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  1. Hey Thanks BangG----How did ya get into the office side of things ayway? lol- call me when ya get a chance. enjoyed taliking to ya - been getting better and busy - later buddy-Blessings Ed
  2. OK--- NOW please explain that one- This i gotta see.This is a new one- ---Not saying it cant be true Slay- BUT-- where there is a question ya gotta have an answer- so please explain. Thanks-Vern
  3. If you want o know what is really going on take alook at JUDGES -Capter s- 18-21---- What it talks about back then is happening today-So the question is ----Have we really changed or is it just the times? When you read it you will see -today--- and it is really scary-wier wow? So when people on this forum speak about the word and what GOD has wrought and JESUS bought we really should WAKE up- and see what is and is not real. I only deal in Facts and Facts dont lie. To me if it dont stand up to GOD,s word why say it . Your wasting time. So please read it or read the whol;e Book of JUDGES and get a real feel for the deal of what is going on. Daniel wil also tell of what is coming-Isaiah the same -Then read Revalations and get down to business. The whole investment thing is in the BIBLE and how to and what to eat - Fiances-family connections on how to raise your kids and marriage counseling and How to come to CHRIST and find out what HE has done on the CROSS and what GOD has done because of it. Blessings my friends and maybe it is time for your own RE-EVALUATION --Your worth more than GOLD -----check it out----Vern
  4. Its called the NWO----OWN----They OWN you that is The New World Order---- They want to De-Populize the country (world)and else where so they can rule-Have you heard Gates lately? He wants to immunize everyone with chemicals that make you feel better but wont tell you what is in it? C,mon folks take a look-H1N1 remind you at all? This is what is comin and FEMA takes all of your rights away- Which you and i have never really had. We think we do. The Charters that are written up have been written in different countries and the JUDGES know this and that is why you dont have rights because you dont know where to go and they wont tell you-Take a look at the Income Tax dept.There is no Law that says you have to pay It is all voluntary and when you sign your name you are agreeing to LET them take your money. Same here in Canada-The In come Tax legislation was brought in during the 2nd world war to help with the relief and was to be dropped when the war was over. Never happened -The Gov. went on and kept taking our money and no-one stopped them .That way they can say it was a proper act.The other thing is that we dont know the difference between a Law and an ACT. When you do you will find that everything is not as it seems. There is 2 different languages and you think one way and they think different----Eg:- why is it that the GOVERNMENT can store Large amounts of food and you cant? When Marshall Law comes in and they see that they will no-doubt lock you up. But it is ok for the Government to Stockpile food and they will lock you up because you are Hoarding-----see what i mean ---WAKE UP----..When this Dinar RV,s be careful what you do- stockpile - hoard -store-up- what ever you do or whatever way you want to say it do something BUT HELP your fellow man- Share your wealth --You cant take it with you ...The TRUTH will set you Free and remember the Man who died for you on the CROSS ---His name is JESUS- -----Do this in HIS name----Blessings to all Vern
  5. WOW-------It ,s about time people had the guts and intestinal fortitude to come forward and talk about this....I am amazed. I really am... About 4 months ago i was put thru the grinder for talking about this .I have never really stopped telling the TRUTH because the TRUTH will set you free. That is the TRUTH.That is why people stand up and fight .No-one goes to war for a lie right? Think about it.The False Flags that happen in the States and in Canada and Australia and other places/.-People here are getting fed up with the lies and deciet.We all fight for Freedom and yet we will let someone take it away because we believe lies. We as a people are Stupid. When You WAKE UP you will see the daylight and the new dawning that awaits you and when that happens you will look back (if they havent tried to control your mind) and see what took place and find it is to late. (or have they already got to you to---- you will tell by the response on this)Yes i will get flack for this but I would rather Die for telling the TRUTH than Die for a Lie that hurts people ...WAKE UP PEOPLE-----Not everyone in the Services believe what they are doing is right- they do it because they dont want time in jail. And yes i believe they cry at night and that is why you have a very HIGH SUICIDE RATE among military personal.Thay wont tell you that.Do i know what im taliking about because Im Canadian? Yes i do We have buried people we know and we do know what it is about. On the other hand everything i have stated is all fortold in the BIBLE-----If a Nation does NOT serve GOD that nation is doomed. Check it out-----I say this with Respect----I ask GOD to look after all of you The rest is up to HIM.You have to choose whose side your on- you choose this day- May GOD our LORD Bless you and your houses---Vern
