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  1. Love Joey, loved listening to her wise words for many years... yes I miss hearing her voice.. glad your safe and well Joey. From a long term UK listener 👍👍 Chris p.s. thanks Wheelman 👍👍😎😎
  2. Good Afternoon pokerplayer.. whats going on.. i see someone has been busy with a red marker pen.. guess im next ha ha.. 😂😂😂
  3. Thanks yota691 for all of your hard work, help and time with DV as we would be lost without you.. xx Looking at whats going on now with the 2017 budget i have a bad feeling it wont get done any time soon..
  4. Please RV SOON..Please RV SOON..Please RV SOON..Please RV SOON.. Thanks Yota!! your a star.. ..
  5. BAGHDAD / Obelisk: parliamentary Finance Committee announced on Thursday, to begin preparing a final report to the draft budget for 2015, stating that he will postpone the adoption of the budget to the end of this month because of the large number of comments on it. Said Ahmed al-Haj Committee decision that "the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives began to prepare the final report to the draft general budget for the year 2015 and received a law Notes political blocs on the budget." He said al-Hajj that "most of the political blocs agreed to approve the draft budget in the curre
  6. Excellent new... Thanks Adam...
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