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  1. Adam you're the greatest! But its 4th Quarter with 4:43 and my home team is doing it again! Normally i really like the Lions.... but not when its against us LOL saw George today he says next week. Hope he's right.
  2. I am really exicted to be a part of this Adventure! And my optimistc side says things are closer than ever before and accelerating faster than all the former years combined. Gosh Darn I am SOOO READY!! How about you? Having said that, Ponder for a moment: "If I were the Iraqi Leader, and I had done some really terrible things in my past(as a nation); not to mention that all the historical years of my existance are so incredible that some of my history is traceable in the Bible and Other Important Historical Evidence, and when it looks like it can't get any worse, Suddenly all the World becomes a Stage at my Feet... Countries fromall over the Globe are competing and bidding to do business with me, forgiving debts, repairing and replacing all that has been broken- MOST OF IT FOR FREE- I wonder.... Would I really be in such a Hurry to End it or Change it? Or would I drag every last savory drop of the Soup to its utmost enjoyment? ...... LOL, Just sayin' Peace to All and GO RV!!! Please entertain me with your comments.
  3. :) IF it involves the rich getting richer, the Powers that Be having more power and the survivors barely above surviving then the Government is definately involved in it....government and a handful of others who dont realize that without the working class all their walls will crumble...But Fortunately, Mans plans are not guaranteed, and GODs plans are: what will be...WILL BE...ENJOY THE RIDE... and Please, make sure youre on the winning team...Team Jesus. PayDay is right around the corner for Team Jesus. PS: Hey Bobbee! Hey mi cha Lesse Bon ton Roulet!!!
  4. original date 14th, posted by Rn (isnt't that Reuters?)
  5. Sourpuss, the above mentioned percentages do not reflect on any shares that are public, only vested interset and divisions of stuff etc.. I'm sure public shares would be available once other things are in order...IMHO.. sp...interest sorry. Definately seems like a lot of "alignment" to NOT have an RV...(in other words, it sure looks more and more like RV is iminent.) or Immenent? ...Time to make coffee lol!
  6. Hi newbie! May Wisdom and Patience and Joy ride by your side until your arrive at your Destination!
  7. if a lop drops the zeroes off the amount owed, wont it also drop the zeroes off the amount available to pay it off as well? If so, why would anyone ever do such a thing?
  8. Sorry guys but that is old news... and no - so far nobody seems to be doing anything about it.
  9. I'm not the smartest, I do confess... but if this all is so "risky" or "scammy", then why are counterfeiters investing in it? Only a short term "quicky" would pay off, right? Oh well good thing they're all wrong
  10. Today I send out my extreme Gratitude to all who have had the Honor to Serve and Defend. I pray that the Peace of the Most Holy God, the Salvation of our Most Holy Jesus Christ, and the Comfort of the Most Holy Spirit rest upon you today more than all other days. I pray for a Spirit of Humility and the Presence of Father Gods everlasting Love fall upon you and your family today. God Bless you and Keep you. Happy Veterans Day. May Healing and Life be yours forever.
  11. "Security leaders confirmed the readiness of their forces to impose security and stability in the province." I believe this talks of their own security being ready to impose security and stability, and that is a good sign. Peace.
  12. Iran leader has grandeur ideas. But I dont believe it will mess up this Christmas. Peace. And Iraq is already the best at putting off something everyone else wants. LOL
  13. There may be a fluctuation and temporary adjustment. But as long as all the other factors continue so will the dollar. Peace. And the IQD will absolutely RV in Jesus' Name. Peace. Iraq is about to rise to its greatest moment in history and those vested shall prosper as well.
  14. "and enhance the value of Iraqi dinar." I especially like THIS part. Enhance the value now in Jesus' Name. Peace.
  15. Hope you dont think I am negative, but I believe He has bettered his business and investment abilities and will offer more choices of investments... peace.
  16. I'm thinkin I still have time to get some more dinar!
  17. Remember... 1)if you are a VIP and sharing VIP information to other people...not good 2)if you start pumping negativity you will be banned... 3)Those who appreciate Adam should protect him 4) People with unhealed emotional wounds hurt other people until they are healed. GOD BLESS AND GO RV!! ..........OH, I am not implying the chat was for VIP...
  18. The United States used to have a similar approach: Proclaim your loyalty, learn and obey the way we do things here, speak our language... yes Adams website seems to be very similar to being raised as a true American. Go Adam!!
  19. I am so grateful that Adam doesn't just create something nice to make us "feel" good, but sticks with the facts, makes the Opinion absolutely clear and the Jokes just as Obvious. Thank you Mr. Montana for sharing your personal life (just a piece) with us.
  20. Encourage one another and trust God... No matter what happens, we make our decisions the best we can and we rest in Gods Peace knowing we did it the best we could, and never second guess yourself or you will be tormented in your mind...Peace everyone!
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