  6. Ya BangG----just keepin an eye on ya-- dont wantch doin anything stupid now---hahahahaha Blessings my friend-Vern
  7. A special note to our neighbors: Canada is on List 2. Since we are likely to be seeing a lot more of each other, you folks might want to try not pissing us off for a change Read more: Watch what you say here Buddy cause YOU could start another war-----If it wasnt for them lying cheatin self loving idiots you got for Pres, then we would,nt have gotten into sending our kids and Fathers and Mothers into a LIE you call a WAR. Yes we have backed your backs However yourPRES.or PRESIDENTS come to us and tell us we have to fight. No they didnt ask. These men you call Presidents can stick it where the sun dont shine. Have you ever noticed that weather patterns distroy what you have because your guy opens his mouth and says things about ISRAEL you get hit with storms? GOD said HE would Bless a nation who prays to HIM and destroys idols and puts HIM first. As for your food and the FDA forget about it we can handle that ourselves. You all want CANADA because of its natural beauty and wealth.We all know that and that will stop the U.S. from getting it. We wont give it up without a fight and a good one at that. I figure that when you all can stop lying about the war and telling us that Binladen is dead now? and that all wars cease and apologise for being a country of bullies and driving the commody market then maybe we can be TRUE friends where when one goes to the border and NOT get arrested for asking a question (which happens daily) maybe we can become TRUE friends because then we can learn to trust. As it is right now there are alot of CANADIANS who think this way. ---So pissing you off? ya right---YA AINT WORTH THE GROUND YA PISS ON------- now that would be a Prime Minister who would stand up and say that-----We are a PROUD PEOPLE ALSO----- shall we turnaround and walk 30 paces? Blessings Vern
  8. HAVE YOU OR ANYONE HERE NOTICED SOMETHING IN THE WIND???? One of my friends sent me something a couple of weeks ago .It was a history of what was and is said by Obama and other Pres and Prime Ministers around the world about ISRAEL. What happens after is amazing. It all happens within 72 hours . When anyone says anything wrong or comes or threatens to come up against ISRAEL something always happens. I never really put any thought into it until i saw the news and seen what had happened in the mid states. Withing 72 hours of OBAMA opening his mouth - To me it shook me to the core. I now am watching other countries to see if it happens. They can say HAARP and other things -But to me that is trying to take your eyes off of GOD. Stop and take a look . maybe im wrong but it is worth looking at-May GOD Bless you all and i pray that no-more happens Vern (((GOD says that ----If a NATION will get on there knees and worship ME I will look after them.(PARAPHRASED) ---take the way you want to but As for me and my house WE will serve the LORD.))))
  9. Well Bud---- I wont argue with you-- not at all If you think your right -Fantastic----You take it up with GOD- Let YeshuaJESUS) talk to you.I pray that HE does.In the BIBLE (HIS WORD) He states do not mess with HIS people. So respect that ok? Now for the rest - they dont belong there. The Arab Nation wants a home. So they want that one and to push the JEWS out. THAT my friend Will not happen. ISRAELwon a war -they went up against the enemy that was strong by their standards and they were great in what military they had -But a little military pulled off the defeat. Remember the story of David and Goliath? Small boy Big man. 1 small rock - Bang it was over. That my friend is the story of The Nations and ISRAEL----You chose this day. Blessings my friend i hope you chose what is right. Vern(ps you may not get a 2nd chance) and dont take it up with me -Be man enough and take it up with GOD.He,ll talk to you-
  11. Good story Bumper- I liked it-Has alot of good MORALS and VALUES---To give back the money in front of your children is gret. He could be the HERO in his family if he did it right.The oher man,s children would be very happy also. I re-read the story a couple of times and thought that maybe he did it for his children . Leavng something behind for them. I once read a story where that the father was a very well of person .His son was a person od deciet .The father told his son that he couldnt live at home anymore and was asked to leave. The on did and really never made anything of himself. He always figured that daddy would help him when he needed it.That theory didnt work out as the father always said no because he wanted his son to work and be of good character. life went on and the father died. The son was called to the lawyers officre and the son was presented with a BIBLE . The son said --is that all the old man left me? take it and shove it up your a--. ..So the lawyer put it away. He called the Butler in and gave it to him. Years later