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  1. "Americans are spending more on Vacations this Year"........Dang Trump!!!! According to MSM & the Left this is a bad thing.....they plead "Enjoyment is bad"!!!! "Anger, Displeasure, & Less Monies" is better for a Democrat run Society .....this explains alot
  2. f the search/manhunt is conducted by Italian police...the suspected killers will have years to escape. If they put on fake nose eyeglasses they could fly out on the next flight
  3. yet u always respond to those im ignoring - priceless sadly all of which I posted is true
  4. Umbertino are serious??? You bring up HATE....but continuously pull over anti - American regularly via the guardian. Man you need to get real & look in the mirror before you spew such tho I didn't neg u I can see why folks would
  5. "NONE OF THESE PEOPLE WOULD BE ABLE TO RUN A BUSINESS" .....I think that's why Trump was elected....Gov is now BIG BUSINESS ....nothing that our fore fathers ever dreamed. Now one can argue how good of a business man Trump & that's cool. But folks wanted a complete change of the status quo. And because he was elected the old crow gang of politicians especially those on the left have pushed back hard. At some point we have to get rid of either BIG GOVERNMENT or the clowns that have no clue on how to manage it. JMO
  6. Great Analogy!!!!! Rockfish is a perfect example of what a true LOPster is. An Ex-dinar believer turned Monday morning currency expert. He's writing a book, making a movie (so has said for years), & protecting his church going friends and family. And he wonders why NO one takes him seriously. Guru's & Lopsters are kissin cousins cuz they believe them amd them alone know all when it comes to Dinar. If you take both with a grain of salt ( comedy at its lowest form) you'll find life a lot more enjoyable.
  8. Another 100% certainty is......................if Trump is re-elected, many more actors & musicians will promise to move out of the country.......only to never do so
  9. The 100% certainty of the next Pres election............MSM will only be civil & honest if a Dem is elected
  10. The good thing is that 2020 is around the corner. The bad thing....50% of America will still be pissed off regardless of who's elected.
  11. quite honestly the division of our country started imo with MSM decades ago ....the parties just fell in line. People believe way to much on what they hear & read.....we are all sheeps to some degree......just the way our gov/msm like it.
  12. Shabs Please explain how Barry included millions of citizens.....last time I checked the country was just as divided. He just schmoozed the left & MSM the end it was the same
  13. I get it....the left & MSM Hate Trump.................ho hum, no biggie. Lets move on......he will continue to tweet. If those that hate him so would ignore him.......their blood pressure would surely go back to normal - jmo
  14. do you own stock in the guardian?
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