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  1. The hate IMO as I stated especially with this POTUS is clearly stoked/originated from the Left & MSM. It's there 24/7 on ANY tv station with initials not FOX. Unless you believe to what they state is just info/reporting...and if that is the case.....ya wanna buy swamp land
  2. LOL where to begin.......its been proven "agencies" have their own agendas and have tried undermine Trump, so yes I can see why he might question their efforts. "supporting a guy who has proven he has no idea about running our gov policies" - isn't that one of reasons he was approach things differently....god knows our gov has done a swell job over the say 75-100 years. "supporting a guy's who's message is to divide America.............." depends on who's interpretation ......many , me included believe it's the left & MSM that stoke the fire of hate to their sheeple. Apparently they've done a good job based on your posts.
  3. U must not read your own posts....or not understand the meaning of "hate". How would you know about the amount of "hate" on twitter if u don't visit? Oh.....MSM tells it must be true
  4. this true....but I can find humor in most anything. Heck I read BA & Umbertino hate filled posts daily...and still have time to think the world isn't as bad off as they say or wish - lol
  5. lol now that's funny...I don't care who you are
  6. ....poor "fredo" was called a name and the left went crazy. U can say your not a liberal......but your own written word says otherwise
  7. BA is DV's equivalent to the left & MSM .....I give him/her kudos......consistant in slammin/trashin anything Trump
  8. BA not sure what part of the country u where I live there are more jobs than people that fill them. Trucking co's are begging for people. Maybe your talking about illegals not getting their fair share......................GOOD
  9. BA your kidding right? Almost all legislation is created with special interest groups in mine.....never has anything been done/created with you or I as gov main focus.....I rack this thread to......waste of time. Of course being middle of the road (lol) as you are (lol) the left has NEVER proposed or passed legislation that benefits their backers - really now
  10. some here mention that Trump incites violence with his rhetoric.....have they never watched CNN or the View?
  11. more like vince foster.....oh wait slimetons took care of him before he could sing
  12. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!! Benito Mussolini in disguise!!!!! I'm surprised Umbertino didn't catch it......oh wait maybe it wasn't mentioned in his favorite I hate America rag (Guardian)
  13. come on someone help me out......who is that dude.....he looks so familiar. I 1st thought it was Tom Petty...but sadly he's passed. Someone help me out
  14. The left & MSM keep trying to put those poor ILLEGAL immigrants front and center....imo it will come back to bite them. Those other issues will not be as big IMO as long as the economy continues to shine. Infrastructure is on a full speed course, I've not seen as much as I have in the last year thru my many travels up & down the east coast. Tariffs, I'm for him trying to get fair trade. we've been abused for decades by our supposively trading partners. Healthcare - nothing will be done until we as taxpayers understand it's going to cost US bigtime to correct. His tweets & rhetoric sadly wont change......but that's the man that was elected.
  15. Heck polls don't even mean Shiite on the night of the election. Polls showed HildaBeast wining easily the night of the election. Matter of fact Hilda had already been fitted with a Wagon Train Tarp dress for her celebratory victory party & Bill & Chelsea had already lined up two street hookers. I read that in the it has to true
  16. my guess is that because there are so many liberal outlets, they divide ratings within themselves. And because there are so FEW conservative outlets their ratings appear to be higher - jmo
  17. FUNNY part is that its been reported that a liberal guest on "Fredo" CNN show used said "FREDO" term with NO pushback what so ever from Fredo himself.....hmmmmm why is that?
  18. sometimes the ones with the most hate.......are the ones that complain about it - jmo
  20. while God has"nt told me personally I would have to go by his writings
  21. I was responding to your continuous leftist anti big business rant about corporate welfare....funny how you always forget about all of the rest of welfare recipents.....THAT ARE'NT BIG BUSINESS. Just another form of taxation. HMMMMMM wonder what we could do with all those monies WASTED on welfare......possibly mental illness issues for one
  22. not to mention the trillions spent on individual welfare that has gained us.......wait for it.....wait for it..........ZIP, NADA!!!!!! So just being anti business & Trump is NOT always the answer. Over Taxation is a mental disorder that we the citizens are afflicted with
  23. "walmart" just so happened to be the location.....the "invasion" is a term for what has been happening for decades. "melting pot" LEGALLY. No problem with disagreeing
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