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  1. Reminds me of a movie! GROUND HOGS DAY!!!! Lets just hope this dream quits repeating itself and turns into reality soon!!! GO RV!!!!!
  2. PLEASE REMEMBER PEOPLE THIS IS NOT DOC31. This guy is named DOC. DOC31 has a much better handle on this. I know...... I talk to him all the time. Just thought you should know. I am the kingfish and I approved this message!!!
  3. Guess I dont have to add to much to this conversation. People who DONT watch FOX NEWS are only TOLD they are better informed. I am the Kingfish and I approved this message
  4. That depends on what the "puppets" in DC do with our reserves. If they pay off debt... Yes. If they spend it like a drunken sailor. NOPE.
  5. To the contrary, He is a perfect DISASTER.
  6. If you read Nostradamus, one of his quatrains states "The eagle will be destroyed from with-in". He sure is on the way to the total destruction of the USA. If you notice, almost every thing he has done or tried to do is opposite of what is needed to help this country recover. Being that Jihaad was waged against non muslims and capitalism.... I think Nostradamus had it right. Think before you vote in 2012 people.... at the rate O is destroying the country and constitution.... It may be our last. I am the Kingfish and I approved this message!
  7. Hey Deep.... That was the best explaination I have seen yet. 100 +'s I have been saying the same thing but you finally put it in a perspective that backed it up. Home run buddy!!!!!! Kingfish
  8. It can be fixed.... The problem is that everyone is with the belief that one side or the other is right and people really dont do enough research to understand the problem. This administration is clearly trying to divide the American People... and its working!!! Do we need any more debt... HECK NO~!!! The problem with GE and not paying taxes is not that it doesnt have a high enough tax rate... it just has too many loopholes to avoid the tax. I worked for GE for a while.... they were not always this way... Now I dont support them at all. Obama and the unions are fighting for the their workers.... if this turns to socialism...... They will tell business and unions what you will make... and trust me it wont be what your getting now when its comming out of THEIR pocket. Most of all concerning all the business owners sitting on their money.... I raided all the money that I had to keep my company afloat.... what did it ge me..... Nothing. I should have sat on mine also to ride the storm. There is too much uncertianty today for someone to possibly believe that " Ill keep my business alive because it will come back soon.... BULL PUCKEY!!!! Dont get me wrong... the people that got the bail outs to keep their executives..... that was wrong.... If you want to go against a group of people .... go against those that short the market. They are betting for a failure and they are the only ones that can possibly win... even when they set the failure up. . Our biggest worry right now is that Obama isnt worried about his second term.... I think he has plans to become King in 2012 so he wont need that second term. Lets just hope our military knows who and what they really protect... The people, land and the Constitution of the United States of America. That will be the free Americans savings grace. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! I am the kingfish and I approved this message.
  9. They had a lot to hide about that spill. Lets face it... Not only did they turn down help.... but they also made that area a no fly zone. You KNOW they had something to hide.
  10. I vote to Impeach the bum! Lets get it done and move on to a better life.
  11. Most people still dont see it...... The economy had some rough roads comming with the housing boom because of legislation that Clinton put in place...... The economy started to tank in January 07..... The key to that is.................THAT WHEN THE DEMOCRATS TOOK CONTROLL OVER CONGRESS!!! If you want to cast blame.... Look to the DEMS. Obama is doing everything possible to collapse us. He doing NOTHING about opening our wells to cut the price of oil. Yet he gave BILLIONS to Brazil to drill off our coast! They can do it deeper and we cant. Obama care is way too contraversial and costly. Trillions spent to spur on employment yet most jobs are only UNION jobs.... AND IT AINT WORKIN. Regulations comming out the Ying Yang. And his annoying habbit of lawsuits against our own states. Holly Cow people..... How much more does this guy have to do to get impeached!!!! Cant you see he is begging for it. He just wants to GET FIRED AND COLLECT THE REST OF HIS LIFE FOR DOING NOTHING... I am the Kingfish and I approved this message!
