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  1. This is a duplicate. I posted it last night. A few days ago Barhem Salih had resigned from his position, well this is why.
  2. We just read on www. that President Jalal Talabani has Arteriosclerosis of the legs. That is hardening and blocked arteries in his legs, which is life threatening. He had surgery on his spine and due to his poor health he cannot continue his term as President Of Iraq. He announced that the Ex Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Barham Salih will be replacing him as the President!!! Sorry I have the link but it is in Arabic, and I do not know how to bring it over here.
  3. Finally someone gets it!!! The IMF is controlling this baby. They have already approved the rate and they know the date!! Relax everyone, whatever is meant to happen will happen and we can't change a thing. You all may be very pleased with the outcome. Time will tell.
  4. Yes, I did confirm it. He was on Iraqi TV and did say that it would happen before the 28th of June. Dr. Shabibbi also said that Iraq could support between .86 cents-$1.30. You can believe it or not. BTW, right after the announcement two articles came out saying very similar things. For everyone questioning Delta or Frank's integrity, I can tell you first hand they have been 100% correct with all of the interpretations. Delta and Frank both have never added or taken away from the news reports on Iraqi TV or the newspapers. Believe me when I tell you that I have tried to look for holes but their never has been any. They are men of character and integrity. So, we continue to hope, pray, and wait!
  5. He knows a lot about wheelchairs for the Iraqi children and that speaks volumes to my heart!!! I love him and his ministry. He will be one of the first organizations that I contribute to.
  6. It is under maintenance until Monday. Frank did this himself. Nothing to worry about.
  7. They are working on the site. Nothing to worry about. It will be back up no later than Monday.
  8. Walk in that divine prophecy, my brother!! Praise God!!
  9. I love it!! There is power in the tongue. You have the ability to bless with your tongue or curse with your tongue. There is life and death in the tongue. I choose life, blessings, and prosperity!!
  10. Heavy, I love your Christ like example! Don't worry about people posting negatively, God knows your heart! As for myself, my daily pray is for wisdom, grace, mercy, forgiveness, compassion and most of all love. If I gain the world and I cannot love the unlovable, I have accomplished nothing. How easy it is for me to love the loveable, but to love the unlovable is another thing. Bless you my friend!
  11. I am originally from Baghdad, Iraq. Since we have been married, I have taught our children that their father is the king of the house, I am queen, they are princesses and Jesus Christ is in the center of us all! I also remind them to don't even think about changing that order because if you do, then havoc reaps upon the home.
  12. That's incorrect. I listened to the entire call. Delta said .86 cents.
  13. I can tell you this much, I DO SPEAK ARABIC. I listen to Delta's and Frank's calls every Mon. Tue. Wed. and Thur. Every time Delta has said something about Iraqi T.V. he has never lied. I have tried to listen for lies and he has told the truth 100% of the time. I personally have not heard the TV announcement, but I can bet you that if Delta said it, it is the truth. I have heard over several months now from friends and family that it will come out close to our dollar. It has been on Iraq's TV for a while saying soon, very soon. As far as everyone saying they cannot come out that low because everyone will buy out Iraq, you are wrong. Delta also explains why that will not happen. I don't have time to go into that but the conference call will be transcribed soon and you can read the whole conference call yourselves. It is pretty sad to think when people say $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 or even $8.00, everyone believes it, but when the truth comes out, it is automatically rejected. So sad. The IQD will go up more in value, but it will take a little while after the first RV in stages. That has been implied from day one.
  14. Glory be to God!! He paid a debt he didn't owe! He died and rose for me and you!! He is no longer on the cross, but sits on the throne!! Oh death where is thy sting? I love the lover of my soul, my sweet precious Saviour Jesus Christ! Thank you HeavyDuty!! Bless you!
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