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  1. i will purchase them all for 2150 email me if interested at princ3rayray[at]gmail.com
  2. i would be interested in 3 mil for 2150 . email me at princ3rayray[at]gmail.com if you are interested thanks
  3. hi i would buy willing to buy 2 mil for 1500 please email me princ3rayray[at]gmail.com
  4. ill buy 5 at 750/mil princ3rayray[at]gmail.com
  5. i'm interested in buying them all..princ3rayray[at]gmail.com
  6. give me a shout im interested princ3rayray[at]gmail.com
  7. email me princ3rayray[at]gmail.com . i have bought and sold to others on here as well.
  8. hey i am buying. email me princ3rayray[at]gmail.com
  9. selling 4 mil for 860 per mil. serious inquiries only princ3rayray[at]gmail.com . prefer in person exchange i reside in sunny south Florida will consider splitting it up but buyer pays shipping
  10. i have 4 mil i can sell you princ3rayray[at]gmail.com
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