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  1. Praying this happens soon. I've had to medically retire this summer and the 401 k won't last forever. Fingers crossed.
  2. A friend got me in this a little over 1 year ago. I've never played into all the rate and date prediction crap and always just sat in the background to watch and learn. The past week or so the 15th of this month has seemed like it has some significance. If it is the 16th, hey I'll be happy being 1 day off. GO RV ALREADY!
  3. it's safe, only d-o-n-g there is currency
  4. What an excellent thread! I too can relate with most, if not all of what you listed.Life hasn't been very easy for me this past year, so I know all too well. I can be thankful I have a very good close friend who helped me out with this investment. If it weren't for this friend, I wouldn't be here posting right now. I am forever grateful that this friend saw it in their heart to see to it I had a chance at a better life. Bless everyone on this ride and hope it's about at the end!
  5. now that's funny right there, I don't care WHO ya are!!
  6. And here I thought my "Piece"Maker was a sure winner. I did some archive searching, and I believe it was Bumper64 who came up with your winner.
  7. Were my history books wrong? I thought the JAPANESE bombed/attacked Pearl Harbor?
  8. Just looked on XE.COM, and 1 USD= 1168.50 IQD. Doesn't look like much change to me.
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