the retired butler bacame a kind of mentor to the yonge lad. The son was talking about his father and it was bad to which the butler knew the stories and knew it wasnt as bad as the son would see it. After many years the butler became ill and called on the son . The Butler said he had a gift for him and he should come for it. The son did soand was given the BIBLE. The son said this is the BIBLE that the lawyer ande me when DAD died. YES . The son opened it up and in the back of the BIBLE was a key. He asked what the key was for. The Butler said it was your Fathers car .Which was the JAG. In the JAG was a briefcase that held all of the Documents for the Fathers business. To which he had become the sole Heir. . The son was elated. When he went and got the car which was in starage for years he opened the trunck and there was the briefcase, he opend that and sat there and cried. If he would have listend he would have been very well off because he would have had it all. The Father had written that if he turned it down t was to go to a Charity that was set up and his son wouldnt have anything to do with it and the Jag was to be auctioned off when the time came . The time came when the son found out. You come to your own conclusion of who was right and who was wrong becuase then you will know what your motives ar thn... Me -i believe to be honest in all you do. So back to Bumpers story ---- That man was right in what he done and what will happen will come back in spades ----Good Job in finding that story Bumper. Vern
  12. Hang in there kid- GOD will look after this-Give ALL the Glory to HIM. Youll have Victory when it all comes together. Vern
  13. In ALL things acknowledge the Lord------ when this pulls to gether yall should acknowledge the Lord. If not i dont think youll have it long. In Malicia GOD said to test Him out. so test HIM and see what happens BUT you can test HIM out and see what happens if you dont acknowledge HIM. Then i believe you will see what happens. So you pick which way you should goThat choice is up to you. Blessings to all and Thankyou Rich for posting this.Vern
  14. I hope they arent pulling the wool over your eyes. Its just ewe and me lambchops.I wouldnt feel sheepish about it all. If they want burgers then let them have it-Remember it is a days work for a Hen but a lifetime comitment for a Pig and they arent safe here. for a while anyway Vern
  15. I thot this forum had people who have compassion-What you have shown to yourselves is what would happen if the bottom fell out- You all have become vultures -you pick on the weakest. The person who has issues and maybe needs compassion you push out. You all have said and stood by what you believe in and that is you would help/care for / look after/ and promise to protect.But that was in the past. Now i see a dfferent future-- I wouldnt feel safe with any of you. What you have shown towards a person by calling him.her names is dispicable. You should be ashamed of yourselves. But then again you dont surprise me at all. When it happens to you dont you scream because it will hurt-Remember what goes around comes around- and when it does it will bite you in the ass- Your words not mine.... For me -I will put my trust in the LORD. not man. So as far as im concerned you can say what you want - GOD protects thoes HE loves- May GOD Bless you and your houses- Vern
  16. Take a look people - When you have the TOP DOGS leaving or even the TOP DOG then you really have to take a real hard look at this -PLEASE GOD I DONT WANT TO BE RIGHT ON THIS. However--- it crazy when there is a flood or fire people stand around and look -watch -discuss the coming adventure and the Tsunami is right in your face. WOW your going to say that im a very negative person and a downer- Well when you see this- there has to be something going on. Now we have seen alot in these 2 countries Canada and the US. There is always a False Flag going on. They come out with the bad news fix it and everyone does the hurrah thing-Not so now. They are flooding the States and moving people and the rains are coming and people are looking for ways to SURVIVE. then we have MONTANA/ALI slippin out the backdoor. The mods wont let this talk be allowed and people still want to believe. BELIEVE in GOD first and everything is secondary. It has to be that way . I have thought about this all weekend and i think i am right in what i say. CORRECT me if i am wrong. Someone on the forum said something that made a whole lot of sense -This is a scam. We have been taken and the people at the top made millions and split. I thought well this was supposed to a very good site and family style forum. It is. