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  1. Thanks for the post tarheel. Anyone have thoughts of giving 100,000 dinars to students now? That would be a lot of money post DV. WBC
  2. 56chvy, I think you got as many answers as I did. Lets laugh about it post RV! WBC
  3. Oklahoma, Please reread your last and rewrite to be understandable. I cannot figure it out. As Keep said, this is speculation. No one has the answers we want. That would be too easy, therefore no risk. No risk, no reward. What intelligent people do is listen, process and then make up their own minds, not ask for others to do it for them. So again, please rewrite so we can understand what you are are asking for. Respectfully; WBC
  4. Please look at this link:> Found by google iraq santions Also, Same way to find this. WBC
  5. 56chvy, I posed the same question months ago, with a few "I wanted to ask the same question myselfs" (even a moderator, Dogmatic1, did not know) responces. No answer was ever given. Good luck. I will be watching to see if you get any answers. WBC
  6. WBC

    Adam's Email

    jmw, I think the assumption is that they want to get paid in ID. Which should not be the agreement. The agreement was made in USD (imo) and would be paid in such, unless politics comes into play and someone wants to grandstand. Lets hope Viper is correct and they take care of this quickly. WBC
  7. Adam M, When you note that every "DV" member will get an email and updated emails on the banks best rate, does that include non "VIP" members as well? Will there be a different rate for VIP Members? Thank you, WBC
  8. Mrref, thank you for the followup with Ali! Very clear analysis of what you sent to him. My question would be, why would an old video be shown and made a big deal of. Is it possible that we do not have the correct "video" and that there is one out there that was shown or to be shown? Just my thoughts and questions. Again, thank you for your post. WBC
  9. Slad.... Politician??? Let me know if I answered the test question correctly. WBC
  10. Thank you Phoenix!!!! I have followed your comments for months and appreciate all of your insight. Looking forward to see what happens this week. WBC
  11. PVS, You did bring out some creativity. Thanks for the post. WBC
  12. I think you had a reason for asking, IE: short/long term capital gains and/or proff of purchase to authorities. You said any information would be greatly appreciated (without giving the reason for the request) and you received information, just not what you wanted. Since you didn't get what you wanted, you slammed the person who was trying to help you! Selfish!!! Try thinking before you post and respond. There really is no reason for anyone here to help you other than good intentions, and I think you may have just lost the reason for any of us to have them for you!! Good Luck. WBC
  13. Thank you Viper! Nice, clear presentation of your information and opinion! Very much appreciated. WBC
  14. letsroll, Maybe not as weak as you think. We heard a lot more from Sonny1 until he was slammed like this (we had to beg him to come back). Scooter could easily do the same thing. Figure out how Scooter, Sonny1, Viper51, Phoenix, Chief V and (sorry i left out a bunch of people I follow) are making money on their efforts. (clue, they are not) I give them lots of credit for them to hang with us and hope the disrespectful people can accept their efforts. I am also an American for 56 years, proud of it, thank our service men and women for their service and don't use being an American as a reason to be disrespectful. JMHO WBC
  15. CRG , interesting Keep was slammed a long while ago not for what he said (it was mentioned that his responces were highly intelligent) but how it was said. He now keeps it shorter and is highly respected. Why, oh why is it so important to argue? We are all here for a reason, and that reason does not include warfare. It includes learning. A differing opinion can be easily given without consulting the "ART of War". WBC
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