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  1. I see you somehow missed social welfare when complaining about payouts.....I'm sure it just skipped your mind. I know you know that we the taxpayer have sunk the sum of 23 trillion dollars (yes the same size as our national debt) into Johnsons war on poverty with little or no actual sign of difference. You'd been more honest if you'd just said "Welfare" in general, but of course in your mind ONLY the rich are evil. "under-experienced"? hmmm we voted in a youth organizer......and made him a multi, multi, multi millionaire....nothing but crickets there. But hell has no fury from you when it comes to the meanie rich & conservatives.. JMO based off your posts & and articles
  2. "there are no winners in sexual assault" ....correct if it occurred! "sexual assault" is the new "racist".
  3. "THEY WALK AMONG US" Shabs could the same thing be said about the whistleblower? Could he/she not be a "nut" ?
  4. no ur hero Barry is a little older than 10.....tho his actions as POTUS certainly qualified him to be
  5. umbertino is convinced all that the guardian prints is gospel. Kin to those here in the states with the Enquirer
  6. that's been the crux all along....I just wish they'd do SOMETHING
  7. REALLY A CLOSETED TRUMP SUPPORTER BA will vote HRC. NEWSFLASH: She lost the last time and embarrassed her Party, the MSM, & the all self loathing Hollywood Elite. The only election she won was "man of the house" where she soundly TRUMPED Wild Bill
  8. "blowing it" where were you when Barry almost single handily made us the whipping boy of the world & his crowning jewel was the disaster OBUMBLERcare.
  9. so another words he's a politician.......and your point is? But of course your HATE of the day started with opinion about Dorian but always returns to your hate of him as a person & POTUS. Much like 50% view of your GOD Barry & lefty Bill
  10. if AOC is elected to higher's the rest of us that have to worry about disease
  11. Shabs I didn't mention specifics....just a matter of fact. Removing/killing/aborting whichever choice one uses & for whatever reason......the end factually population control in it's most simplists form. Using your examples ie rape, incest....etc, why is assisted suicide illegal?......same result.
  12. not a "follower" of anyone. But I believe Trump or anyone else can have an opinion, just like yourself "sticking your mouth where it doesn't belong" . "cult members" just like you and the other 50% that feed off/believe everything stated via MSM & the Left? A little hypocritical
  13. I support "self control" as a form population control. I do NOT support MY tax dollars going to other countries in an ATTEMPT to curb others failure to control/police themselves
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