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  1. Am willing to negotiate price, for serious interest, with the cash good to go.
  2. Eighty(80) $25,000 Dinar Notes for sale. Uncirculated dinar. (Two Million Total) $925/million including shipping.(Tracking number provided) Flexible on payment method. Email:
  3. Either pm me or send an email to; detailing the following; Amount you have for sale Price you want Payment methods accepted Note denominations Circulated/uncirculated
  4. It's not what we were looking for... To quote Adams' earlier message; And what we are hoping for, fingers crossed, is that Iraq is quietly granted an exemption to the oil output deal for a limited time. No suggestion they have been granted an exemption from the output. They are joining with the cut agreement of 9 months.
  5. Email me; and we can get things rolling.
  6. Email me @ if your interested
  7. Sorry to hear about your situation. I know your selling 1m, but do you have 2m? I'm looking for 2m, and as I'm from the UK, I have to consider the exchange rate costs, paypal fees, along with shipping. Let me know either way. I have cash ready to go
  8. Tried to PM you 'Whatsfordinar', without joy. I'm interested in buying from you. Can you PM me.
  9. Adam, I have about 28m IQD im looking to sell, which is a mixed batch of banknotes and currently held in a safe deposit box in Kuwait. I am flying over there in the coming week to pick it up and cash it in unless I get a decent offer on here. All IQD has been purchased in Kuwait and is genuine. IQD is currently fetching about
  10. Dizzylamb, I am also a UK based investor in the IQD, are you able to provide me with a contact number for the Barclays department that you called and what type of account did you open? Multi-currency I assume?
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