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  1. if AOC is elected to higher's the rest of us that have to worry about disease
  2. Shabs I didn't mention specifics....just a matter of fact. Removing/killing/aborting whichever choice one uses & for whatever reason......the end factually population control in it's most simplists form. Using your examples ie rape, incest....etc, why is assisted suicide illegal?......same result.
  3. not a "follower" of anyone. But I believe Trump or anyone else can have an opinion, just like yourself "sticking your mouth where it doesn't belong" . "cult members" just like you and the other 50% that feed off/believe everything stated via MSM & the Left? A little hypocritical
  4. I support "self control" as a form population control. I do NOT support MY tax dollars going to other countries in an ATTEMPT to curb others failure to control/police themselves
  5. Shabs I didn't watch the clip nor will I buuuuuut isn't abortion really a form of population control by its very nature?
  6. Joe Biden when asked about AOC said....." I was tested and cleared by my doctors"
  7. EVERY presidential cycle is the same... I can remember as far back as's gotten worse thru the years. the ONLY difference is MSM whose love for anything left is sickening.
  8. and they (msm & the left) call Trump an idiot....AOC picture is used as a definition for the word
  9. "he has to be the expert and then get it wrong" ....did you know that meterologists have a less than 30% accuracy rate when it comes to predicting anything other than sunny or the obvious "its raining/snowing outside" day's. Heck they changed there collective opinion multiple times on Dorian. So another words everyones (including POTUS) opinion is just as valid as the other. So just because you HATE Trump I guess he's not aloud to offer his opinion, Boy how open minded/middle of the road of u. - smh
  10. these are the same "experts" that continue to claim the earth is flat
  11. Buuuuut Al Gore said it was it must be true..................right?
  12. SO says the man that gets his facts from "the guardian" ....smh
  13. of course you never ever spew hate on Trump on a personal level.......smh . It's only pro-American if you lean to the left AND still can't get over the fact that Trump won
  14. I wonder if sad gunman was banned from restaurant?
  15. "I get enough angry stuff here" and u also incite quite a bit with the articles you present and the anti Trump hate u spew....another words consider urself part of the problem
  16. ah the Guardian..... it makes the National Enquirer look like the go to source for truth - lol
  17. UNIONS in the USA are a sham....they've outlived their usefulness and no longer represent the very people as originally intended - jmo
  18. They did.....Fredo and his crew got lost....when they GPS "gray bar motel" they didn't realize there is a REAL one
  19. I feel sad for those that buy into whatever the Left or MSM tell them...and accept as factual. At one point in our history people thought for 50% rely on others to tell them how they feel, what to do, & how to think. Only thing missing is a micro-chip and they'd be full fledged robots
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