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  1. Adam, as always thank you for your patients, assistance and the work you and your staff do in helping us understanding this rollercoaster ride we're on. I mainly read your weekly chats and as you notice, really do not write that much unless there is something that is quite confusing and I need your opinion and/or knowledge; and this is one of those times I need both. I was wondering about the talks of creating and issuing 50K and 100K Iraqi notes. In last week's chat a question and answer by New York Kevin prompted my curiosity regarding these notes even more. NYK asked " ... If the CBI starts retiring more notes once it RV's at a dime or above, then kept on a market float up, which notes would they eliminate first from 25K downward? From the 100 IQD upwards? How long of a window would we have to trade them in for other safer demons?" You responded that you believe the 25K down and should have a window of at least 3 months and probably a max of 2 years. Again Adam with the recent talks of creating a 50K and 100K, my questions are (1) If there is a creation of 50K and 100K note, then what is the reasoning for the elimination of the 25K note? (2) Would the value of the 50K and 100K be more or less in value than the lower denominations; which at this time the cost of purchasing lower denominations are higher than the triple zero denominations? (3) If the assessment of 25K down elimination is proceeded, then does that mean eventually there will be an elimination of the 250 and 500 Dinar notes as well, like they did earlier this year with the 50 Dinar note? (4) In your opinion only, is it better to invest more (which one can afford lol) in lower denomination or the higher denomination notes? Hopefully these questions makes since, but if they sounds confusing, it's because I'm very confused at this point and hopefully you will give me a little time and knowledge with understanding these equations. Adam, Thank you in advance. And Go RV ... especially as time and confusion comes into play; and as well as with the 2016 Iraqi Budget upon us. RPMAC
  2. Hey Adam, Hope all is well and Thank you for everything. I'm asking your opinion (not advice) regarding the Iraqi Bonds that is suppose to be coming on the market around August or September. Do you think it will be as good as an investment, like the Iraqi Dinar, and the IXS which this site has been so helpful in being involved with these ventures. Do you think the Iraqi Bonds will be as good ... with the idea of not placing everything in one basket but spreading things around. What is your again opinion ... not your advice, not your advice on this one Sir? Thank you in advance for your input and Go RV RPMAC
  3. Hey Adam, I always look forward to your Wednesday Chats; thank you for your consistency and updates . My first question is, When is Ramadan? For the vets that have followed this trail over the years, we know once Ramadan takes place everything slows down, and normally we look to the next year in hopes of an RV/RI. You have commented over the years how things slow down during Ramadan. Oh course in the past Al-Maliki was the PM during the Iraqi Holiday. Your opinion, with Al-Abadi in place, do you think progress will continued forward once Ramadan arrives, or will we have the normal slow down taking affect and our wait continues into 2016? Hopefully once Ramadan arrives, the RV/RI will have occurred, and we will not be having this discussion, but since that time has not arrived, just seeking your opinion. Thank you again and Go RV RPMAC
  4. Moneysoon and TrinityeXchange, thank you both for your response, assistance and sharing your sites, I will utilize your information. Also I've taken notice on your advice for BNOR; I owned shares in BBOB for quite sometime, but what is your opinion on shares of BGUC? I look forward to all the ISX-folks gathering together discussing and strategizing on stock options sometimes in the near future. Thank you again RPMAC
  5. Moneysoon, Thank you for your response, and I apologize for my delay in my response, but the ISX site which I've been reviewing is Am I on the right site, or is there a better site you can suggest? Thank you again for your response and assistance. RPMAC
  6. Moneysoon, TrinityyeXchange and Haymon, I enjoy your reviews and knowledge regarding both the ISX and the ESX, would like for you to chim in on some information for me. When I go to the ISX website, in reference to trading although the date is current, the date of exchange reflects July 31. Why is this; am I hitting the wrong site, or is the date July 31, locked in for some reason. Need your assistance on this one guys. RPMAC
  7. Rightsonword, had not checked the ISX blogg in a while. I know this is late, but I'm sure your family can still use blessingS and wordS for you to hang in there. God takes those for a reason, as he keeps others around for a reason. In God's eyes you and your family still have a mission to acomplish while you here. So seek your mission, stay the course and continue to be blessed while doing so. Continued Blessings to you and your family. RPMAC
  8. Adam, like others, you want to know tell us how you really feel? Good for you, I was wondering when you were going to come out with the real. Years of following this site and family, you take it on the chin every week and keep on smiling. Well again good for you, continue you to tell us how you really feel, as well as keep giving us the REAL DEAL. Go Adam and Go RV RPMAC
