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  1. These regs are aimed at Qualified Business Units - as in companies operating in foreign countries that do their business and their accounting in foreign currencies due to where they are situated. It concerns how to translate the number crunching into USD for purposes of reporting it on a US tax return. Individuals, as investors, are not Qualified Business Units, although a person operating an overseas business as a sole proprietorship could be.
  2. And to think the Basra bunch were fixin' to pee in the pool during BudgetFest. What a turn around. Maynard
  3. "we're late in the advancement of our economy and I could not wear an elegant suit because of Iraqi coffee." My sentiments exactly. With that coffee, I wouldn't be caught dead in my elegant suit!
  4. I think the Iraqi government has learned from the past. It may well be with the Shiites outnumbering the Sunnis like they do, they could muster the votes to force the HCL through. But without some sense of consensus, they're no better off then they were before. Sunnis and Kurds screaming about Shiite oppression and everyone keeps fighting and nothing ever gets done. M
  5. Awesome stuff, umbertino. Listened to the LP and Machinehead LP til the grooves wore out. Maynard
  6. Deputy Liberal: Many important laws could pass without the need to attend a state law - 20 January 2013 I had an article that had some relevance to how Iraq is doing some fo these rapid-fire Gazzette publications, and I very efficiently and effectively lost it. If anyone is familiar with this piece and can link it for me, that'd be most groovy. Maynard
  7. THe Twins are the home team. Need I say more? [sigh] Maynard
  8. Kap will be the first to tell you he doesn't run on inside info or 'intel' cuz there ain't any. He is a good guy and a hard worker in trying to understand this investment, even if he has uttered speculations that didn't pan out. His views are still very much worth reading, in my opinion. Maynard
  9. Here's my take on it MiuraDude: Granted it makes little sense to be risking 10 years in prison to counterfeit toilet paper. But what about when the lower notes are out and they are revalued? The old lower notes are easier to counterfeit than the new, more secure currency. Counterfeiting might now be a problem, but realistically, they are gonna have to address this post RV because there will be much more point to it for crooks. Maynard
  10. I heard the brief broadcast. I really don't think it was his intention to suggest that the show was cancelled due to the "live and fluid situation" being connected to an impending RV. He uses that line very frequently. I think way too much is being read into this. Maynard
  11. Ban Ki Moon, head honcho at UN. Maynard
  12. I am certainly no fan of the pharmaceutical drug industry, by I tend to agree. There has to be some personal responsibility here. Maynard
  13. Vice on the mass of the citizen calls for deputies to prevent a repeat of lack of quorum in the parliament He called on the mass of the citizen Hamid vegetative members of the House to come to Parliament and to prevent recurrence of absenteeism and lack of a quorum for any political purpose. The vegetative told all of Iraq [Wayne] said Thursday that "there are a lot of laws need to be broken within the parliament legislation, noting that" the absence of a quorum of members of the House of Representatives that would impact negatively on the adoption of laws broken. " He believed that "there will be priorities for the draft laws, including the important and strategic oil and gas law and the Federal Court." The Presidency of the Council of Representatives announced the adjournment of Parliament to [14] of this month to a lack of quorum of members of the House of Representatives. It was hoped to discuss the House of Representatives Monday, the law of the federal budget for fiscal year 2012. Ended 2
  14. Hi, Adam. I expect you've already noticed a recent chat log involving Enoch, Proteus, Chuckles, BIW, et al. They have some opinions differing pretty substantially from yours regarding the prerequisites to the RV and various other things. THese guys seem fairly well read, but clearly, reasonable minds can differ. Just wondering if you care to weigh in with your impressions as to what is gonna happen with the IQD. I'll understand if you abstain. Maynard
  15. Sorry you're gettin' torched on this thread, Easy. Thanks for your post. Haven't listened to Frank in a bit, but I think I'll tune in on this one. Maynard
  16. You know, if one were to put aside the whole Iraqi troop withdrawal issue for an instant, and consider the enormous amount of military presence the US will still have in neighboring countries, I have to wonder if it is very realistic to be making so much of this and its effect on the RV. Iran is on the verge of internal collapse, and if they were to try anything funny, how much longer then 5 minutes would it take for US air forces to bring them to their knees? I agree with Sonny's suggestion that a last-minute deal on even the withdrawal is gonna happen. The political pressure on GOI is going to be enormous, imo. Maynard
  17. This is a great contribution, Ron. Best thing I've read all weekend. Thanks Maynard
  18. BL & Keeps, You're both great students of this investment. You both contribute alot and I read and respect everything you put up, even the stuff I disagree with. You're also both strong personalities and friction is inevitable. But c'mon now. We need you both and you both know it. There is no need for anybody to leave. As I always prescribe: Have a beer. Have 2. Now get back to work! Maynard
  19. Well that's a bit harsh. Maynard
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