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  1. Now that is just toooooooooooooooooo funny... Thanks for making me laugh....
  2. NO IT HAS NOT BEEN SOLD................
  3. Thanks Viper and all of the team.... this is not why we are all here and I for one do not want to hear any more of the complaining. If you need to complain go somewhere else. This is a Dinar website and there are many here with great OPINIONS remember I am sure that the IRAQ government is not calling anyone on this site to give them intel so lighten up. If you want more intel go find it and report back here, stop complaining. We are all in this just trying to do the best we can. No not all of the intel here is perfect but if you dont like what you are getting stop complaining and go somewhere else. There are some great people here and to lose them because of all of the whining makes me sick. Stick with the Dinar talk and intel and leave the rest out.... I for one am very grateful for all of the wonderful people that I have come to know and trust on this site. Blessings to all and CHILL OUT.....
  4. Lets hope we are again one day closer to finishing this....
  5. dlbfilm


    Where did scooter go?
  6. Thanks Viper be safe...
  7. This has been beat to death... NO ONE will or can tell you anything at the banks untill the RV happens.... Be Patient, you will all see a big change of stories after the RV.
  8. You have to just let it go, it will happen when it is good and ready nothing you can do will bring it here any faster... trying to will only make you lose your mind... it is coming just be patient it will be worth the wait.... why do you think we have all waited this long? Blessings to all.... and GO RV..... just sayin......
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