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks---BEWARE of Foxes in Sheeps clothing. There are other quotes the BIBLE has about investing and we have gone thru them all i think. Maybe this is what has happened. We did come into this with eyes wide open i hope -because if you didnt then your on the BBQ. I believe we have to RESET our priorities because somehow we have been knocked off of the track. I dont like the Posting that said -because we have been confronted WE HAVE TO GO. Something really smells fishy. If this is a scam then this should have a lawsuit right? WRONG--The US Gov,t has now passed a Law that states the we cannot have a Lawsuit. WHY? Thats the new law. No more CLASS-ACTION LAWSUITS-so we are really screwed . So you see why i am really upset about this and who is Montana and Ali anyway. You are allowed to have Nicknames in this life .You can go by one name in an area and every one will know you by that name and then go to another and the same there. So you see aliases can be very helpful if you have a real good story and by the time they catch up with you it is all over but the crying and they walk. If this was done by the gov,t then it is over. I WILL ONLY BELIEVE IT WHEN THE CASH IS IN MY HAND. Believe it or not this could be real. -------Why do you spend money for what is not bread , and your wages for what does not satisfy? --Isaiah 55:2---I ONLY BRING THIS AS A WATCHMAN ON THE WALL---- I Pray that i am wrong and that GOD ,s will is brought forth -Blessings to you all- Vern
  17. Vern
  18. HERE is the way i look at this--------The same way the Gov,t does a False Flag-----First - There is Kaos and confusion-2nd there is the answer to the problem-3rd - is that everything is ok now and all is back to normal . There is order out of Kaos- There is order out of confusion and there is order out of fear for who ever and what ever. Put these things together and you will have no-control and lies.....Time will tell. I hope it is all true. Ive had these suspitions for along time . I HOPE i am wrong here i really do.Please accept my apologies here but being we are in such turmoiled times and truth is not what it used to be and I have always been a WATCHMAN on the WALL. i have to show and say what is on my mind. Just like many of you will as soon as you read this. I am not going to say what i think of it all. But i STRONGLY SUGGEST watch and wait. Thats what we have been doing for years. But sometimes when you get so close to something --- something always messes it up.We all have had that done to us. I hope you all think about this before you all jump on me for what i write. I wont post anything i wont back up. Please dont put me in that spot. But as before i will back up what i say or write- you all know this-I say this with a very heavy heart---------I pray that GOD will Bless you all and Happiness bestows on your family and house. I pray that GOD will and HE does show you what is right and wrong and i pray that you all if you havent already come to know HIS and only HIS saving Grace. In JESUS-YHWH-name- Vern
  19. Did you ever wonder why there is a goat in a herd of sheep? Sheep are reactionary and don’t think independently from the herd. A goat is there to keep the sheep from doing something stupid... like running off a cliff in a moment of panic. Eighty-seven percent of people are like sheep. They go with the path of least resistance, whether it is good for them or not. The idea that the few (the goats) steer the masses (the sheep) is true in most aspects of our daily existence and accepted ideals. The difference between sheep and people is that people can be educated or can educate themselves; sheep will always follow the path of the goat. In today’s social climate, people are given the illusion of choice whether it be a potential mate, career or ideals; however, if you look closely, people are given very few choices that will not meet with some—if not mild to moderate or even severe—resistance if that choice goes outside the comforts or ideals of their peers. And rather than break away from the herd so to speak, people conform in order to end the discomfort, to avoid the loneliness at the front of the herd. Very few individuals really take the time to educate themselves outside their comfort zone. They do as they are told, as those whom they feel have more knowledge instruct them. It is this non-questioning of "authority" that leaves the individual open to more harm than any dangers they might have faced at the front of the herd. Shepards are politicians. Sheep dogs are police. And goats are independent men and women. None are infallible, especially when in control of the social and economic well being of the sheep: the citizens. Now, sheep, being rather simple creatures, look for food and the protection of the herd. They rely exclusively on the shepard and his dogs to safely move them from pasture to pasture so as not to deplete their food supply. If left to their own devices, the sheep would eventually eat themselves out of a food source and starve. This is all they know. They are beneficiaries par excellence. The shepard will sell or use the sheep for various purposes, at his sole discretion, and the sheep know no different. The sheep continue on with their lives knowing no existence outside the herd... life is simple until you’re sold or slaughtered. People, like sheep, don’t generally appreciate change or disruption to their daily lives. They exist within their own comfort zones. Their experiences, socio-economic status, heritage and other things shape them from the outside in. They mistake this for self-control and grow stubborn