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  1. if you are an llc you are required to file a 1065 and sign it. even if there is no income or activity. other wise you pay a 100 dollar penalty for each owner for each month until you do file. so get a 1065 and sign it and mail it in with the k-1's for each partner also showing 0 dollar amount. it only cost a stamp and evenlope to do all this and 15 min of you time.
  2. On Time Warner cable -- BBC world news Iraqi Government cabinet sworn in.
  3. Here is link to this information
  4. If you sign up with 1st citizens Bank you can buy VND. I was checking around and after Dinar Trade moved the rates from 90 per mill plus shipping I had to do something. I bought 3 mill for 206 with shipping. I just checked Dinar Trade and now it is up to 120 per mil. Sound like they are getting greedy. 1st Citizens used to be Temecula Valley Bank. They are in the transition stage to 1st Citizens. I used the one by Ontario Mills. So they are aware on how to do things. It will take a few days for the currency to arrive from east coast but at least the price is fair compared to Dinar trade.
  5. Well I found a Bank that sells the Dinar and the Dong. You have to open an account with them. Try First Citizens Bank. I know they are in LA and the inland empire. I am going over tonite after work and make an order for the dong and will get pricing at that time.
  6. I am in CA as well but I have a few places to check out that might sell the dong. I will keep everyone up to date on my progress.
  7. Yes but there price is way high. I called and talked to ALI on Friday and asked why it was $27.00 per million higher than the bank. plus postage makes it $51.00 higher almost buy another mil at that rate. I would look around before going to ALI on the DONG
  8. I was on a phone call to day that Monday it will be 1iqd=1usd. That there is a major news blackout on this to keep the rush down. Mind you it was hearsay. quote name='Dinarkicker' date='25 April 2010 - 04:23 PM' timestamp='1272237829' post='110897'] G What move? May I ask.
  9. I bought 2mil today about 8am from dinart trade. I wont get it until next week wed.
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