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  1. I do know what it was/is like to get laaid off also. After working for 25 years for myself and as a Union man for the same it all came crashing down on me the day i got hurt on the job. you dont know what goes thru a mans mind when EVERYTHING is dependent upon him. I found out what the real life was all about. My wife asked me who was going to pay the mortgage and my kids that i was crap and my family thot i was faking it and my friends disappered. --SO why do i stay ? because i promised to love her and protect her and look after my family- THAT my friends was 18 years ago. My wife found a job and the kids screamed until i thru them out ( all of age of course)4 girls and a lazy sone. Did they do anything in their lives -NO- and I dont care. As for my wife she has since seen me go thru 2 H-Attacks and a breakdown 5 major operations that were do to the injury and some were from what it did to other parts of my body. Now i am fixing the house up after all of these years finally i can do something. and yes i put in about 4 productive hours a day and that is all i can do. Will i really love her again? It is slowly coming back. I had no one to help me thru and if i had have had a chance at a site such as we have here man i tell you it probably would have saved me a thousand miles but I am here. So what do i do if i make the money from this investment ? Well the house should be done by then and everything will probably be in order . Then i will probably SPLIT IT with her and say solong. WHY because i cant really trust her .
  2. I really Thankyou for posting--You have our prayers as in Psalm 91.. That being said - We just buried our friends son who was to ship out. We are Canadian and we are there also. He was a Master Corpral in the Malitia here and well respected.We understand the heaviness of heart when all are sent away to do something that just doesnt seem right. I f it was so then why arent the politians there doing this. However i must keep my feelings out of it right. This is a hard deal when you have that many dieing over there and taking ones own life is never said in the main stream news.There is something wrong when this takes place. I am so sorry for what you have to do and see. Come home safely and tell the others that VERN said so k?--- May GOD Bless you all and protect your houses while your gone. -- In Prayers VERN
  3. Im waiting to see what CANADA is going to do. We tend to follow than lead. Would be nice to lead. However we do stand alone on some things. We as a country are losing our FREEDOM also..If you think you are sovern think again. Our FREEDOMS are almost xtinct. We need to stand and be proud. Our leaders SOLD us down the drain with the NAU-SPP... They want to bring 3 countries under 1 banner and then try to stop immigration. So i ask - what do they want------I KNOW WHAT I WANT... I hope you do to......
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