in their ideals. Look at the political landscape in any country. Look at all the chaos that is created by the lack of education and understanding of what governs people’s lives. Sheep, unlike people, don’t elect their shepard; the shepard buys the sheep and, if you think about it, people’s elected officials (or governing body) buy the people that bring them into power. They purchase those who allow them to govern the aspects of their lives that they are told (or encouraged to believe) they are unable to correctly govern themselves. People are not always bought with money, but more often with ideas about how to make life simpler, easier and more advantageous for self and family. They are seduced with the idea that they can gain something for nothing. However, the cost, however hidden, is always more expensive then the gain. Why do sheep always overlook this? The relationship between the sheep and shepard is symbiotic, so a presumption of mutual respect is created. Both need each other for their livelihood. The sheep need the shepard to supply green pastures and safety from harm (or the illusion of it); the shepard needs the sheep to make his living. Sheep give up their freedom never knowing what it was that they lost. How many truly wild sheep do you see in the world? People will give up their rights, either knowingly or unknowingly, out of fear, ignorance, coercion or just plain old stupidity. If those people are sovereign, they have no higher authority to complain to for making stupid mistakes that ultimately lead to the ruin of their once perfect kingdom. The consequence of absolute power is absolute responsibility. Power gained through force is usually maintained through fear: fear of death, social ruin or alienation from your peers. Very few have the ability to say out loud that there is something fundamentally wrong with how something is done or how someone is treated because, in doing so, it will cause a backlash for going against the norm. (Those who have studied northern European culture will quickly recognize Jante Law as the regulatory force behind much of this fear.) If you don’t conform, you’re a traitor to your nation’s ideals or you are unpatriotic. On a more personal level, people may not be taught to question authority as much as they are taught not to question those in authority, whether it is a parent, teacher, boss, etc. It starts at home where for right or wrong children are exposed to situations and ideals that will influence how they behave as adults; situations and ideals that will influence their perception of their choices, real or imagined. But, again, shepards, sheep dogs and goats are not infallible however necessary their authority may be. In most situations people will attempt to choose what they feel is best for them based on these past experiences. However, if the choice meets resistance, most will abandon all or part of the choice so as to take a path of less resistance. They follow the herd and don’t question the direction the path is headed in. Interestingly enough, for beneficiaries, it’s okay to question why something is being done on your behalf. The trustee has no obligation to tell you though. His or her responsibility is to do what is in the best interest of the herd, and hopefully what is in the best of the herd is directly in the best interest of the shepard because their relationship is healthily symbiotic. Yet, all sheep eventually get sold or slaughtered. If a sheep had the ability to ask the right questions to find out if something really is in its best interest, it might get a glimpse of the goat’s point of view... a glimpse of the entire field ahead of it, not just the path it has been restricted to. Information, in and of itself, is the foundation of knowledge, and knowledge is power. The more information you learn helps develop a more informed decision and a more knowledgeable decision-maker. Eighty-seven percent of people are reactionary just like sheep and will act on minimal information or self-imposed ignorance mistaken for knowledge out of fear of being harmed. Look at the US war against Iraq, for example. The US, as a for-profit government corporation, was given inflammatory and inaccurate information, it’s officers imposed ignorance of more accurate information on the corporation’s executive and legislative departments, and the actions taken wound up being rash. It allowed those officers—the shepards and their dogs—to serve their own interests at the people’s—the sheep’s—expense. When the relationship goes in this direction, it becomes parasitic, rather than symbiotic. Ruling out of fear is hard because, while giving a sense of security, the underlying impression that it could all be taken away must always be maintained. It’s a juggling act of contradictions. What people fail to realize is that a shepard, by virtue of his position as trustee, has to have an eye for the future. It comes from his need to supply green pastures after the sheep mindlessly graze down to the root and deplete their food supply. This could be called "long-vision." In a parasitic relationship, sheep never realize those rash decisions made on