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  1. Alright folks, I will give this a last go around here before I sell it off back to DinarTrade. I will bump it down to $800 per mil ... and also instead of 10Mil ... it will be 15Mil.... I will consider breaking it up, but would prefer to sell all of it. I have the following: 25K notes - 5 Mil 10K notes - 5 Mil 5K notes - 5 Mil All of them are uncirculated. $800/per mil Thanks for looking/interest.
  2. Thanks I will send him a PM. <Update> I tried sending Doc31 a PM, but system says that his profile does not use PM?? I will wait to see there are any other replies on this post, as well as keep trying to reach Doc31.
  3. Hello All, I have been a member since 2009, but I did not post here. It has come time to sell off some of my dinars, not all of it. I have 10 Million to sell in Houston, TX. Please send (or post) me your contact info, if you are interested. I have the following: 25K notes - 5 Mil 10K notes - 5 Mil Would like to sell at $850 USD per million. All currency were purchased from DinarTrade (they are buying at $800, hence I am trying to sell here). All currency are new, uncirculated notes. All currency are in sequential order. If we agree on a transaction, we will meet in a public place to do the transaction for both our safety and security. Thank you for your time.
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