  12. Better yet...... Someday SOMETHING WILL be related to the RV!!! Who knows, maybe this is it! GO RV!!!
  13. Problem is the JA is still in the White House.... Get it.... The Donkey!!! DEMOCRAT!!!
  14. "that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us." If that is how he really feels...... He better start getting KY by the truckload. People will be lining up by the millions to do unto him what he is doing unto US!!! I am the kingfish and I approved this message!
  15. See what happens when you miss one day of reading on DV..... The world leaves you in the dust! Sorry for the repeat..
  16. I found this video and it partially explained why we are in the shape we are in. Dont know who he voted for and dont really care... This is where our tax dollars go. Kingfish
  17. Now all the trend info shows as "NA"
  18. Already happened in Miami years ago. The city was required to settle because the officer could not converse with the man in his own language. That is what started the battle over what the official language of Dade county was going to be. Not sure where it went after that. We are on the verge of a MAJOR event. It will either be the RV and the world will start to get better or It will be chaos because our national leaders on BOTH SIDES are playing Roulette with our lives. Personally.... I prefer the RV!!! Kingfish
  19. I dont think this will happen... if so then most Americans would do better to pay 1% 1 time and pull all the money out of the banks... then go on the cash system. The Government doesnt want that because they cant track where it goes. Besides it would destroy our financial system. Dont think its going to happen. But then who would have believed we could be where we are today. Kingfish out!
  20. I own 2 small businesses.. Cabinets and Self Storage. The self storage I just got into... .the cabinets I have been in since 1999. Self storage is just now starting to pay me a little ( I bought it in March). I have made GROSS PAYROLL less than $2,000.00 this year. I have been keeping it open for my one employee because he has 2 grand children that he is taking care of, but I am running out of money and people are now not able to get any money to remodel. Part of my issue is that in 2006 and 2007 Many builders and subs were asked to come to Western Mississippi to help rebuild after Katrina. The federal governmet came up with a plan to help with down payments on these houses and the plan was working... I did 80% of my business in 2008 in Mississippi. When BO got into office, he cancelled the program that was supposed to last till Dec. 2010. By that time the economy should have come back to where it was destroyed and businesses could survive. The govt even held up building casinos there till there was enough housing to support the workers. It was a win win situation. When the plug was pulled... not only did I have to close my business there but the building that I bought was costing me too much to keep.... I had it rented to some of the major subs up there. It worked well while there was work in that area. So now with a dead economy, mounting debt, and a total lack of respect to those who tried to do as we were asked... I lost what I had there. Business is where it is at... NOT WORKING FOR THE GOVERNMENT. The hard thing for me to understand is when you have a leak in your roof do you call the lawn guy???? NO!!!! When your electric goes out... do you call the cabinet guy?? NO!!! Why then did we hire a bunch of LAWYERS to fix a financial crisis!!!! What were we thinking!!!!!!! It's time WE THE PEOPLE started taking back WHAT IS OURS>>>> NOT THEIRS... America belongs to the people.... not the government. Lets just hope this RV comes soon... We ALL need it! kingfish out!