bad information or self-imposed ignorance may not be truly rash at all. They may be decisions made based on anticipated factors years, if not decades, in the making that are just waiting for the right storm to justify setting them in motion. People flock together out of a need for social contact, economic prosperity and safety in general. Those from similar social backgrounds and educational levels will always tend to congregate together. There are, however, accepted ideals about how those in each social group are expected to act given past experience. Race, religion and heritage play an important part in how those ideals are manifested. Past prejudices and fears are passed from generation to generation and become so ingrained into the culture, even when that culture is largely based on commerce rather than long-held tradition, that they become the norm. Over time, they become the customs that date back to time immemorial. It is hard to question what you know is true because this is all you know and being open to all possibilities is overwhelming for sheep who, traditionally, don’t question... instead the sheep just exist and are led wherever whenever. They have been conditioned and even bred to be docile and malleable. People too. We are more conditioned by experience than bred, though attempts were made to breed slaves—as, for example, with the Slavs of Europe and later with the Africans in the Americas. If there’s a storm and one sheep panics, all the sheep will panic without ever knowing why. Unlike sheep, a man or woman will associate the storm with danger, and all will look to each other for an idea of how to react. But if one man runs, they will all likely run, and the concept of "clear and present danger" is demonstrated right before your very eyes. Not unlike sheep, if one man or woman simply remains calm and confident during the threat, he or she will inspire calm. The calm man is, in essence, the goat. The goat is still a social creature, but it is also comfortable being alone. The goat examines its surroundings to wrap its brain around as much information it can. It builds its knowledge of the environment, of the threats it may face in the path it creates ahead. A goat also learns from experience and, most unlike sheep, is absolutely unwilling to sacrifice itself in a moment of panic. For a goat, always steadily moving forward while keeping an eye on where it has been ensures that its decisions will be sound. As a result, goats don’t always take the easiest path. Goats are willing to enter rough terrain if it is better for the long run they have set out to make. Like the shepard they have long vision. They are straightforward and will attack when attacked. If you ever watch a goat for any length of time, you see that they are indeed simple creatures as well, but they ask why... and how. So, if you abuse a goat, expect retaliation or desertion. Abuse a sheep on the other hand, and you can basically expect more loyalty and trust since sheep accept their injuries without questioning the treatment. Again, they are beneficiaries par excellence. The confidence exhibited by the goat inspires the sheep to follow. The goat’s informed decisions and knowledgeable actions allow sheep to at least relax and be comfortable with the feeling that the goat knows where it is headed and won’t panic in a storm. This is somewhat problematic for the shepard because it creates competition for the leadership position. The shepard cannot abuse the goat because the goat doesn’t need the shepard (or the sheep) as much as the shepard needs the goat. In many instances, the goat’s calm can inspire suspicion, especially when the herd mentality is prevalent enough among the people. Goats aren’t sheep... they aren’t even black sheep. And sheep are reminded of this instantly whenever they come into contact with a goat, and some sheep are aspiring goats. The shepard must therefore protect his enterprise, keeping the sheep from taking time out to educate themselves in goat-ology, on what goes on around them. Simply put, the shepard must keep the goat population low among the sheep because, let’s face it, if sheep learned from the goat how to make informed decisions... he wouldn’t be eating lamb chops for dinner. May GOD richly Bless you all Vern
  20. They didnt shoot him--He drowned-
  21. They are still looking for Osama and his crew- They thought he was at the Tower of Babel holding court but everyone there couldnt understand each other so he left. They say he went swimming. That cant really be confirmed because if he did do that he hasnt come back from the water. But being it is hot there they do know he went for a drink of water. Until then it is still Osama bin Hiden- Vern
  22. -------- ------- ---------------Ridiculous- how many times can you kill and bury a man? and then at sea???? They drowned him? Vern
  23. Why couldnt they find Osama---because he was wearing a Mosque- Vern WELL Osama is up there now with 72 VIRGINIANS-
  24. Osama wanted to join the CIA---They told him to blow up a bus- He burned his lips on the tailpipe Blessings Vern
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