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  1. Was'nt it your Lord & Savoir Barry that went on a worldwide "apology" tour & stabbed our military & law enforcement every chance he got? Oh Yeah great leader. His greatest accomplishment was that he became a MULTI....MULTI millionaire while in office...oh yeah great inspiration to our young....screw the taxpayer
  2. wow!!! that's a great poll....DC, VA, & MD......hmmm wonder how they typically vote?.....oh yes traditionally LEFT!!!!!!!
  3. FUNNY u failed to mention the left & MSM.....another middle of the road post by someone that isn't what they claim to be!!! Ever thought of running for office?
  4. other president , foreign leader, or elected official has ever leveraged for either personal or political gain? Exactly what rock are u hiding under?
  5. just like cops, doctors, lawyers....etc. Just because you are something don't make u a saint. Hell Kerry went to Viet Nam and then came back and joined the resistance....hellava guy
  6. what would that make all the idiots on the left that went after Kavanaugh with ZIP,NADA, ZERO evidence?
  7. "bash career veterans" that's rich isn't that exactly what the left does, they wrote the book!!......demonize all that disagree.....come on ur better than that
  8. please don't use facts to defuse a narrative
  9. tells me & rightfully so....that the left swingin majority states ie Calif & New York don't speak for ALL of the USA as much they wish they could. Electoral College gives ALL Americans a Voice.......I know I know...what a novice idea
  10. not enough colored pictures & too many multiple syllable big words in transcript for left to comprehend.
  11. Truth hurts...u ought to try it. "electoral college" has been around forever.......the crybaby left are the only ones complaining about it. If it's legal no peep from common sense sane folk.
  12. They have to "dumb" it down for 75% of their (left) voting base & MSM. Got to be able to twist truths without anyone suspecting anything... a tried & true strategy that has served the left well over the years.
  13. You & BA have to be kidding when talking about others HATE. Umbertino u offer articles religiously from The Guardian that are filled with USA Hate....& BA has'nt stopped spewin HATE towards Trump since his/her God/Goddess Hillarious was Fairly trounced in Nov 2016
  14. I hear circumcision was performed in the back seat of a Royal Deluxe II (hilarious SNL skit)
  15. wouldn't be able to hire if they weren't allowed in. Companies large & small adapt to the economic climate....or they fail. Really quite simple
  16. Shabs, Goodmorning Someone needs to tell that to ALL politicians.....funny how majority come out of office and poof are multi millionaires
  17. you do realize the main premise of "capitalism" is to profit from others.....right? Our country can't sustain off charity
  18. BA do you not ever hear yourself?....Closed mind? .......Really?....short attention span???? You bash the right daily and call yourself middle of the road...and you are the only one here that doesn't see that's a "closed mind" P.S. the only reason you agreed with my "social" welfare post is because you "somehow" forgot to include it in your post against big business & the rich.
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