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  1. I'll be honest I'm surprised there haven't been more killings. People are real tired of this issue and the reluctance of our gov to protect us. Again I'm not in no way condone the killing of innocent lives.
  2. "senseless" is correct. Stop the root of the problem 1)mental illness 2) invasion of our country.....guns are not the problem
  3. Goodmorning Shabs!!! That's exactly what the PC Police control all that is said, believed, or thought. Mental illness aint goin away by the way.
  4. and so does MSM!!! and now the left will USE this tragedy to further there agenda with the help of MSM to push for more Gun control laws
  5. Shabs, u could use that argument for action films, & comedians as well. I've watched that video you speak of....and if you cant tell that while he JOKED, one would have to be way out there to suggest he supported it.
  6. The MSM is complacent in virtually all that they do, not just this issue....and has been for decades. They aint changin now
  7. "INVASION OF OUR COUNTRY" this is a true statement. Does it warrant mass shootings.......HELL NO! But for countries like mexico that condone these mass invasions to try to wash their hands of the possible consequences is laughable at best
  8. she had to leave work to make this video.....cause she knew how it would be perceived by her left voting sheep co-workers. All she says is true.....all one needs to do is follow the money (hundreds of millions if not more) to see who is at fault for the slum area's of Baltimore
  10. I was at my daughters college graduation in may...Cummings was keynote speaker....95% of his speech was pinned to hatred of Trump....instead of a day of celebration and speculation on the bright future for these scholars....he chose to spew hate....sad. And I agree solving cities/states issues should start/end at the local level....and they should either be praised or condemned on its outcome.
  11. "ATHLETES ARE THE PRODUCT" I respectfully disagree,the game is the product. Athletes are employees that believe they are bigger than the game. Both ownership & employees (athletes) spit in yours & my face on a regular basis
  12. on a side note....I'm always amazed when sport athletes complain about wanting a bigger piece of the profits than answer, slice everything in half not just profits. Also I'd like to see them work off incentive 1year contracts instead of guarantees....u know like the majority of working folks
  13. I'll be honest...I believe owners deserve a bigger piece of the pie for one basic/simple reason......they have more vested
  14. I lived in DC area "70's to early "80's......downtown DC & Baltimore were NOT pretty sites....hmmmmm I wonder where all that taxpayer monies went?
  15. ".....employees over stockholders" IMO 3 parties need to share in the success 1) customer 2) employees & 3) ownership, not in any particular order.
  16. I know what you say is a general statement & isn't all to the story.....tenants can be just as much to blame, for they can create their own piece of sh*tte hell
  17. If anyone that's lived in major cities knows, there are area's that are not for the faint of heart. You could be traveling in a nice part of said cities and presto just like nite & day it changes 100%. I visit Baltimore many times a year and can attest to what I say. So Trump saying what he said, he's not entirely wrong. Don't condemn the messenger (Trump), Condemn the elected officials that over see those area's.
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