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  1. Sadly unless your considered a "guru" some here will give you little credence. I for one Thank You for putting forth info you recieved,lets hope this means we're getting closer to our GOAL!!!!!! God Bless
  2. Not to be critical-but this type of chat can be found here daily
  3. caz1104

    Gankans Email

    Maybe even the 3 amigos are tired of their own BS and need time off-jmo No,but they defineatly live in one!!!
  4. caz1104

    Gankans Email

    What the "dealers" kick back check bounce? Maybe the dealer see's no value in dwindling website hits where Manny,Mo, & JackA** reside,thus lower Dinar sales.
  5. why is it always "next week"? Grandma's slow but she has reasons to be-come on guys get with it. Thanks for the post
  6. 97% voted yes,another sign Obimbo & Co have no clue!!!! A better poll would have been which is worse for people of the USA 1)obesity of our children or 2)Obama as president.
  7. Excellent find & post-thinkin of applyin for job with FOX?? Keep up the great work & thankyou!!!!
  8. Miss ya Sunshine!!! See ya soon
  9. I like the positive vibes from this post!!
  10. Allawi is right,the UN & USA should stand behind the winner if the recount results confirm him winning. We(USA) have our noses in almost all other area's of Iraq,we should stand behind him and allow the democratic process to begin.
  11. Manny,Mo,& JackA** say the big surprise will be RV at 3.22!!! Buy now or you'll be sorry. But hey no ones paddin they're pockets-get real!!! Of course this all a rumor
  12. The three clowns mentioned are no different than those telemarketers that prey on the elderly. They play on people's emotions and should be held accountable. For those that listen to these bozo's with they're pockett books,they should be certified and put in doctors care.JMO Being on the internet allows these three all the hiding places one needs. They hide behind names that are'nt theirs and faces that will never be seen. They have no shame,no problem spewin false statements,knowing they will never be held accountable. And to believe they are'nt being compensated in some fashion to me is just as absurd. Dealers love these guy's and I bet are willing to pay for the hype they create.JMO
  13. Just an Observation-Do they ever have a sense of urgency about anything? (they=Iraqi's)
  14. caz1104


    Wow 57% say June! 14% say May or July. The other 15% don't even know what they're voting on-simular to those who voted in Obimbo!
  15. thanks for the post-questioned was posted at other site today or saturday? Thanks again
  16. Ok I'll bite,what is the "easy cure"? Answer quick before its removed.Dang I blinked,oh well
  17. common sense-what? How dare thee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. PROTECT OUR BORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. 1st and most importantly thank you if you are serving ur country!!!! 2nd thanks for the info,it is much appreciated. God Bless & Be Safe
  20. If its an article from last year,why is Ali just now posting it in Dinar Trade? Seems if money was the motive he would have posted it back then as well. I thought It was written this month (may 2010)
  21. Yoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Another baby step gettin ready to drop by the wayside.Next-One Giant Step for RV Mankind!!!!!!
  22. I agree with as much that is going on politicaly in Iraq,I'm surprized there are'nt more stories put forth by our main stream left wing media (i coulda left the left wing portion out). I guess to busy following Obimbo to his next pep rally-ughhhhhhhh
  23. Alabama Burial-To Funny A day without Possum is like a day without SUNSHINE!
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