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  1. Hey can someone find the latest UN OPS link will not site down? THX.
  2. BOTTOM LINE OBAMA spent us into oblivion the first four years and now he wants to make us pay for all his spending the next four years.Think about it what dose he have to loose if he gets in again.He will crush the middle class and know there is no accountability for him as he will be out and cannot run again.
  3. BOTTOM LINE.........if myself or anyone in my unit performed as poorly as Obama and Bidden did for one month much less 4 years, we would be removed and disciplined.The problem with many are the lack of responsibility. DON'T TAKE THE JOB IF YOU CAN'T PERFORM. Stop blaming your poor performance on everyone else.Time to get real leadership and also hold them accountable at the end of their term.Its like they live by a different set of rules......Obama and Bidden had their chance they blew it.Many of us are embarrassed to have a commander and chief who says one thing and dose another while trampl
  4. AND LETS NOT FORGET SHABS Sinan Al ShabibiFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Sinan Al-ShabibiDr. Sinan Al-Shabibi (Arabic: الدكتور سنان الشبيبي‎) is the current governor of the Central Bank of Iraq. He has held this position since 2003. Born in Baghdad on 1 July 1941 and son of the prominent Iraqi figure Mohammed Ridha Al-Shabibi, Dr. Al-Shabibi holds a B.Sc. in Economics from Baghdad University (1966), a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Economic Development, an M.A. in Economics from the University of Manchester (1970, 1971), and a Ph.D. in Economics from the
  5. Synopsis Nouri al-Maliki was born on June 20, 1950, in Hindiya, Iraq. In the 1960s, he joined the Islamic Dawa Party in opposition to Saddam Hussein and had to flee the country in 1979. While in exile he became a senior leader and coordinated anti-Saddam activities. He returned to Iraq after Saddam was overthrown and was elected prime minister in 2006. Contents Synopsis Early Life Dissident and Politician Prime Minister of Iraq Leadership in Post-War Iraq Leading Iraq into the Future Early Life Middle East politician, diplomat, prime minister of Iraq. Born June 20, 1950, in sma
  6. Obviously you are frustrated but you are mixing two different things.The Iraqi banking system has made enough progress to hold its own during an RV. WARKA on the other hand have mismanaged their money to a point of receivership.Due some due diligence on the owners and managers of Warka and i bet you will be surprised.Those guys are dirty.It is clear they were mismanaged without even the proper reserve in currency.Most Iraqi's won't even deal with Warka.I hope you get your money back,i wish you luck. Applys to caper as well.
  7. Well one thing you can believe is that Shabs is not the guy most think he is. The fact is he is the one holding up the RV. For whatever reason and by doing so has the blood of many on his hands.
  8. I have been saying this for a long time do not trust Shabibi.......the guy lies to your face.....this is fact. Ali is nothing more than a man who would kick you when your down for financial gain. definitely feels no loyalty to you only to his wallet.Do not trust him.
  9. I must say one thing,i have been told by an attorney that whom ever sold you the dinar is liable if the item sold was part of fraud.Even if the seller did not know at the time. Its like me selling you a stolen TV.
  10. UPDATE ------Fifth Third had conference call today and the regional president told all offices that they believe the Dinar is a scam. During the call he said they were not liable for selling a fraudulent item. First its not a scam it is recognized currency. The dinar is being used in all assets of business transactions. Second even if it was a scam those who sold it to us are liable even if they did not know it was a scam. I'm sticking to my guns.....RV this month...
  11. I agree thats one way of looking at it,however it could be a way to control the purchase of dinar while also controlling where you can cash out. If the feds devise a way in which to monitor the cash in at required locations.
  12. This is not rumor my wife has been empoloyed there for many years. This memo was received this very morning. Jeez
  13. Not true they still would buy your dinar... not any more.
  14. Not selling them is one thing, but now they will not buy from you to. That is a big deal.
  15. No they were blunt and to the point. However this could be a positive event;the Feds may have caused this as there may be certain banks for cash in only. If that is the case we are very very close to cash in.
  16. My wife works at the bank and memo just received at bank says they will no longer sell or buy Dinar. Something is up.
  17. During the RV the borders will be closed at which time many smugglers will be caught and IQD confiscated.Iran cannot participate in the RV as their swift code's were suspended. So bordering countries will benefit but there will be many red flags with cash in. Over their you will be subjected to a intense screening process and watched very closely for quite some time. Many will be caught and jailed that have links to terrorist or smugglers. They better start building some more prisons.....
  18. Yes true which is why we may yet see a civil war......soon all interest will be known as their election approaches.I hope I'm wrong but i can bet they will need our military support ounce again very soon.
  19. My views are that M is influenced by Iran but also by Syiria as his son owns a upscale hotel there among other investments. But it seems many overlook a wolf in sheeps clothing. ie Shabibi. This guy has said many things which later turned out to be lies and manipulation. It is all to easy for Shabs to then blame M. I think Shabs is to blame for many problems faced by Iraqi's. At this point they must all be on the take somehow. Why else would they allow the people to suffer so much while they run around in 1000 dollar suits being treated like royaly almost never uttering a word about the suffer
  20. Well i don't see any of the same peeps chiming in on this thread like they did on others calling for Zimmerman's head......maybe they can use that energy now to call out the blatant and obvious attempt by many who sought to gain from a non-factual story. SPIKE LEE should be sued by the 70 year old couple that are still in hiding because he tweeted their address as being the address of Zimmerman.They now live in a hotel in fear for their lives.Just today in the supermarket i see people mag with a front page picture of Tryvon Martin as a 12 year old not a current picture and they knew it.They s
  21. Follow on Twitter Mar 28, 2012 6:15pmSpike Lee Incorrectly Tweets Address of George Zimmerman An elderly Florida couple has been caught in the cross hairs of the Trayvon Martin shooting case due to an incorrect tweet by Spike Lee and others. The director retweeted an address said to belong to George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin dead on Feb. 26, to his 250,000 followers, according to website But the address was incorrect and has caused the couple to go into hiding. David McClain, 72, and his wife Elaine McClain, 70, are now living in a hotel and said they
  22. Just a thought i would like to see a petition to get all the so called journalist who posted false pictures of the Martin,Zimmerman tragedy get fired and prosecuted for any and all damage linked to their reckless reporting.The media has caused great divide in this country and spawned much hatred over many lies for the sake of selling their product.They should be held accountable for their actions.
  23. It is important to realize that there are many hidden agendas with these guru chumps.One is ego,falling all over themselves to be the first to call it.Another is financial gain,they charge you for bad or made up Intel and give the same lame excuses over and over.Many in this thread do not grasp the hardship some feel when each ITS OVER CALL OR POST turns out to be BS.Some of these people are living on borrowed time and don't have the luxury of another week.I read where one couple where hoping for an RV to pay for a life saving operation for their son.The fact is many gurus will say its over an
  24. I wish the best for all who have Warka accts however this is not good. Usually in cases like this the bank will be audited and accts settled. If there is not the funds to pay accts and creditors then a percent of ammount owed will be paid.
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