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  1. TheGhostMan

    Trying to open CBI website?

    Pretty sure it did this about a year or so ago for a couple of days.
  2. TheGhostMan

    Dinar Rumor Tidbit related to the RV news today.

    Thanks for sharing! Hearing the same from many sources. Hope it's true and this thing is finally over...or just beginning!!!
  3. TheGhostMan


    Thanks for the hard work! I do believe it's almost over!
  4. TheGhostMan

    North Carolina Banks

    I heard that First Citizens Bank also sells but can't confirm.
  5. TheGhostMan

    KTF Rumor: 2/10/10 (courtesy of Dinar Daddy)

    Thanks for sharing. Hopefully it's all adding up to a great big RV!
  6. now i have to go unsubscribe to all this
  7. i hope peeps don't have to read this too
  8. TheGhostMan

    Ri or RV

    I'll take either one!
  9. TheGhostMan

    Breitling on Chapter VII...

    Thanks for the post.
  10. TheGhostMan

    Introduce yourself here!

    Hi all! Enjoying the site and info. I've invested a little in the dinar and look forward learning more from you guys.

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