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  1. i have almost 300,000 in lower notes, The lasts of the iqd i have, i can send pics and i have purchase papers,I am asking 300$,i will negotiate a little,i will sell local only,i live close to Tulsa,Oklahoma,i can meet elsewhere close by if needed. you can contact me by phone,my number is in my profile..
  2. Please Excuse me,Iv been out of the loop for a while,As for my question,Is the IQD Still pegged at 1166?
  3. If this has been posted i apologize in advance. MNR Welcomes Oil & Gas Revenue Fund Law Posted on 07 April 2015 . Tags: KRG, Kurdistan, Kurdistan Exploration and Production Company (KEPCO), Oil and Gas Revenue Fund, oil revenues The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) welcomes the passage of the Oil & Gas Revenue Fund law through the Kurdistan Parliament and congratulates the people of the Kurdistan Region, the members of parliament, and the Kurdistan Regional Government Council o
  4. Adam,in your opinion what is holding up the HCL to be voted on? thanks
  5. Thanks Adam,i beleave in the even odds,hince the double 2-2,
  6. How long after the HCL is passed will we see a change,and how long will it take for the exchange rate hit the banks in the U.S,Im just trying to understand...,how do i find you RV cash guide. thanks for your time.
  7. I have 1 million for sale..I live in tulsa area..850$. My email is 25000 denomination. .
  8. Ali also has an exchange office in Texas and Las Vegas,NV
  9. oh ok i see..thanks for pointing that out. Iv been in this investment for a long time and dont plan on dropping out anytime soon,im just trying to get peoples intake..thanks for your opinion. thanks DINARTHUG WHOOP!!! WHOOP!!! MCL
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