  21. Agreed!!!! At the same time..... Lets look at the facts. Job creation in this country is hard right now because business (especially in construction industry) are being squeezed from both sides. Everyone wants it cheaper (I'm in the cabinet business) but supplies cost has gone up because we are no longer buying in bulk. On top of that lets make business owners nervous about the health care.. whether it affects them or not. Now.... housing prices on new homes cant compete with what is on the market. Not much work there. The credit markets have been shut down for years now or very tight. To get a loan you have to have perfect credit and be able to prove that you dont really need it. NOW the govt steps in and says they want to help small businesses with loans... They waited till most small businesses had credit priblems... How about all the GREEN projects... Well lets see,,, He said himself that energy costs would necessarily skyrocket.... Guess thats the second thing he was truthfull about. He has now made it so that we aren't supposed to have incadecent light bulbs because they are bad for the environment... The replacements are mostly made overseas, dont last as long, and have mercury in them... guess you have to pay a disposal fee to the government to get rid of those.... The stimulus programs..... Lets see... Mostly Union workers.... Lets see who we can buy today. If you think about it... You can usually hire 3 people at $10.00/hr to every 1 union worker. Wonder where unemployment would be if he would have dumped that money into small business.... AS LOANS!!!! The unions had their time... this aint it!!!! More people working.... More tax revenues! One time I saw a bumper sticker on a truck and it made me think... It said "IF YOU HAVE IT... A TRUCK BROUGHT IT!" HELLO!!!! Can you think of anything that this statement is wrong about? I suppose you can if you try really hard. The problem is that we are very dependant on oil, not only for transportation but in the everyday items we use. When you think about it the cost of every item we have is affected by a fuel surcharge at some level. This is driving the cost of our items even higher. His idea of a solution to this is to one way or another shut down our oil production. NO ONLY THAT HE WON'T LET US DRILL IN THE GULF AT 5000 FT BUT GAVE BRAZIL $2,000,000,000.00 SO THEY CAN...AT 15,000 F. YES 165 MILES OFF THE COAST OF LOUISIANNA!!! I WOULD THINK THAT IS OUR OIL....THEY TAKE IT FROM US AND THEN SELL IT TO US. So Oil from Alaska.... exported Oil from Gulf of Mexico.... Shut down. Oil from Texas..... indangering a lizzard. New drilling permits.... Well you can apply if you like.... sooner or later they MIGHT get to it. So what has he done right. As far as Im concerned they are listed below. 1). So much for that. Everything this guy does causes pain and losses to those who are still trying. I am down to my last employee and will probably not be able to keep him much longer without a miracle of work. Im not asking for a hand out, just honesty. I love my country and will do my part to save it. I DO NOT WANT SOCIALISM. I believe in Capitalism and that you should be rewarded for your hard work. AGAIN.... I dont understand why he feels it is ok to make those who do.... do more..... so those who do not... can continue to do nothing. When this investment pays out.... I will be using some of mine to run for some office where I can make a difference. After seeing some of the people that are holding office... I GUARANTEE I CAN DO BETTER!!!!! I don't like this guy and will not support him. Thats just how I feel.. I know it seems a little scrambled but you get my point. Have a wonderful day. I am the Kingfish and I approved this message!!!!!
  22. Ill give you a +. You being from Canada I find it refreshing that you stand up for your country... Just as I do for the USA!!! I dont think all those -'s realized you are from Canada.
  23. Is that you hiding behind that name Barack??? You have got to be kidding about being the most dishonest man in Washington.... Obama has lied about everything from day one except fundamentally changing America... He sure did that. Oh yea.. How is that change workin for you? In his State of the Union speech in 2009, he said its time to get off of health care and start working on the economy..... Within 2 weeks they are holding a vote on health care and lied about what was in it, as well as Nancy's famous line... "You have to pass it to find out whats in it." Next Look at Barney Franks.... Oh dont worry about Freddie and Fannie... They are just fine and strong. How many people lost their retirement on that move. Dont give me any crap about who is dishonest... If Obama and the dems get the chance.... They WILL take this country from us. My opinion is that last night Boehner handed Obama his A** on a platter. Why is it that some in Washington feel that it is ok to Take more from those who do..... to give more to those who dont. NO ONE in Washington has mentioned anything about fraud in welfare, Illegals, or those on disability that shouldnt be. DONT GET ME WRONG THERE ARE THOSE WHO NEED HELP IN ALL THOSE CATAGORIES. How about Washigton its self..... If I dont do my job.... I dont get paid.... Not one congressman has even looked at the pay and benifits that they recieve. Only in our government can you totally screw up, still get paid, and retire after being thrown out with full pay and benifets.....What a joke!!! What do you think would happen to some of the National Debt if those that served for 6 years and retired were to "not get paid" for the rest of their life. What if they had to find a job to survive and be able to get health care. Ill guarantee that they would make sure the economy was going well so that the COULD find a job. I cant run my businesses the way they run our government... Its time to stand tough and do what is right for America.... With out the USA.... there would be no freedom in the world. We are the protectors of those who are free. NOW IM GOING TO GET A CUP OF COFFEE AND A LADDER AND GET OFF THIS SOAP BOX! I am the kingfish and I approved this message.
  24. Does anyone know what happened to PD. Site has been down for last 2 hours. Did they have a crash? Just curious.
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