  9. Adam this will be a long one so just bear with me; there are new talks of Iraq possibly making a 3 area split. If the country splits into 3 areas (really I believe the Kurds are the only sector who has the economic power, knowledge and fortitude to develop their own split and become the country of Kurdistan), either way, they still will have Dinars to exchange. Therefore in order for their currency to be recognized on the world market, they first would have to trade/exchange the Dinars they hold, then develop their own currency. The transitional exchange from the old Dinars they hold to Kurdistan Dinars (or whatever name they place on their currency), would have some type of exchange or transfer process in order for their currency to occur and be recognzed. Once this occurs, I'm sure their currency will be recognized on the world market. If this is so, I truely believe their economy and currency will be a world class powerhouse, which will impact the world economy. Due to their oil richness and their relationship with Turkey, their currency would be very strong, and a Kurdistan currency would more than likely develop into a very strong RV or currency. Therefore, how could we get involved in the process of a currency exchange at the same time as the Kurds or whoever develops a RV first in that region? In other words how could we trade or exchanging the Dinars we hold, at the same time the Kurds exchange their Dinars to develop their currency, in order for the Dinar Family to benefit in their currency and RV transition? If you do not have an answer for this or have not thought of such a possiblity, could you looking into and share with the family how this exchange could occur and how we could get involved and benefit? Thank you for all you do, your assistance and knowledge. And still Goooooooooooooo RV. RPMAC
  10. I'm having a problem with the Iraq Stock Exchange list of companies, I notice when I go onto the site, the last trading date is July 31, 2013. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thank you RPMAC
  11. Adam What are your sources in Iraq saying about Al-Maliki' failure to secure arms support from the U.S.? Also, do you believe this will cause Al-Maliki to lose his bid for another term as Prime Minister, in replacement for a new Prime Minister who will include the distribution of power among Sunni, Kurdish and other minority groups in Iraq; and which (hopefully) will move forward the approval of the RV to be launched? Thank you for all your response and the work you're putting with the DV family and this site. Go RV RPMAC
  12. Adam, it has been a while since I've written, I mainly review, especially your Wednesday Chats; and I thank you for being so informative on the DV. My question (more of your opinion) is with Maliki planning to go into joint ventures with India, and the number of Iraqi's fleeing Syria into Iraq, you would think with these additional financial challenges facing Iraq he would be positioning to RV. Do you think this is more of his plan to be involved in a number of issues and as you stated last week to gain strength in order to overturn term limits approved by the Iraqi Parliament, but still with the idea of an RV, or is he doing like Saddam did under sanctions, cutting back door deals to line his pockets, without intentions of an RV? Your opinion Sir. Thank you and go RV. RPMAC
  13. Good post Deborah Layne, I recieved the same post also, just you posted first ... good job. For the Dinar Vets who submitted their Buy Form early when the word first came out about AsiaCell and Zain, like I did, you have to resubmit again including the ISX Ticker (TASC). Here is the response I received for that: You need to send a new buy order for TASC . Please use our new Buying Authorization Form , which you can download from our website , . Please note that the minimal share price will be announced on the ISX website , , on Christmas Day , 25 December 2012 . Please also note that the minimum number of shares in your buy order must be 100,000 shares . Best regards , Hasan A.L.Abdul-Karim , CEO , Aljazera Brokerage Company . Good luck everyone and Go RV RPMAC
  14. TrinityeXchange and the rest of the Dinar Asiacell investment family; I forwarded my order form for my requested shares back when the word first came out that Asiacell would be coming available on the ISX. I also received this notice from Mr. Hasan A.L. Abdul-Karim, and responded whether or not I needed to update my request, or whether my current request is still good. Of course we did not know at the time that "TASC" would be the clicker for this stock. I will post an update as soon as I hear from Mr. Abdul-Karim. TrinityeXchange I agree with you that the ISX is the best way to invest in Iraq ... especially with these two IPO stocks coming forward on the ISX; as well as when the RV occurs, without being robbed by Dinar dealers. Again I will post an update as soon as I hear from Mr. Abdul-Karim; and TrinityeXchange thanks for the post. RPMAC
  15. Adam, With new information stating that the U.S. will be the leader in oil product, out producing the Saudi's (although some years away), in your opinion how will this effect the value of the U.S. Dollar to that of the IQD and the Saudi Dinar? And what will this look like for our investment in the future? RPMAC Go RV
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