrust of the Iraqi government. And you know what? I don't blame them. If you were living in Iraq right now, you wouldn't have reliable electricity. Think about how hot it gets in the summer in Iraq. Wouldn't you be angry if you only had air conditioning two hours of the day? In addition, Iraq's unemployment rate is around 15% and the government hasn't done all that much to help it seems. With all that being said, there's still a lot of good that could come from these protests. And that good is also good for the dinar. 1. Put fear in Maliki With the Egyptian revolution still fresh in the minds of every one in the Middle East, Maliki has to worry about losing his people. Iraqi citizens realize this and running with it. These protests are causing Maliki to listen. Maliki does not want these protests to get out of control because it will undermine his authority. With respect to the dinar, if Iraqi citizens get what they want: reliable electricity and more jobs, of course it will help the dinar. More Iraqis happy and working - isn't that what will make Iraq more stable and strong? 2. Promote democracy in Iraq The Iraqi people aren't calling to upend the current government and get a new one, it's demanding reform from the politicians they elected. Protests are essential for democracy, as people's voices are heard. This has not been the norm for Iraq. As these protests move forward and hopefully bring change, Iraqi citizens could become more empowered to use their voice to improve their lives and Iraq. 3. More confidence in Iraq How could these protests put more confidence in Iraq? It all depends on how Iraq comes out of this. If Iraq can maneuver through these protests in a way that pleases its citizens and restores peace, the Iraqi government has done something right. This will have ripple effects to the dinar. Private investors will see how the Iraqi government defused this situation and be more confident in the security of their investment. More dollars, yens, yuans, francs, euros and pounds will be converted to dinars. More business transactions and larger deals will be signed by Iraq and foreign companies. More dinars will be exchanged. The market for dinars will become more active and hopefully the dinar will be publicly traded and reflect its true value. Source:
  15. Iraq is planning to build a port south of Basra in order to modernize its transportation infrastructure. The project, known as Grand Faw port, will create more docks and a new railway to transport goods across Iraq. The new rail will be able to reach Europe faster than going through the Suez Canal by ship. The project is expected to cost over 7 trillion dinars and will take about four years to complete. The updates to Iraq's transportation system are much needed as Iraq begins to do more foreign trade. These improvements will allow for more reliable and faster delivery, which will lower the barrier in doing business with Iraq. Iraq has not decided the specifics in financing the project, but have spoken to investors from Australia, France, Germany, Italy and the UAE. With easier paths to trade goods with Iraq, it means more dinars will be traded as well. As more dinars are traded, the market for dinars will become bigger and eventually, the true value of the dinar should be revealed. The Grand Kaw port project is an exciting undertaking as it will improve foreign trade in Iraq and is essential for building foreign relationships. With the increase in oil prices, Iraq stands to reap in huge profits and will be able to fund projects like these that will only bring in more dinars to the economy. Iraq, economically, is forward thinking and is already in talks to build an airport between Najaf and Kerbala, further increasing investment access to Iraq. Iraq is doing a great job in rebuilding its infrastructure. It has attracted lots of foreign investment and have undertaken very large projects that will benefit Iraq for years to come. These projects, once under way, will provide many jobs as well. However, the difficult part is that these projects take time to even get started, much less complete. There are a lot of legal issues and regulations companies must deal with before any project can get started. As a result, jobs don't get created immediately and Iraqi citizens get frustrated because there are no new jobs available. Although, the jobs will come, it will just take time. Therefore, Iraq must strike a balance between investing in long term infrastructure projects that have a long cycle to get completed with other small improvement projects that will create a few jobs immediately. Overall, Iraq and the dinar are moving forward, it will take time, but they are moving in the right direction. Source:
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